New Non-Fiction Books

Rare bird :
Whiston-Donaldson, Anna.
Acquittal :
Gabriel, Richard K.,
Kids gone wild :
Best, Joel.
World order /
Kissinger, Henry,
Murder in the stacks :
DeKok, David.
Internal medicine :
Holt, Terry.
The culinary imagination :
Gilbert, Sandra M.,
The book of home how-to :
Alone in Antarctica :
Aston, Felicity.
Midnight at the Pera Palace :
King, Charles,
I'll drink to that :
Halbreich, Betty,
A cup of water under my bed :
Death of a King :
Smiley, Tavis,
Rick Steves' Europe
Guinness world records.
The narcissist next door :
Kluger, Jeffrey,
On Pluto :
O'Brien, Greg,
Long nights and log fires :
The small big :
Martin, Steve J.
Dutch traditional ganseys :
Ruhe, Stella,
Live from New York :
Miller, James A.
Lincoln's Gamble :
Brewster, Todd,
Off the sidelines :
Gillibrand, Kirsten,
Father and son :
Giralt Torrente, Marcos,
Agent Storm :
Storm, Morten,
The best homemade kids' lunches on the planet :
Fuentes, Laura
Age of opportunity :
Steinberg, Laurence D.,
Waking up :
Harris, Sam,
The education of a value investor :
Spier, Guy.
Soar :
Banks, David C.
The Copernicus complex :
Scharf, Caleb A.,
Sugar savvy solution :
High Voltage.
Vegetarian dinner parties :
Weinstein, Bruce,
The Virgin way :
Branson, Richard.
The Roosevelts :
Ward, Geoffrey C.
Help your baby to sleep :
Barratt, Judy.

New E-Books

Nelson, Rhonda.
Patterson, James,
4.50 from Paddington
Christie, Agatha,
4 weeks to healthy digestion
Greenberger, Norton J.
The 7 principles of highly accountable men
Laaser, Mark R.
9/11 synthetic terror
Tarpley, Webster Griffin.
10 lies men believe
Grady, J. Lee.
24-hour Sleepover Club
Cummings, Fiona.
24 hours bundle

The 42nd parallel
Dos Passos, John,
50 dangerous things (you should let your children do)
Tulley, Gever.
50 Decadent Chocolate Recipes
Van Niekerk, Brenda.
The 80/20 individual
Koch, Richard,
The 80/20 Principle and 92 Other Power Laws of Nature
Koch, Richard.
The 80/20 Principle - Richard Koch
Summaries, Must Read.
101 wire earrings
Peck, Denise.
360 degrees longitude
Higham, John.
1000 ideas for decorating cupcakes, cookies & cakes
Salamony, Sandra.
1,000 jewelry inspirations
Salamony, Sandra.
Dos Passos, John,
Amoruso, Sophia,
Absolutely Almost
Graff, Lisa
The Academy
Knight, Arabella.
The accidental duchess
Hunter, Madeline.
Ace Jones
McAfee, Stephanie.
Adam Bede
Eliot, George,
Adam Smith
Haakonssen, Knud
Adding Heat
Anson, Cris.
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3
Coalson, Nathaniel.
Advanced topics in types and programming languages

The affair
Freedman, Colette.
After dark
Devlin, Delilah.
After hours
McKenna, Cara,
After the End
Plum, Amy.
After the sunset
Calmes, Mary.
Against the wild
Martin, Kat.
Age of Gaia
Lovegrove, James.
Age of Voodoo
Lovegrove, James.
Aiden's charity
Leigh, Lora.
Air bound
Feehan, Christine.
Albert Einstein
Krull, Kathleen.
Aldous Huxley
O'Hara, Kieron.
Alice's wonderland
Dobell, Allison.
All day and a night
Burke, Alafair.
All hallows heartbreaker
Devlin, Delilah.
All knight long
Devlin, Delilah.
All quiet on the western front
Remarque, Erich Maria,
All the birds, singing
Wyld, Evie.
All the Colours of the Rainbow
Red, K. T..
All the pretty girls
Ellison, J. T.
All tomorrow's cultures
Collins, Samuel Gerald.
Allan bakes really good cakes
Teoh, Allan Albert.
Allan bakes really good cakes
Teoh, Allan Albert.
Almost Amish
Sleeth, Nancy.
Dane, Lauren.
Always faithful, always forward
Couch, Dick,
Always You
Stivali, Karen.
Amelia Anne is dead and gone
Rosenfield, Kat.
America's great game
Wilford, Hugh,
Anarchism and other essays
Goldman, Emma,
Ancient Egyptian divination and magic
Harris, Eleanor L.,
Ancient Modern
Weltman, Ronna.
Angel slayer
Hauf, Michele.
Angels all around us
DeStefano, Anthony.
Animal rights and moral philosophy
Franklin, Julian H.
Animal rights/human rights
Nibert, David Alan,
Ani's raw food detox
Phyo, Ani,
Ani's Raw Food Essentials : Recipes and Techniques for Mastering the Art of Live Food
Phyo, Ani.
The annals of unsolved crime
Epstein, Edward Jay,
Anti-hacker tool kit
Shema, Mike.
The antiquarian
Any given sunday
Carr, Mari.
The aquariums of Pyongyang
Kang, Ch??r-hwan,
The architectural detail
Ford, Edward R.
The Arctic patrol mystery
Dixon, Franklin W.
Arena of shame
Benedict, Kate.
Arkansas traveler
Fowler, Earlene.
Arousing Past
Claire, Francesca St..
The Art of Hugging
Carey, Brainard.
The art of war
Artisan Filigree
Bombardier, Jodi.
Artistic Vision
Bell, Dana Marie.
As The World Dies Untold Tales Volume 1
Frater, Rhiannon.
Ask your guides
Choquette, Sonia.
The assassin's blade
Maas, Sarah J.,
Shakur, Assata.
Assume the positions
Carr, Mari.
At Peace
Ashley, Kristen.
At some disputed barricade
Perry, Anne.
Aunt Dimity and the wishing well
Atherton, Nancy.
Autobiography of a fat bride
Notaro, Laurie.
Babe in boyland
Gehrman, Jody Elizabeth.
Kauffman, Donna.
Back-to-back Super Bowl champions Peyton and Eli Manning
Hudson, Hugh,
Bad, Bad Girlfriend
Devlin, Delilah.
Bad girl by night
Alexander, Lacey.
Bajo la misma estrella
Green, John,
Bake until golden
Shepherd, Linda E.,
Baked explorations
Lewis, Matt.
Ballroom blitz
James, Lorelei.
Bandit lawman, Texas bride
Finch, Carol.
Barbarians at the gate
Burrough, Bryan,
Barefoot Contessa back to basics
Garten, Ina.
Barely undercover
Castille, Sarah,
Be the pack leader
Millan, Cesar.
Bear, Otter, & the Kid
Klune, TJ.
A Beautiful Distraction
Leverich, Kelsie.
Because you are mine
Kery, Beth.
Because You Are Mine, Part 5
Kery, Beth.
Because You Are Mine, Part 6
Kery, Beth.
Becoming the media
Angel, Jen.
Becoming the tycoon's bride
Thayer, Patricia.
Before & After Getting Your Puppy
Dunbar, Ian,
Before we kiss
Mallery, Susan,
Before you know kindness
Bohjalian, Chris,
Behind the shock machine
Perry, Gina.
Bellweather rhapsody
Racculia, Kate.
Thayer, Nancy,
Ben & Jerry's. The Inside Scoop - Fred Chico Lager
Summaries, Must Read.
Benjamin Franklin
Krull, Kathleen,
Bernie Ecclestone
Lovell, Terry.
The best man for the job
King, Lucy.
The best of Betty Neels
Neels, Betty.
The best place on earth
Tsabari, Ayelet,
Better Eyesight without Glasses
Patkar, Chinthana.
Better when he's bad
Crownover, Jay.
Betty Crocker 20 Best Cake Pops Recipes
Crocker, Betty.
Bicycle repair manual
Sidwells, Chris,
Big boy rules
Fainaru, Steve.
The big money
Dos Passos, John,
Bike maintenance for dummies
Wright, Gavin.
The bikini diaries
Alexander, Lacey.
Bird box
Malerman, Josh.
Beverly-Whittemore, Miranda.
Black & Decker The Complete Guide to Porches & Patio Rooms
Schmidt, Phil.
Black & Decker the complete guide to wiring.

