Program Registration is EASY!

 Your (or your child's) library card must be current to register for programs. Log in to see your card status.

Anyone with a valid Emma Clark library card can register online for most library programs. [note: Programs with fees and some specialized programs will still require staff-assisted registration]. For online self-registration, follow these simple steps:


Ü Go to the Emma Clark homepage:

Ü Click on the tiny calendar.

Ü Find & select the program desired.

Ü You can register online for programs with underlined titles.

Ü Choices in the left-hand column allow you to refine your search.


Ü Select “More Info/Register”



Ü Enter your barcode (located on the back of your library card) and your last name



Ü  Add or correct personal information as needed (see FAQ below).

Ü  Click “Complete Registration”





Of course library staff will be happy to register you as in the past, just have your library card ready. We will need your

library barcode to process your registration.


Cloud Callout: Frequently Asked











Where does my registration information come from? When you enter your library account number (barcode), the Events Program harvests your personal information (name, phone # and email) from your circulation account. You can change the information on a per registration basis, but if you want the base record corrected, you must contact the Circulation Department (941-4080, ext.121).


Why didn’t my email address come up automatically? If you have never registered an email address with the library, the Events Program cannot access it. To register (or correct) an email address:

Ü  Select “Log in to View Your Emma Clark Account” at the top of our homepage (

Ü  Select “Add or Update Your Email Address on File”

Ü  Enter your email address (this will enable email program reminders)

Ü  Select your preferred method for receiving circulation notices: Postal mail/phone or email

Ü  Click “Submit”


Why does my phone number look funny? The library is in the process of updating the phone numbers on record to make them compatible with our new program registration software. Please bear with us during the transition and correct individual program registration forms as follows:

Ü If the number automatically entered in the form   does not include the area code, please delete the entry and enter the correct 10- digit number.

Ü If the number automatically entered is 000-000-0000 (which indicates that your preferred contact method is email), you can simply enter your phone number as the alternate phone number.

Ü If an incorrect 10-digit phone number is automatically entered, please notify the Circulation      Department (941-4080, ext.121) so that the master record can be corrected.