Black howl
Henry, Christina.
Black Jack
Carr, Mari.
Black night
Henry, Christina.
Black wings
Henry, Christina,
Bleak house
Dickens, Charles,
Blood of the maple
Bell, Dana Marie.
The blood-stained pavement
Christie, Agatha,
The Blood telegram
Bass, Gary J.
Blue lines
Aleo, Toni,
The body in the bookcase
Page, Katherine Hall.
The body in the fjord
Page, Katherine Hall.
The body in the lighthouse
Page, Katherine Hall.
The body in the snowdrift
Page, Katherine Hall.
The bomb
Zinn, Howard,
The book of illumination
Winkowski, Mary Ann.
The book of unknown Americans
Books, cooks, and crooks
Arlington, Lucy,
James, Lorelei.
Bound to the billionaire anthology

Porter, Todd,
The boys from brazil
Levin, Ira.
Shapiro, Ben.
The breed next door
Leigh, Lora.
The bridal quest
Camp, Candace.
Bride by mail
Madison, Katy,
A bride for keeps
Jagears, Melissa.
Bride wanted
Macomber, Debbie.
The Bride's Secret (Brides of Bath Book 3)
Bolen, Cheryl.
Bridge to haven
Rivers, Francine,
Bring the noise
Reynolds, Simon,
Brooklyn Bites
Stabile, Scott.
Bucky O'Connor
Raine, William MacLeod,
Building successful online communities
Kraut, Robert E.
A bullet for Cinderella
MacDonald, John D.
By the Book
Walters, N.J..
By the king's design
Trent, Christine.
Cadbury's purple reign
Bradley, John.
Cake pops
Calamity Jayne and Fowl Play at the Fair
Bacus, Kathleen.
Calamity Jayne and the Haunted Homecoming
Bacus, Kathleen.
Calculus & Ordinary Differential Equations
Pearson, David.
Camera boy
Minnick, Fred
Cardiovascular physiology
Mohrman, David E.
Michener, James A.
Caring for your bicycle
Henshaw, Peter,
Oates, Joyce Carol,
Simpson, Mona.
The cask
Crofts, Freeman Wills,
Catch a falling star
Culbertson, Kim A.
L'Amour, Louis,
A certain hope
Worth, Lenora.
Champagne kisses
Day, Zuri.
Champions of breakfast
Rex, Adam.
Chance for love
Force, Marie,
Chances are
Hill, Donna
Hunter, Aline.
Steel, Danielle.
Charlie Chan carries on
Biggers, Earl Derr,
Charlie Chan's words of wisdom
Berlin, Howard M.
China Dolls
See, Lisa,
Chocolate chip cookies
Jones, Carey.
Donovan, Jennifer.
The chopped cookbook

Chosen for the marriage bed
O'Brien, Anne,
Christine Feehan's GhostWalkers Series
Feehan, Christine.
Christine Feehan's GhostWalkers Series
Feehan, Christine.
Fielding, Tia.
The Cinderella rules
Kauffman, Donna.
Mosse, Kate,
Claiming his wedding night
Wilkinson, Lee.
Clash of the Financial Pundits : How the Media Influences Your Investment Decisions for Better or Worse
Brown, Joshua M.
Classic artisan baking
Day, Julian.
CLEP Western Civilization I with Online Practice Exams
Ziomkowski, Robert M..
The clock winder
Tyler, Anne.
The clockwork universe
Dolnick, Edward,
Code name Verity
Wein, Elizabeth,
A coffin for Dimitrios
Ambler, Eric,
Cold and pure and very dead
Dobson, Joanne,
Cold cereal
Rex, Adam.
Lebbon, Tim.
Come Monday
Carr, Mari.
Commonsense Alternatives to Involuntary Death
Leary, Timothy,
The complete guide to decks

The complete idiot's guide to making metal jewelry
Lee, Nancy.
The complete Miss Marple collection
Christie, Agatha,
Complete mountain bike maintenance
Davis, Mike.
The complete photo guide to cake decorating
Carpenter, Autumn.
The Complete Running and Marathon Book
Publishing, Dk.
Complete stories and poems of Edgar Allan Poe.
Poe, Edgar Allan,
Computer Security Handbook, Set
Bosworth, Seymour.
Comstock Lode
L'Amour, Louis,
Console wars
Harris, Blake J.
The contemporary cake decorating bible
Smith, Lindy,
The contemporary cake decorating bible
Smith, Lindy,
The Contemporary Cake Decorating Bible: Stenciling
Smith, Lindy.
Conversational capacity
Weber, Craig,
Coolhaus ice cream book
Case, Natasha,
Coping with Envy
Dryden, Windy.
Cougar in Texas
Fox, Calista.
Counterfeit gods
Keller, Timothy J.,
The covenant
Michener, James A.
The cowboy and the lady
Palmer, Diana.
The cowboy's triplets
Leonard, Tina.
Crash dive
Bell, Ted.
Crash the chatterbox
Furtick, Steven,
Creating a learning society
Stiglitz, Joseph E.
The creative destruction of medicine
Topol, Eric J.,
Creative eclairs
Clemens, Ruth.
The crimson crown
Chima, Cinda Williams,
Crimson rose
Trow, M. J.
Critique of everyday life.
Lefebvre, Henri,
The Crossfire Series Books 1-3 by Sylvia Day
Day, Sylvia..
A Crouton Murder
Griffin, J. M..
Crush on you
Ridgway, Christie.
A Crusty Murder
Griffin, J. M..
The Crying of Lot 49
Pynchon, Thomas.
Cupcake decorating lab
Thibeault, Bridget.
The cursed
Graham, Heather,
Angell, Kate.

The d
Jones, Marie D.,
Daisy Fay and the miracle man
Flagg, Fannie.
Daisy's back in town
Gibson, Rachel.
Dancing through it
Ringer, Jenifer,
Dancing with the enemy
Glaser, Paul,
Danger in high heels
Halliday, Gemma.
Dangerous boys and their toy
Black, Shayla.
Danielle Steel historical classics
Steel, Danielle.
Dare to be dirty
Fox, Savanna.
Dare to believe
Bell, Dana Marie.
Dare to dream
Hill, Donna
Daring to struggle, failing to win
Smith, J.
The dark arena
Puzo, Mario,
Dark assassin
Perry, Anne.
Dark eyes
Richter, William Harlan.
Dark force rising
Zahn, Timothy.
The Dark Light of Day
Frazier, T.M.
The dark world
Shultz, Cara Lynn,
Arthur, Keri.
Darkness Devours
Arthur, Keri.
Darkness splintered
Arthur, Keri,
Darkness unmasked
Arthur, Keri.
Darling Annie /
Cantrell, Raine.
The darlings
Alger, Cristina.
Hopper, Carla.
The DASH Diet Health Plan

Daughter's keeper
Waldman, Ayelet.
Daughters of earth

Day of doom
Baldacci, David.
Karr, Kim.
Dead is a state of mind
Perez, Marlene.
Dead is the new black
Perez, Marlene.
Dear life, you suck
Blagden, Scott.
Death at Daisy's Folly
Paige, Robin.
Death without tenure
Dobson, Joanne,
Debbie doesn't do it anymore
Mosley, Walter.
The decay of the angel
Mishima, Yukio,
The deceivers
MacDonald, John D.
The December Project
Davidson, Sara.
Hill, Donna
Reichl, Ruth.
Demon's bride
Archer, Zo
The descendants
Hemmings, Kaui Hart.
Designing defense for a new world order
Ravenal, Earl C.
Palmer, Daniel,
Desserts in jars
Olmanson, Shaina.
Detox Diet Smoothies, 28 Detox Diet Drinks + Smoothies Are Like You
Baldec, Juliana.
A devil named desire
Garey, Terri.
Devil's game
Wylde, Joanna.
The Devil's Workshop
Grecian, Alex.
The dialogue in hell between Machiavelli and Montesquieu
Joly, Maurice,
Diamond dreams
Day, Zuri.
Diary of an expat in Singapore
Gargiulo, Jennifer.
Dice world
Clegg, Brian.
Dictionary of food science and nutrition

Die job
Dare, Lila.
The dirty girls book club
Fox, Savanna.
Disobeying the marshal
Robinson, Lauri.
Diver down
Ange, Michael R.
Divine rebels
Guzder, Deena.
The diviner
Rawn, Melanie.
Do over
Carr, Mari.
The domestic sources of American foreign policy

Don't mourn, Balkanize!
Jacques, Brian.
The dopefiend
The dopeman's wife
Double Digit
Monaghan, Annabel.
The dragon charmer
Siegel, Jan.
Dragon prince
Rawn, Melanie.
Dragon's keep
Carey, Janet Lee.
Dragon's lair
Penman, Sharon Kay.
The Drake Sisters Novels 1-6
Feehan, Christine.
Drawing type
Fowkes, Alex.
Dream of Danger
Shayne, Maggie.
Dreamweaver Trail
March, Emily.
The Dreyfus affair
Read, Piers Paul,
The drop 10 diet
Danziger, Lucy S.
The drop 10 diet cookbook
Danziger, Lucy S.
Drop dead gorgeous
Howard, Linda,
Drunk mom
Bydlowska, Jowita,
The Durham deception
Gooden, Philip.
Dust of dreams
Erikson, Steven.
Earl Derr Biggers' classic detective Charlie Chan in The pawns of death
Pronzini, Bill.
In death collection
Robb, J. D.,
In death collection
Robb, J. D.,
Eating in color
Largeman-Roth, Frances.
Sussman, Brian.
Edward Albee's the Play About the Baby
Albee, Edward,
Elementary theory of numbers
LeVeque, William Judson.
Elements of food science
Ramaswamy, Arindam.
The elephant's journey
Saramago, Jos
Elizabeth is missing
Healey, Emma,
An Elm Creek Quilts companion
Chiaverini, Jennifer.
Emma's wedding
Neels, Betty.
Empire Girls
Hayes, Suzanne.
Empty net
Aleo, Toni,
The Empty Trap
MacDonald, John D.
Encounters with Jesus
Keller, Timothy J.,
End of days
Swanson, James L.,
End of the tiger and other stories
MacDonald, John D.
Endocrine physiology
Molina, Patricia E.
Entice Me Box Set
Bond, Stephanie,
Media, Adams.
Escape from North Korea
Kirkpatrick, Melanie.
Eternal beast
Wright, Laura.
Eternal Beauty
Wright, Laura.
Eternal captive
Wright, Laura.
Eternal captive
Wright, Laura.
Eternal demon
Wright, Laura,
Eternal hunger
Wright, Laura.
Eternal kiss
Wright, Laura.
Eternal sin
Wright, Laura.
Every good endeavor
Keller, Timothy J.,
Every woman's yoga
Schmitt, Jaime Stover.
Everything changes
Hart, Megan.
Everything is negotiable
Kennedy, Gavin.
Everything is you
Hill, Donna
Prothero, Donald R.
Clines, Peter,
The execution
Wolf, Dick.
Execution dock
Perry, Anne.
Exodus and QB VII
Uris, Leon,
The Exodus Towers
Hough, Jason M.
Rayne, Cynthia.
Exploring the crack in the cosmic egg
PEARCE, Joseph Chilton.
Eye of the beholder
Bell, Dana Marie.
Facing Mariano Rivera
Fischer, David.
Fair blows the wind
L'Amour, Louis,
Falling for a stranger
Freethy, Barbara.
Falling for Fortune
Thompson, Nancy Robards,
Falling for the Backup (Novella)
Aleo, Toni.
Falling for the cowboy
Leo, Mary.
Falling out of time
Grossman, David.
The family
Puzo, Mario,
A family affair
Michaels, Fern.
Family tree
Delinsky, Barbara.
Fast track to cruising
Colgate, Stephen.
Fate & Philosophy
Flynn, Jim.
Fed Up
Cartwright, Sierra.
Knight, Wendy.
Feudlings in flames
Knight, Wendy,
Field of prey
Sandford, John.
Fifty shades of passion

Financial modeling
Benninga, Simon,
The financial peace planner
Ramsey, Dave.
Financial peace revisited
Ramsey, Dave.
Finding Chrissten
Walters, N. J.
Finding Family...and Forever?
Southwick, Teresa.
Finding forever
Hawkins, Lori C.
Finding forgiveness
Bell, Dana Marie.
The finisher
Baldacci, David
Fire and desire
Jackson, Brenda
Fire on the mountain
Singer, P. D.
Fire sea
Weis, Margaret.
The fire within
Harte, Marie.
The firebrand
Bradley, Marion Zimmer.
Fired up
Connealy, Mary.
The First Fast Draw : A Novel
L'Amour, Louis.
First love, and other stories
Turgenev, Ivan Sergeevich,
The First Man You Meet
Macomber, Debbie.
Fix You
Carr, Mari.
The flame trees of Thika
Huxley, Elspeth Joscelin Grant,
The fluoride deception
Bryson, Christopher,
Fly by wire
Larsen, Ward.
Hart, Megan.
Food Inc.: A Participant Guide
Participant Media.
Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival cookbook
Schrager, Lee.
The footprints on the ceiling
Rawson, Clayton,
For the roses
Garwood, Julie.
For You
Ashley, Kristen.
Foreign correspondence
Brooks, Geraldine.
A foreign range
Grey, Andrew
Forest of Shadows
Shea, Hunter.
Fortune's prince
Leigh, Allison.
Fortune's secret child
Delacorte, Shawna.
Foundation and earth
Asimov, Isaac,
Founding mothers
Roberts, Cokie.
Four Seas Ice Cream
Wysocki, Heather M.
The fourth K
Puzo, Mario,
Fragile beasts
O'Dell, Tawni.
Free range learning
Weldon, Laura Grace.
Free to fall
Miller, Lauren
Freedom's landing
McCaffrey, Anne.
Friday I'm in love
Carr, Mari.
Friends With Benefits
Carver, Rhonda Lee.
Friends with benefits
Jamieson, Kelly.
From camera to computer
Barr, George,
From what I remember--
Kramer, Stacy.
Bowman, Erin,
Full Moon
Carr, Mari.
Full steam ahead
Witemeyer, Karen.
The funeral dress
Gilmore, Susan Gregg.
Gansett After Dark
Force, Marie.
The gap
Suddendorf, Thomas.
Garrett on the case
Cook, Glen.
Gemba kaizen
Imai, Masaaki,
The general of the dead army
Kadare, Ismail.
Genes, giants, monsters, and men
Farrell, Joseph P.
Get lucky
Brockmann, Suzanne.
Getting Change Right
Kahan, Seth.
Ghost hunter
Holzer, Hans,
The ghost hunter's strangest cases
Holzer, Hans,
Ghost ship
Cussler, Clive.
Ghosts of My Life
Fisher, Mark.
Holzer, Hans,
Giada's feel good food
De Laurentiis, Giada.
The gift
Reisz, Tiffany.
A gift of wings.
Bach, Richard.
Gilded latten bones
Cook, Glen.
Gilt and midnight
Hart, Megan.
A girl named Digit
Monaghan, Annabel.
The girl who saved the King of Sweden
Jonasson, Jonas,
Give in to me
Alexander, Lacey.
Giving an Inch
Belleau, Heidi.
Glamorous by george
Kotsiopoulos, George.
The glass sentence
Grove, S. E.
Global governance
Dawkins, Kristin.
Glycemic Index Diet
Collins Jennifer.
The GMO deception

Phillips, Gene D.
Gods old and dark
Lisle, Holly.
God's terrorists
Allen, Charles,
The golden key
Rawn, Melanie.
Golden Trail
Ashley, Kristen.
A good dose of pleasure
Day, Zuri,
The good old stuff
MacDonald, John D.
A good woman
Steel, Danielle.
Goodbye cinema, hello cinephilia
Rosenbaum, Jonathan.
Grace Valley trilogy.
Carr, Robyn,
A graduate course in probability
Tucker, Howard G.,
Graduation day
Charbonneau, Joelle.
Graph coloring problems
Jensen, Tommy R.
Grave memory
Price, Kalayna.
The gravedigger's daughter
Oates, Joyce Carol,
The gray wolf throne
Chima, Cinda Williams,
The great and holy war
Jenkins, Philip,
The great Scot
Kauffman, Donna.
Furtick, Steven.
Greater's Ice Cream
Heigel, Robin Davis.
Greece: What is to be Done?
Roth, Karl Heinz.
The Greek's convenient wife
Milburne, Melanie.
Green angel
Hoffman, Alice.
The Greenstone Grail
Siegel, Jan.
Grim shadows
Bennett, Jenn.
Groom of fortune
Moreland, Peggy.
Groom wanted
Macomber, Debbie.
Guardian of honor
Owens, Robin D.
Heyerdahl, Thor.
Hacking exposed :
Bergman, Neil.
Hacking For Dummies
Beaver, Kevin.
Hacking wireless networks for dummies
Beaver, Kevin.
Had to be you
Kaye, Robin,
Half bad
Green, Sally.
Happy New Year, baby Fortune!
Banks, Leanne.
Hard news
Mnookin, Seth.
Harlequin American Romance May 2014 Bundle: One Night in TexasThe Cowboy's DestinyA Baby for the DoctorThe Bull Rider's Family
Warren, Linda.
Harlequin Special Edition April 2014.

Harlequin Special Edition April 2014 - Bundle 2 of 2: More Than She ExpectedOne Night with the Bo
Templeton, Karen.
Harrison's manual of medicine

Harrison's pulmonary and critical care medicine

Hastur Lord
Bradley, Marion Zimmer.
He completes me
C., Cardeno.
Healing the wounds of sexual addiction
Laaser, Mark R.
The heart of Sufism
Inayat Khan,
Hearts divided: 5-b poppy lanethe apple orchardliberty hall
Macomber, Debbie.
The heart's pursuit
Hatcher, Robin Lee,
Heart's reward
Hill, Donna
Heat wave
Hill, Donna
Kenner, Julie.
Heather's song
Palmer, Diana.
Heaven and Hell
Ashley, Kristen.
Heaven around the corner
Neels, Betty.
A Heaven of Others
Cohen, Joshua.
Hecate's Own
Bell, Dana Marie.
The heir
Lindsey, Johanna.
Her first billionaire
Kent, Julia,
Her midnight cowboy
Robinson, Lauri.
Her millionaire boss
Adams, Jennie.
Her Second Billionaire
Kent, Julia.
Her Two Billionaires
Kent, Julia.
Her Two Billionaires and a Baby
Kent, Julia.
Hereditary genius
Galton, Francis,

Hidden pleasures
Jackson, Brenda
The Hide-and-Seek Muse
Spaar, Lisa R..
The high graders
L'Amour, Louis,
Hip hop matters
Watkins, S. Craig
Hip Hop on Film
Monteyne, Kimberly.
The hired husband
Stacy, Judith.
His Abductor's Desire
St. George, Harper.
His Lordship's Vow (Regency Romance Short Novel)
Bolen, Cheryl.
His Majesty's Hope
MacNeal, Susan Elia.
His Saving Grace
Gray, Heather.
Historical dictionary of Mauritania
Pazzanita, Anthony G.,
The history of the Fabian Society
Pease, Edward R.
History of the present
Garton Ash, Timothy.
The hob
Bell, Dana Marie.
Holding corporations accountable
Richter, Judith,
Hollywood exile, or, How I learned to love the blacklist
Gordon, Bernard,
Home again
C., Cardeno.
The Homecoming
Cantrell, Raine.
Homeschooling the challenging child
Field, Christine M.
HomeSkills: Building Decks
Editors of Cool Springs Press.
Honey pie
Kauffman, Donna.
Donoghue, Emma,
A hopeful heart
Clipston, Amy.
Hoover, Colleen.
Horror films of the 1970s
Muir, John Kenneth,
The horseman's convenient wife
Neff, Mindy.
Hot in the city,
Alexander, Lacey.
Hot pursuit
Davis, Jo,
Hot rocks
Roberts, Nora.
The hotel on Place Vend
Mazzeo, Tilar J.,
A house full of Fortunes!
Duarte, Judy.
The house on the cliff
Dixon, Franklin W.
How to be a budget fashionista
Finney, Kathryn.
How to be a proper lady
Ashe, Katharine.
How to look expensive
Lustig, Andrea Pomerantz.
How to marry a Highlander
Ashe, Katharine.
How to seduce a vampire (without really trying)
Sparks, Kerrelyn,
Rayne, Cynthia.
Human trafficking, human misery
Aronowitz, Alexis A.,
The human use of human beings
Wiener, Norbert,
Hunt the darkness
Ivy, Alexandra.
Hunting for hidden gold
Dixon, Franklin W.
Levine, Daniel.
The hydra protocol
Wellington, David.
The Hymns of Hermes

I Could Go on Singing
MacDonald, John D.
I, Elizabeth
Miles, Rosalind.
I love everybody, and other atrocious lies
Notaro, Laurie.
I [love] macarons
Ogita, Hisako.
I married the duke
Ashe, Katharine,
I want to hold your hand
Force, Marie,
The ice diamond
Harrison, Paula,
The icon and the axe
Billington, James H.
The ideas of Victor Serge

Identity politics on the Israeli screen
Loshitzky, Yosefa.
The idiot girl and the flaming tantrum of death
Notaro, Laurie.
The idiot girls' action adventure club
Notaro, Laurie.
I'll sleep when I'm dead
Zevon, Crystal.
Bach, Richard.
The impossibility of sex
Orbach, Susie,
The improper life of Bezellia Grove
Gilmore, Susan Gregg.
Improve your eyesight
Barnes, Jonathan,
In bed with her boss
Jackson, Brenda
In my skin
Griner, Brittney.
In the Service of the King
Kaye, Laura.
In want of a wife
Goodman, Jo,
An Inch at a Time
Belleau, Heidi.
Inch by Inch
Belleau, Heidi.

The Infection Box Set
DiLouie, Craig.
The infinity puzzle
Close, F. E.
Information security governance
Brotby, W. Krag.
Rosenfield, Kat.
Innocent on her wedding night
Craven, Sara.
Inside Central Asia
Hiro, Dilip.
Intimate betrayal
Hill, Donna
An introduction to combinatorial analysis.
Riordan, John,
Gee, Judee.
The invention of wings
Kidd, Sue Monk.
Irish chain
Fowler, Earlene.
Iron's prophecy
Kagawa, Julie.
The island of the day before
Eco, Umberto.
Islands of resistance
Murillo, Mario
It looked different on the model
Notaro, Laurie.
It's not about the horse
Webb, Wyatt.
Cooper, Ilene.
Jacked Up
McCarthy, Erin.
Jackson Hole journey
Jacobs, Linda,
Jacob's faith
Leigh, Lora.
Japan 1941
Hotta, Eri,
Mukherjee, Bharati.
Schildt, Herbert.
Jefferson Davis Gets His Citizenship Back
Warren, Robert Penn,
Jesus is--
Smith, Judah.
Jesus> religion
Bethke, Jefferson,
Jesus the King
Keller, Timothy J.,
The jeweler's studio handbook
Holschuh, Brandon.
The jewelry maker's field guide
Driggs, Helen I.
Jinx's magic
Blackwood, Sage.
Steel, Danielle.
Jude the obscure
Hardy, Thomas,
Judge me not
MacDonald, John D.
The Julian Chapter : A Wonder Story
Palacio, R. J.
Just friends to-- just married
Roszel, Renee.
Just married
Macomber, Debbie.
Just what the truth is
C, Cardeno.
Kansas troubles
Fowler, Earlene.
The Kashmir shawl
Thomas, Rosie.
Keeper of the bride
Gerritsen, Tess.
Keepers of the flame
Owens, Robin D.
Keeping company
Hoag, Tami.
Key West
Alexander, Lacey.
Kids or No Kids?
Slater, Zoe.
The kill switch
Rollins, James,
Killer frost
Estep, Jennifer,
The king's dragon
McCormack, Una.
A King's Ransom
Penman, Sharon Kay,
Kiss Before Dying
Hunter, Aline.
Kiss me, I'm Irish
St. Claire, Roxanne.
Kitchen workshop--pizza
Gresser, Ruth.
The lace makers of Glenmara
Barbieri, Heather Doran,
Lady be good
Phillips, Susan Elizabeth.
The last bride
Lewis, Beverly,
Last chance at love
Forster, Gwynne,
Last chance to see
Adams, Douglas,
The last command
Zahn, Timothy.
The last founding father
Unger, Harlow G.,
The last kingdom
Cornwell, Bernard.
The last magazine
Hastings, Michael,
The last mercenary
Palmer, Diana.
Last night I sang to the monster
The last renegade
Goodman, Jo,
Last Tango With Marlon
Rhoden, Fletcher.
A lasting impression
Alexander, Tamera.
The lathe of heaven
Le Guin, Ursula K.,
Leap of Faith
Hart, Arianna.
Learned optimism
Seligman, Martin E. P.
The lemon grove
Walsh, Helen,
The lens
Guy, NK.
Let Loose
Davies, Rae.
DeLillo, Don.
Life against death
Brown, Norman Oliver,
Life of an Anarchist
Berkman, Alexander.
The Lincoln myth
Berry, Steve,
Penman, Sharon Kay.
A little bit country
Macomber, Debbie,
Little monsters
Marrin, Albert.
Liv, forever
Talkington, Amy.
Living the 80/20 way
Koch, Richard,
Living the good long life
Stewart, Martha.
Living with guns
Whitney, Craig R.,
Lola Carlyle reveals all
Gibson, Rachel.
Lone star protector
Worth, Lenora.
The long mars
Baxter, Stephen.
A long time gone
White, Karen
Loose & Lethal (Dusty Deals Mystery Box Set
Davies, Rae.
Lord Perfect
Chase, Loretta Lynda,
The lost gold
Harrison, Paula,
Love and treasure
Waldman, Ayelet.
Love and war
Jakes, John,
Love at first sight
C., Cardeno.
Love in play
Day, Zuri.
Love is All Around
Davies, Rae.
Love Like Jesus
Smith, Judah.
Love not a rebel
Graham, Heather.
Lovers at the Chameleon Club, Paris 1932
Prose, Francine,
Lovey, a very special child
MacCracken, Mary.
Lovin' blue
Day, Zuri.
Lucky Stars
Ashley, Kristen.
Luscious berry desserts
Longbotham, Lori.
Luscious chocolate desserts
Longbotham, Lori.
Luscious coconut desserts
Longbotham, Lori.
Lynda's Lace
Alexander, Lacey.
Rigg, Annie.
Machiavelli's virtue
Mansfield, Harvey Claflin,
Hoag, Tami.
Magic mourns
Andrews, Ilona.
The Magic rings
Harrison, Paula,
D'Arc, Bianca.
The mail order groom
Chastain, Sandra.
Mail Order Man
Gray, Heather M.
The major's wife
Robinson, Lauri,
Make Me Shiver
Hunter, Aline.
The Maltese manuscript
Dobson, Joanne,
Man Up!
O'Donnell, Paul.
Managing elites
Schleef, Debra J.,
Crews, Terry,
Many shades of BDSM
Dempsey, B. J.
Marching to zion
Glickman, Mary.
Mariner's compass
Fowler, Earlene.
Hunter, Aline.
Marketing For Dummies
Mortimer, Ruth.
The marketing of evil
Kupelian, David,
The marriage agreement
Davidson, Carolyn,
The marriage pact
Miller, Linda Lael,
The marriage risk
Macomber, Debbie.
The marriage wager
Camp, Candace.
Marriage wanted
Macomber, Debbie.
Mary Modern
DeAngelis, Camille.
Mass communication and American social thought

Mass communication and American social thought

Mastering Canon EOS flash photography
Guy, NK.
Matched by moonlight
Wilkins, Gina.
Mating Brand
Dohner, Laurann.
Marlantes, Karl.
Matters of the heart
Steel, Danielle.
Maybe, baby
McLaughlin, Terry.
Landau, L. D.
The medicinal gardening handbook
Cummings, Dede,
Memory of fire
Lisle, Holly.
Karr, Kim.
The merciless
Vega, Danielle.
McQuein, Josin L.
Microradio & democracy
Ruggiero, Greg.
Midnight crossroad
Harris, Charlaine.
Midnight frost
Estep, Jennifer.
Midnight in Europe
Furst, Alan.
Mindfulness for dummies
Alidina, Shamash.
Mindfulness to go
Harp, David.
Minecraft mods: what you need to know about minecraft
Blaine, David.
Joyner Joseph.
Misplaced cowboy
Carr, Mari.
Misplaced princess
Carr, Mari.
Miss hillary schools a scoundrel
Grace, Samantha.
Miss lavigne's little white lie
Grace, Samantha.
Miss Marple : The Complete Short Stories
Christie, Agatha,
Miss Wonderful
Chase, Loretta Lynda,
The mistress manual
Mistress Lorelei.
Cypess, Leah.
King, Tiffany.
Mixed messages
Miller, Linda Lael.
Melville, Herman,
The Montauk monster
Shea, Hunter.
Moon handbooks.
Cornell, Tricia.
Moon Shell Beach
Thayer, Nancy,
More than enough
Ramsey, Dave.
Schwartz, Heather E.
Mortal kiss
Moss, Alice.
The most dangerous man in America
Perry, Mark,
Jaggers, Kelly.
The mourning hours
DeBoard, Paula Treick.
Move into the light

Mr. Red Riding Hoode
Bell, Dana Marie.
Murder at the castle
Dams, Jeanne M.
Murder for the bride
MacDonald, John D.
Murder in Little Italy
Thompson, Victoria
Murder in Murray Hill
Thompson, Victoria
Murder on Lenox Hill
Thompson, Victoria
Murder on Marble Row
Thompson, Victoria
Murder on Mulberry Bend
Thompson, Victoria
Murder on Washington Square
Thompson, Victoria
My accidental jihad
Bremer, Krista.
My father's dragon
Gannett, Ruth Stiles,
The mystery at Lilac Inn
Keene, Carolyn.
Mystery train
Marcus, Greil.
N or M?
Christie, Agatha,
Hart, Megan.
Naughty little secret
Bradley, Shelley.
Nauti enchantress
Leigh, Lora.
Navy baby
Macomber, Debbie.
Navy woman
Macomber, Debbie.
NCLEX-RN review
Hurst, Marlene.
Nebraska POW camps
Marsh, Melissa Amateis.
The necessary angel :
Stevens, Wallace,
Ned Ludd & Queen Mab
Linebaugh, Peter.
Glickstein, Mitchell.
Never love a lawman
Goodman, Jo,
Never say die
Gerritsen, Tess.
Never Tempt a Lawman
Robinson, Lauri.
New Cthulhu

The new Greenmarket cookbook
Langholtz, Gabrielle,
The Night Gardener
Auxier, Jonathan.
Night of the hunter
Salvatore, R. A.,
Night of the jaguar
Gruber, Michael,
Night of the World
Smecker, Frank.
Nikon D3100 for dummies
King, Julie Adair.
No attachments
King, Tiffany.
No meat athlete
Frazier, Matt.
No Strings
Hunter, Aline.
No sunshine when she's gone
Angell, Kate,
Noble Blood
Bell, Dana Marie.
Noble intentions
MacAlister, Katie.
North Korea
French, Paul,
Nothing but the truth
Lescroart, John T.
Nothing ever happens
Brown, Sue.

The noticer
Andrews, Andy,
Notorious in the West
Plumley, Lisa.
Now and forever
Steel, Danielle.
Now and Then (Now Series #1)
Rothert, Brenda.
A Numbers Game
Solheim, Tracy..
The official CIA manual of trickery and deception
Melton, H. Keith
Puzo, Mario,
Puzo, Mario,
On the bright side, I'm now the girlfriend of a Sex God
Rennison, Louise.
On the run
MacDonald, John D.
On the social contract
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques,
On the Surface
Willoughby, Kate.
Once a princess
Lindsey, Johanna.
The once and future duchess
Nash, Sophia.
Once is never enough
Kelly, Mira Lyn,
Once more with feeling
Roberts, Nora,
Once tempted
Boyle, Elizabeth.
Once upon a highland autumn
Cornwall, Lecia.
Once upon a Highland summer
Cornwall, Lecia,
The one
Leigh, Lora.
The one & only
Giffin, Emily.
One bugle, no drums
Hopkins, William B.,
One-click buy, April 2010 Harlequin presents

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One click buy: January Harlequin blaze

One hundred names
Ahern, Cecelia,
One nation
Carson, Ben,
One night in texas
Warren, Linda.
One Night with a Quarterback
Murray, Jeanette.
One special moment
Jackson, Brenda
The one who saves me
C., Cardeno.
One wrong move
McKenna, Shannon.
Only fear
Becker, Anne Marie.
The Order of the Poison Oak
Hartinger, Brent.
The Original Home School Series
Mason, Charlotte
Original meanings
Rakove, Jack N.,
Out of the shallows
Young, Samantha,
The Outsider Series
Eckhart, Lorhainne.
The palace of dreams
Kadare, Ismail.
Paper to petal
Thuss, Rebecca.
The parenthood decision
Engel, Beverly.
Party of three
Alexander, Lacey,
Passion's promise
Steel, Danielle.
Patio pizzeria
Adler, Karen.
The pearl that broke its shell
Hashimi, Nadia.
The pecking order
Conley, Dalton,
Pelican Point
Kauffman, Donna.
The perennial philosophy
Huxley, Aldous,
The perfect Christmas
Macomber, Debbie.
A perfect stranger
Steel, Danielle.
Perfectly Plum

Petals on the river
Woodiwiss, Kathleen E.
Petite treats
Greenseth, Morgan.
The physicists
Kevles, Daniel J.
The Pied Piper of Hip Hop
Hager, Steven.
The Pillars of Hercules
Theroux, Paul.
The Pink Whisk Brilliant Baking Step-by-Step Cake Making
Clemens, Ruth.
A pirate's pleasure
Graham, Heather.
Pizzas, flatbreads, calzones, and strudels
Miller, Robin,
A place at the table

A Place Called Home Trilogy Boxed Set
McLinn, Patricia.
The plague
Camus, Albert,
The plague forge
Hough, Jason M.
Playing with infinity
Please pass the guilt
Stout, Rex,
Pleasured by the Viking
Willingham, Michelle.
Plunkitt of Tammany Hall
Riordon, William L.,
Colbert, Brandy.
Poison candy
Parker, Elizabeth,
The Poisoned Crown
Siegel, Jan.
Polished off
Dare, Lila.
Holzer, Hans,
Wagenen, Maya van,
Porches of North America
Visser, Thomas Durant.
Postcards from Cookie
Clarke, Caroline V,
The pot and how to use it
Ebert, Roger.
The power of one
Courtenay, Bryce,
Powers that be
McCaffrey, Anne.
Practical business statistics
Siegel, Andrew F.
Preparing for power
Cookson, Peter W.
President Me
Carolla, Adam,
Pretty crooked
Ludwig, Elisa.
Pretty sly
Ludwig, Elisa.
Primal body, primal mind
Gedgaudas, Nora T.
Prince of darkness
Penman, Sharon Kay.
The Principles of Scientific Management
Taylor, Frederick Winslow.
Prisoner of Zion
Carrier, Scott.
Prodigal Slave
Harte, Roxy.
A profile of mathematical logic
DeLong, Howard,
Bernays, Edward L.,
Prospero's children
Siegel, Jan.
Protector of the flight
Owens, Robin D.
The public burning
Coover, Robert.
Goodman, Clio.
Pulmonary physiology
Levitzky, Michael G.
The pursuit
Lindsey, Johanna.
Wallis, Claire.
Queenie baby
Burke, Christina A.,
Queenie Baby
Burke, Christina A.,
The quick
Owen, Lauren,
Quicklet on It's a Wonderful Life by Frank Capra
Zanger, Elliot.
The quiet game
Iles, Greg.
Quinn's quest
Walters, N. J.
The radicalism of the American Revolution
Wood, Gordon S.
Rage of passion.
Palmer, Diana.
The rainbow opal
Harrison, Paula,
The rake and the rebel
Brendan, Mary.
The rarest of the rare
Ackerman, Diane,
The raven and the nightingale
Dobson, Joanne,
The rawhide man
Palmer, Diana.
Reach for infinity

A really awesome mess
Cook, Trish,
Tintera, Amy,
A rebound affair
Aidan, Nadia.
The Red Army Faction

Red leaves
Simons, Paullina,
Redemption of the duke
Callen, Gayle,
Regan's pride
Palmer, Diana.
Devlin, Delilah.
Reluctant Consort
Leigh, Lora.
Remember when
Roberts, Nora.
Steel, Danielle.
Schmitz, Paul G.
A replacement life
Fishman, Boris,
Rescued by the ranger
Robinson, Lauri.
Responsibility and judgment
Arendt, Hannah,
Restoring your eyesight
Marsh, Doug.
Return of the Viscount
Callen, Gayle.
Return to Alastair
Kelly, L. A.
Reunion of revenge
DeNosky, Kathie.
Riding on instinct
Burton, Jaci.
Riding temptation
Burton, Jaci.
Riding the night
Burton, Jaci.
Riding wild
Burton, Jaci.
Right next door
Macomber, Debbie.
The rise & fall of great powers
Rachman, Tom.
River marked
Briggs, Patricia.
Robert E. Lee on Leadership
Crocker, H.W.Iii.

Rosemary Entwined
Sommerland, Bianca.
Rough Edges
Pearce, Ashlynn.
Rouse up o young men of the new age!

Bond, Cynthia,
Ruby Tuesday
Carr, Mari.
Wolff, Tracy,
A Rule of Queens
Rice, Morgan.
Runaway horses
Mishima, Yukio,
Munro, Alice,
Sadako and the thousand paper cranes
Coerr, Eleanor.
Sailing alone around the room
Collins, Billy.
The saints
Thomas, Lex.
'Salem's lot
King, Stephen,
Salmon fishing in the Yemen
Torday, Paul,
Salvation: A Defiance Novel
Tyler, Stephanie.
Baldacci, David.
Saturday night special
Carr, Mari.
Saving grace
Garwood, Julie.
A scandalous marriage
Brendan, Mary.
A scanner darkly
Dick, Philip K.
The scarlet trefoil
Kelly, L. A.
Science in the 20th Century and Beyond
Agar, Jon.
Scipio Africanus
Liddell Hart, Basil Henry,
Brown, Ellen.
Miller, Jeff,
'Scuse me while I kill this guy
Langtry, Leslie.
Sea glass
Snyder, Maria V.
Seal it with a kiss
Brewer, Rogenna.
Seal of honor
Burrows, Tonya.
Season for Murder
Griffin, J. M..
The secret box
Ringwald, Whitaker.
Secret fire
Lindsey, Johanna.
Secret love
Jackson, Brenda
The secret of the caves
Dixon, Franklin W.
The secret promise
Harrison, Paula,
Secret son, convenient wife
Sullivan, Maxine,
Secret trials and executions
Olshansky, Barbara.
Seduce me
Shalvis, Jill.
Seduced by the vampire king
Kaye, Laura.
Updike, John.
Self-defense for radicals
Zezima, Michael.
Mosse, Kate,
The seven beauties of science fiction
Csicsery-Ronay, Istvan,
Seven sisters
Fowler, Earlene.
The Seven Year Witch
Redford, Jodi.
Seventeen contradictions and the end of capitalism
Harvey, David,
Seymour Hersh
Miraldi, Robert.
Shadow of the wolf
Bell, Dana Marie,
Spooner, Meagan.
Shadows in the sun
Davis, Wade.
Shakespeare's philosophy
McGinn, Colin,
Sharpe's Waterloo
Cornwell, Bernard.
Pettrey, Dani.
Wolff, Tracy.
Hearne, Kevin.
Shattered vows
Laaser, Debra,
The sheriff's last gamble
Robinson, Lauri.
Shield of winter
Singh, Nalini,
The shimmering stone
Harrison, Paula,
Siegel, Mary-Ellen.
The ship of brides
Moyes, Jojo,
Sidelined Afterlife
Fields, Joya.
The Sign of Seven trilogy
Roberts, Nora.
Silent blade
Andrews, Ilona.
Silver angel
Lindsey, Johanna.
Silver Mist
Cantrell, Raine.
Tully, John A.
Simply sexual
Pearce, Kate.
Simply shameless
Pearce, Kate.
Sin City
Alexander, Lacey.
The singularity is near
Kurzweil, Ray.
The sinners club
Pearce, Kate,
The sisters of Sinai
Soskice, Janet Martin.
Six graves to Munich
Cleri, Mario,
Skin game
Butcher, Jim,
Skye O'Malley
Small, Bertrice.
Slam Dunk
Carr, Mari.
The slayer
Dees, Cindy.
Staub, Wendy Corsi.
A slender thread
Ackerman, Diane,
Sliding Home
Angell, Kate.
Slow burn
Adair, Cherry,
Snakes in suits
Babiak, Paul.
Snowbound with the Sheriff
Robinson, Lauri.
So speaks the heart
Lindsey, Johanna.
The Social Contract Perpetual Peace Candide: Vol. 5.
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques Kant, Immanuel Voltaire, Francois Marie Arouet de.
Socializing metaphysics

Solid gold seduction
Day, Zuri,
Sorceress of faith
Owens, Robin D.
South of the Big Four
Kurtz, Don.
The specialists
Greenland, Shannon.
Speed of light
Kizer, Amber.
Spice dreams
Engram, Sara.
Spider web
Fowler, Earlene.
The Splendour Falls
Kearsley, Susanna,
Spring snow
Mishima, Yukio,
Spy glass
Snyder, Maria V.
Squeeze Play
Angell, Kate.
The squire's tale
Morris, Gerald,
Standing in the rainbow
Flagg, Fannie.
The star scroll
Rawn, Melanie.
Stars & stripes
Roux, Abigail.
State fair
Fowler, Earlene.
Statistical physics
Landau, L. D.
Status Update
Carr, Mari.
Steps to the altar
Fowler, Earlene.
Sticks & stones
Urban, Madeleine.
Still waters
Hoag, Tami.
Stokely speaks
Carmichael, Stokely.
Stoker's manuscript
Prouty, Royce.
Stolen remains
Trent, Christine,
Story of O
The Story of X
Molloy, A. J.
Stranded with the tempting stranger
Jackson, Brenda
The strange and beautiful sorrows of Ava Lavender
Walton, Leslye J.
The stranger
Camus, Albert,
A stranger in the kingdom
Mosher, Howard Frank.
Davis, Deborah,
Strike Zone
Angell, Kate.
Strong enough
C., Cardeno.
Strong feelings
Elster, Jon,
Stuck together
Connealy, Mary.
The study series bundle
Snyder, Maria V.
Pettrey, Dani.
Subspace anthology

Sugar Walls
Holiday, Mysti.
Mountford, Meaghan,
Summa technologiae
Lem, Stanis
Summer Beach Reads 5-Book Bundle
Thayer, Nancy.
Summer breeze
Thayer, Nancy,
Summer house
Thayer, Nancy,
Summer house with swimming pool
Koch, Herman,
Summer of my German soldier
Greene, Bette,
Summer vows
Alers, Rochelle.
Sunrunner's fire
Rawn, Melanie.
Super burp!
Krulik, Nancy E.
Super smart information strategies.
Fontichiaro, Kristin.
Berman, Jenn.
Smith, Adam.
Surrender to the earl
Callen, Gayle.
Surviving an affair
Harley, Willard F.
Surviving schizophrenia
Torrey, E. Fuller
Survivors of slavery
Murphy, Laura
Finder, Joseph.
The swan maiden
King, Susan,
The sweet book of candy making
LaBau, Elizabeth.
Sweet cream and sugar cones
Hoogerhyde, Kris.
Sweet destiny
Alers, Rochelle.
Sweet Southern nights
Alers, Rochelle.
Sweet spot
Angell, Kate.
Sweet stuff
Kauffman, Donna.
Sweet Thursday
Carr, Mari.
Sweet water
Kline, Christina Baker,
Sworn to protect
Davis, Jo,
Sworn virgin
Dones, Elvira,
The system of the world
Stephenson, Neal.
Kelly, L. A.
Take me on
McGarry, Katie,
Take the risk
Carson, Ben.
Taken by the vampire king
Kaye, Laura,
The taking
Derting, Kimberly.
Taking Liberty
Redford, Jodi.
Taking shots :
Aleo, Toni.
Tales of terror from the Black Ship
Priestley, Chris,
Talk before sleep
Berg, Elizabeth.
Talson's Wait
Harte, Marie.
Zanetti, Rebecca,
Taming a wild Scot
Keats, Rowan,
Taming Clint Westmoreland
Jackson, Brenda.
Taming Tara
Jamieson, Kelly.
The target
Coulter, Catherine.
Taste of darkness
Snyder, Maria V.,
Teach us to outgrow our madness
?e, Kenzabur?,
Edmundson, Mark,
Team seven
Burke, Marcus.
Tell Me When
Lindenblatt, Stina.
The temple of dawn
Mishima, Yukio,
Hart, Megan.
Tempting a Devil :
Kane, Samantha,
Tempting meredith
King, Samantha Ann.
Terminal city
Fairstein, Linda A.
The terror conspiracy revisited
Marrs, Jim.
Testing the Lawman's Honor
Robinson, Lauri.
The Texan and the lady
Thomas, Jodi.
That voodoo you do
Redford, Jodi.
Theory of elasticity
Landau, L. D.
The theory of opposites
Scotch, Allison Winn,
There's wild, then there's you
Leighton, M.
A thin dark line
Hoag, Tami.
The thing around your neck
Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi,
Think big
Carson, Ben.
This house is haunted
Holzer, Hans,
This star won't go out
Earl, Esther,
The three emperors
Dietrich, William,
Three generations, no imbeciles
Lombardo, Paul A.
Throne of oak
Bell, Dana Marie.
Tiger Lily
Anderson, Jodi Lynn.
Time and chance
Penman, Sharon Kay.
A time for everything
Time out
Shalvis, Jill.
Time to start thinking
Luce, Edward,
The Times How to Crack Cryptic Cro
Moorey, Tim.
Tips & traps for building decks, patios, and porches
Woodson, R. Dodge
To have and to hold
Green, Jane,
To kiss a Texan
Thomas, Jodi.
To ride Pegasus
McCaffrey, Anne.
To see the Saw movies

To Submit and Obey
Cartwright, Sierra.
To tame a Texan's heart
Thomas, Jodi.
To the last man
Shaara, Jeff,
To wed in Texas
Thomas, Jodi.
Tom clancy's net force.
Clancy, Tom,
The Tommyknockers
King, Stephen,
The Tongue's Blood D
Djebar, Assia,
Tonight and forever
Jackson, Brenda
Top secret twenty-one
Evanovich, Janet.
Touch of power
Snyder, Maria V.
Shepard, Sara,
Traitor's sun
Bradley, Marion Zimmer.
Transhumanist dreams and dystopian nightmares
Mehlman, Maxwell J.
Kulick, Don.
Carman, Patrick.
The trophy wife
The trouble with J.J.
Hoag, Tami.
A troublesome inheritance
Wade, Nicholas.
True to the law
Goodman, Jo,
Trustworthy compilers
Safonov, V. O.
The truth about the harry quebert affair
Dicker, Jo
Try-It Diet - DASH Diet
Media, Adams.
Trying to score
Aleo, Toni.
Tumbling blocks
Fowler, Earlene.
Tracy, Brian.
The Turnaround
Bratton, William.
The Tuskegee Syphilis Study
Gray, Fred D.,
Twelfth night
Raybourn, Deanna.
Goldblatt, Mark,
Twice Bitten
Devlin, Delilah.
Twilight in Texas
Thomas, Jodi.
Two Thousand Pounds Per Square Inch
Hartinger, Brent.
Two wrongs make a marriage
Merrill, Christine.
Unbeatable R
Beshara, Tony,
Uncovering Navarro
Devlin, Delilah.
Under a silent moon
Haynes, Elizabeth,
Under his influence
Elyot, Justine.
Underwater and underground bases
Sauder, Richard.
Unforgettable desserts
Wilson, Dede.
Chambers, Joanna.
The universe inside you
Clegg, Brian.
The unknown wife
Brendan, Mary.
Unlucky charms
Rex, Adam.
The unschooling unmanual

Jackson, Lisa.
Unstoppable : The Emerging Left-Right Alliance to Dismantle the Corporate State
Nader, Ralph.
Up In flames
Foster, Lori.
Vacation with a vampire

The vacationers
Straub, Emma.
Valley of bones
Gruber, Michael,
Vegas heat
Michaels, Fern.
Vegas rich
Michaels, Fern.
Vegas sunrise
Michaels, Fern.
Very private duty
Alers, Rochelle.
Vietnamese home cooking
Phan, Charles.
Alexander, Lacey.
Wage Slave
Wright, Gail P.
Waiting for Wednesday
Carr, Mari.
Walking with God through pain and suffering
Keller, Timothy J.,
Wanton in the West
Plumley, Lisa.
Waste management in the chemical and petroleum industries
Bahadori, Alireza.
Watch me
Bradley, Shelley.
Wave good-bye
Dare, Lila.
We were liars
Lockhart, E.
Weather warfare
Smith, Jerry E.
The wedding
Steel, Danielle.
The wedding challenge
Camp, Candace.
Wedding his takeover target
Rose, Emilie.
Wedding night revenge
Brendan, Mary.
The wedding plan
Gaines, Abby.
The weight of glory and other addresses
Lewis, C. S.
What a cowboy wants
Robinson, Lauri.
What happened in Vegas
Day, Sylvia.
What has become of you
Watson, Jan Elizabeth,
What it means to be a Democrat
McGovern, George S.
What love tastes like
Day, Zuri.
What she needs
Alexander, Lacey.
What would Jesus eat?
Colbert, Don.
When a laird takes a lady
Keats, Rowan,
When I'm with you
Kery, Beth,
When the butterflies came
Little, Kimberley Griffiths.
When wizards rule
Leigh, Lora.
Which lie did I tell?
Goldman, William,
Whirlwind Cowboy
Cowan, Debra.
Whispered promises
Jackson, Brenda
Whispering nickel idols
Cook, Glen.
White knight
Carr, Mari.
The White Pearl
Furnivall, Kate.
Keon, Joseph.
Who we are
Klune, TJ.
Whole Novels for the Whole Class
Sacks, Ariel.
Why can't I be you
Larkin, Allie.
Why dogs eat poop
Gould, Francesca,
Why managing sucks and how to fix it
Ressler, Cali.
Why soccer matters
Why you shouldn't eat your boogers
Gould, Francesca,
A wicked pursuit
Bradford, Isabella.
The wicked wallflower
Rodale, Maya,
Blume, Judy.
Wild About Harry
Miller, Linda Lael,
Wild nights
Burton, Jaci,
Wildcat fireflies
Kizer, Amber.
Baumeister, Roy F.
The winter ghosts
Mosse, Kate,
Wire + metal
Peck, Denise.
The wishing pearl
Harrison, Paula,
The witch queen
Siegel, Jan.
With abandon
Langley, J. L.
With this collar
Cartwright, Sierra.
Without reservations
Langley, J.L.
The wives of Los Alamos
Nesbit, TaraShea.
The Wizard's Promise
Clarke, Cassandra Rose,
Wolf's Hope
Leigh, Lora.
The woman who died a lot
Fforde, Jasper.
Women Explorers
Cummins, Julia.
Women Strikers Occupy Chain Stores, Win Big
Frank, Dana.
Women's bodies, women's wisdom
Northrup, Christiane.
The woods beyond
Thorpe, Kiki,
The world reduced to infographics
Miller, Worm.
The wreck of Heaven
Lisle, Holly.
Written in my own heart's blood
Gabaldon, Diana.
The Wylder sisters 3-book bundle
Bradford, Isabella.
The yarn whisperer
Parkes, Clara.
The year of learning dangerously
Cummings, Quinn.
The year she left us
Ma, Kathryn,
Yesterday again
Lyga, Barry.
Yoga mama yoga baby
Bachman, Margo Shapiro.
You belong to me
Lindsey, Johanna.
You Can Do a Graphic Novel Teacher's Guide
Barbara Slate.
You live once
MacDonald, John D.
A younger man
Alers, Rochelle.
You're old, i'm old-- get used to it!
Ironside, Virginia.
Jackson, Brenda
Zapatista Encuentro

Zepha the monster squid
Blade, Adam.
Miles, Ellen.
Zinn for beginners
Cogswell, David.
Korman, Gordon.

New Fiction Books

The hunters /
Kuzneski, Chris,
The narrow road to the deep north :
Flanagan, Richard,
Station eleven :
Mandel, Emily St. John,
We are not ourselves :
Thomas, Matthew,
Barracuda :
Tsiolkas, Christos,
The barter /
Adcock, Siobhan,
Bright shards of someplace else :
McFawn, Monica.
Evil in return /
Jones, Weyman,
Exo /
Gould, Steven.
Feast for thieves :
Brotherton, Marcus.
Fighting chance :
Haddam, Jane,
Gangsterland :
Goldberg, Tod.
The garden of letters /
Richman, Alyson.
The healing quilt /
Brunstetter, Wanda E.,
The king /
Abdolah, Kader,
A little lumpen novelita /
Lovely, dark, deep :
Oates, Joyce Carol,
The monogram murders :
Hannah, Sophie,
Odysseus /
Manfredi, Valerio,
The paper magician /
Holmberg, Charlie N.
The Search for heinrich Schl
Baillie, Martha,
The widow's house /
Abraham, Daniel.
The beast in the red forest /
Eastland, Sam,
Big little lies /
Moriarty, Liane,
Five days left /
Timmer, Julie Lawson.
The king's curse /
Gregory, Philippa.
Of Merlot and murder :
Folger, Joni.
Vampires of Manhattan :
De la Cruz, Melissa,
Blood on the water :
Perry, Anne.
The children act :
McEwan, Ian,
City of stairs :
Bennett, Robert Jackson,
Close to the bone /
Black, Lisa,
The dog /
O'Neill, Joseph,
Dog beach :
Fusco, John.
The falcon throne /
Miller, Karen,
Festive in death /
Robb, J. D.,
Get Carter /
Lewis, Ted,
I see you /
MacDonald, Patricia J.
The language of silence /
Michaels, Anna,
The Marco effect :
Adler-Olsen, Jussi.
Neverhome :
Hunt, Laird,
Night of the jaguar :
Gannon, Joe,
Perfidia :
Ellroy, James,
Rainey Royal /
Landis, Dylan,
Robert B. Parker's blind spot :
Coleman, Reed Farrel,
Sabotage /
Cook, Matt
Shifting shadows :
Briggs, Patricia,
Supping with the devil :
Spencer, Sally.
Sword of the bright lady /
Planck, M. C,
Ultimatum :
Kernick, Simon.
Under the knife /
Gerritsen, Tess.
Virtue Falls /
Dodd, Christina.
The witch with no name /
Harrison, Kim,
The big hit /
Harvey, James Neal,
Marine Park :
Chiusano, Mark.

New Movies

Borgman DVD
The Angriest man in Brooklyn DVD
Dead Poets Society Blu-Ray
Hinterland. DVD
Nine months DVD
Robin Williams live on broadway DVD
Brick mansions DVD
Captain America. DVD
Captain America : Blu-Ray
God's pocket DVD
A haunted house 2 DVD
Homeland. DVD
A Long way down DVD
Palo Alto DVD
The vampire diaries : DVD
Words and pictures DVD
The agony and the ecstasy Blu-Ray
Arrow : DVD
Casablanca DVD
Cheers. DVD
Cheers. DVD
Cheers. DVD
Cheers. DVD
Dead again DVD
Heli DVD
Jurassic park III DVD
The secret policeman's ball-USA : DVD
The agony and the ecstasy DVD
God's not dead DVD
The quiet ones DVD
Secret state DVD
About last night DVD
Dalziel & Pascoe : DVD
Draft day DVD
Draft day Blu-Ray
Moms' night out DVD
Night moves DVD
They came together DVD

New Non-fiction DVDs

Fed up DVD
Gut renovation DVD
The hornet's nest DVD
Korengal DVD
Life is strange DVD
Lunch DVD
Secrets of Westminster DVD
Sex in the wild DVD

New Music

Blessed Brickman, Jim, performer.
Lullaby and-- Plant, Robert, composer, performer.
Ryan Adams Adams, Ryan.
Vinyl Futures Riff Raff (Musical group) performer.
20 Jars of Clay (Musical group)
Hair MacDermot, Galt.
Lines, vines and trying times Jonas Brothers (Musical group)
A lovely way to spend Christmas Chenoweth, Kristin.
Christmas cheers Straight No Chaser (Musical group)
Benjamin Booker Booker, Benjamin.
Dances Grosvenor, Benjamin, 1992-
In a glass house Gentle Giant (Musical group)
Prince Royce Prince Royce.
Croweology Black Crowes (Musical group)
Seen it all Young Jeezy.

New Audiobooks

The Eye of Heaven Cussler, Clive,
Personal Child, Lee.
Capital in the twenty-first century Piketty, Thomas,
Dog gone, back soon Trout, Nick.
The enchanted Denfeld, Rene.
The liar's wife Gordon, Mary,
Midnight in Europe Furst, Alan.
Paris letters MacLeod, Janice.
The secret place French, Tana.
What Alice forgot Moriarty, Liane.

New E-Audiobooks

2 in 1 Yoga for Weight Loss Fuller, Sue.
12 years a slave Northup, Solomon.
22 Britannia Road Hodgkinson, Amanda.
The 80/20 manager Koch, Richard,
Abyss Denning, Troy.
The accountant's story Escobar Gaviria, Roberto.
After earth David, Peter
Allies Golden, Christie.
American rose Abbott, Karen,
Angel in blue Suzanne, Mary.
Anne Frank Frank, Anne,
Annihilation VanderMeer, Jeff,
Authority VanderMeer, Jeff,
Backlash Allston, Aaron.
Bad things happen Dolan, Harry.
Barbarians at the gate Burrough, Bryan,
The Bible in 90 days.
The big fat surprise Teicholz, Nina.
Billy Collins live Collins, Billy.
Bittersweet Beverly-Whittemore, Miranda,
The book of deacon Lallo, Joseph R..
The book of secrets Chopra, Deepak.
Boston Blackie, Volume 1
Boy Nobody Zadoff, Allen.
The breathing method King, Stephen,
Broken Elliott, Kelly,
The burning sky Thomas, Sherry
The catch Stevens, Taylor.
Cathedral DeMille, Nelson.
The cell Miller, John,
Cesar Millan's short guide to a happy dog Millan, Cesar.
Chakra Yoga Vol 1 Fuller, Sue.
Chariots of the gods D
Cheap shot Atkins, Ace,
Cherished Elliott, Kelly,
The chieftain Mallory, Margaret,
Citizens of London Olson, Lynne.
Cloak & silence Kenyon, Sherrilyn,
The closer Rivera, Mariano,
Complete Astanga Yoga Primary Series Birch, Beryl Bender.
Connected Karr, Kim.
Core Yoga Fuller, Sue.
The corsican caper Mayle, Peter.
The covenant of Genesis McDermott, Andy.
Creating magic Cockerell, Lee.
Creativity, Inc Catmull, Edwin E.,
Crush Williams, Nicole
The customer rules Cockerell, Lee.
Dangerous games Leigh, Lora,
Dark horse Hoag, Tami.
The darlings Alger, Cristina.
Dead Heat Brennan, Allison,
Death on demand Hart, Carolyn G.
Desperately seeking a duke Bradley, Celeste,
The Devil rides out Wheatley, Dennis,
The devil's highway Urrea, Luis Alberto.
Die empty Henry, Todd,
Dine Out with Jackie Mason & Raoul Felder Mason, Jackie.
The disease delusion Bland, Jeffrey,
Dismantling the empire Johnson, Chalmers A.
Disturbing the dead Parshall, Sandra.
The dog stars Heller, Peter,
Down and out in Bugtussle McAfee, Stephanie.
Dr. mary's monkey Haslam, Edward T..
Earth awakens Card, Orson Scott.
Eleven Scandals to Start to Win a Duke's Hear MacLean, Sarah.
Elizabeth is missing Healey, Emma,
The end of always Davenport, Randi,
Everlasting No
Everybody's got something Roberts, Robin,
Exodus Uris, Leon,
Fields of fire J. W.
Fingal O'Reilly, Irish doctor Taylor, Patrick,
Fortytude Brokaw, Sarah.
Full moon rising Arthur, Keri.
The gamble Ashley, Kristen,
Give me liberty, or give me death Henry, Patrick,
Good to know Marchwell, D. W.
The governator Halperin, Ian.
Grain brain Perlmutter, David,
The guardian Mallory, Margaret,
Happily ever madder McAfee, Stephanie.
Hard as it gets Kaye, Laura,
Hard bitten Neill, Chloe.
Hearts of darkness Brady, Kira.
Hearts of shadow Brady, Kira.
Heated Kenner, Julie.
Hellhole Herbert, Brian.
Hidden agendas Leigh, Lora.
The histories Herodotus.
History is wrong D
Hot in handcuffs Black, Shayla.
How evil works Kupelian, David,
The hummingbird's daughter Urrea, Luis Alberto.
The hunt Fukuda, Andrew.
Improvers AM - PM Yoga Fuller, Sue.
Improvers Yoga Vol 1 Fuller, Sue.
Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga by Rod Watson Watson, Rod.
Invincible Kenyon, Sherrilyn,
Invisible City Dahl, Julia,
Invisible ink McDonald, Brian.
The journal of best practices Finch, David,
Keeper of dreams. Card, Orson Scott.
The kill switch Rollins, James,
Killbox Aguirre, Ann.
Killer Kellerman, Jonathan.
Killer secrets Leigh, Lora.
Kingdom's dawn Black, Chuck.
The kraken project Preston, Douglas J.
The lady most likely-- Quinn, Julia,
The last kingdom Cornwell, Bernard.
Learn Italian - Level 1: Introduction to Italian Innovative Language Learning, LLC.
Learn Italian - Level 2: Absolute Beginner Italian Innovative Language Learning, LLC.
The leftovers Perrotta, Tom,
The Lincoln myth Berry, Steve,
Live at Carnegie Hall Sedaris, David.
Lobby hero Lonergan, Kenneth.
Lockout Cross, Maya,
Love 2.0 Fredrickson, Barbara.
Love does Goff, Bob.
Magic steps Pierce, Tamora.
Mary, called Magdalene George, Margaret,
Meir Schneider's miracle eyesight method : Schneider, Meir,
Memories of my melancholy whores Garc
Mint julep murder Hart, Carolyn G.
The moving finger Christie, Agatha,
Mr. terupt falls again Buyea, Rob.
Murder most gay Simpson, John.
Murder on the half shelf Barrett, Lorna.
Mussolini Ridley, Jasper Godwin.
The navigator Cussler, Clive.
Never cry wolf Mowat, Farley.
Nine rules to break when romancing a rake MacLean, Sarah.
No good duke goes unpunished MacLean, Sarah,
Not the killing type Barrett, Lorna.
The Odessa file Forsyth, Frederick,
The one & only Giffin, Emily,
One bite with a stranger Warren, Christine.
One good Earl deserves a lover MacLean, Sarah.
Orson Scott Card's intergalactic medicine show
The other normals Vizzini, Ned,
The other story Rosnay, Tatiana de,
Out of the shallows Young, Samantha,
Outcast Allston, Aaron.
Paranormalcy White, Kiersten.
The patron saint of liars Patchett, Ann.
The pink suit Kelby, N. M.
Polar shift Cussler, Clive.
Politics Aristotle, Aristotle.
President Me : Carolla, Adam.
The prince Machiavelli, Niccol
The radicalism of the American Revolution Wood, Gordon S.
The real crash Schiff, Peter D.,
Reborn Hunter, C. C,
The recipe box Lee, Sandra,
The red road Mina, Denise,
The reptile room Snicket, Lemony.
Resistance Humbert, Agn
Return of the thin man Hammett, Dashiell,
Rise of the gryphon Kenyon, Sherrilyn,
Robogenesis Wilson, Daniel H.
The rocky road to romance Evanovich, Janet.
A rogue by any other name MacLean, Sarah.
Rogue code Russinovich, Mark E.
Save the date Andrews, Mary Kay,
See a little light Mould, Bob,
Shattered Hearne, Kevin.
Shattered vows Laaser, Debra,
Shoulda been a cowboy James, Lorelei.
Side effects may vary Murphy, Julie,
The sinner Mallory, Margaret,
Sixth grave on the edge Jones, Darynda.
Skin Hayder, Mo.
The skin collector Deaver, Jeffery,
Slave to sensation Singh, Nalini,
Sleight of hand Margolin, Phillip.
Small plates Page, Katherine Hall.
Smitten Evanovich, Janet.
Snatched Slaughter, Karin,
Snobs Fellowes, Julian.
Something wicked Hart, Carolyn G.
Sons of Wichita : How the Koch Brothers Became America?s Most Powerful and Private Dynasty Schulman, Daniel.
The sorrows of empire Johnson, Chalmers,
Star Corps Douglas, Ian,
Star wars. Crucible Denning, Troy.
Stay with me Banks, Maya.
Strange conflict Wheatley, Dennis,
Stress test Geithner, Timothy F.
Strong AM - PM Yoga Fuller, Sue.
Tangled vines Dailey, Janet.
That night Stevens, Chevy,
Think like a freak Levitt, Steven D.
Thinner King, Stephen,
Timothy Leary Greenfield, Robert.
Top secret twenty-one Evanovich, Janet.
Torn Karr, Kim.
Trickle down tyranny Savage, Michael,
The true story of the bilderberg group Estulin, Daniel.
Twelve angry men Rose, Reginald.
Undeniable Sheehan, Madeline.
Under cold stone Delany, Vicki,
Under Magnolia Mayes, Frances.
Unlocked Cross, Maya,
Until Fountain Bridge Young, Samantha.
The vacationers Straub, Emma.
Very bad men Dolan, Harry.
The warrior Mallory, Margaret,
We were liars Lockhart, E.,
The wealth of nations Smith, Adam,
The wealth of nations Smith, Adam.
What is visible Elkins, Kimberly,
Whitey Lehr, Dick.
Whole Campbell, T. Colin,
Why read Moby-Dick? Philbrick, Nathaniel.
The wily O'Reilly Taylor, Patrick,
Winds of Salem De la Cruz, Melissa,
The winter ghosts Mosse, Kate,
The witch's daughter Brackston, Paula.
A wizard of Earthsea Le Guin, Ursula K.,
A year of miracles Williamson, Marianne,
Yoga on a chair Fuller, Sue.
The Zhivago affair Finn, Peter,