New Non-Fiction Books

The 1916 Irish Rebellion /
Nic Dhiarmada, Bríona,
1941 fighting the shadow war :
Wortman, Marc
After one-hundred-and-twenty :
Halkin, Hillel,
Afterimages :
Kennedy, Liam,
Algorithms to live by :
Christian, Brian,
Are we smart enough to know how smart animals are? /
Waal, F. B. M. de
Aris Kalaizis :
Kalaizis, Aris,
The artist's compass :
Moore, Rachel,
Becoming grandma :
Stahl, Lesley,
Beer bites :
DeBenedetti, Christian,
Better birding :
Armistead, George L.,
The Bible cause :
Fea, John,
Bind us apart :
Guyatt, Nicholas,
Black hole blues :
Levin, Janna,
The bloat cure :
Chutkan, Robynne,
The Bonjour effect :
Barlow, Julie,
Boy soldiers of the American Revolution /
Cox, Caroline,
The call of the primes :
O'Shea, Owen,
Central Park trees and landscapes :
Barnard, Edward Sibley,
Changing normal :
Henner, Marilu,
Cosmosapiens :
Hands, John,
A course in miracles made easy :
Cohen, Alan,
DDT wars :
Wurster, Charles F.
Defeating Jihad :
Gorka, Sebastian,
Eat what you love :
Koch, Marlene,
Elizabeth :
Guy, John,
Players :
Futterman, Matthew,
Far and away :
Solomon, Andrew,
Fearless :
Armstrong, Robb,
The fires of spring :
Culbertson, Shelly,
The first 1,000 days :
Thurow, Roger,
Frequency :
Morris, Robert
Fuel :
Nye, Naomi Shihab.
Game of crowns :
Andersen, Christopher P.,
Getting to green :
Rich, Frederic C.,
Ghetto :
Duneier, Mitchell,
Go big or go home :
McCreery, Scotty,
God is round :
Villoro, Juan,
Green metropolis :
Rogers, Elizabeth Barlow,
The gunning of America :
Haag, Pamela,
The Habsburg empire :
Judson, Pieter M.,
Halloween treats :
Maggipinto, Donata.
Her again :
Schulman, Michael,
Here comes Exterminator! :
McGraw, Eliza R. L.,
Heyday :
Wilson, Ben,
Holy lands :
Pelham, Nicolas,
The house that made me:
It's never too late to begin again :
Cameron, Julia,
Jungle of stone :
Carlsen, William,
Kaleidoscope of Poland :
Swan, Oscar E.
Katie Chin's everyday Chinese cookbook :
Chin, Katie,
Le French oven /
Davis, Hillary,
Left of boom :
Laux, Douglas,
The long weekend :
Tinniswood, Adrian,
Master of the grill :
The Mathews men :
Geroux, William,
Modern China /
Li, Xiaobing,
Monster trek :
Gisondi, Joe,
The morning they came for us :
Di Giovanni, Janine,
Muscle car source book :
Mueller, Mike,
Nanotecture :
Roke, Rebecca,
The network :
Woolley, Scott,
The new Arab wars :
Lynch, Marc,
No fears, no excuses :
Smith, Larry,
Old age :
Kinsley, Michael E.,
One World Trade Center :
Dupré, Judith,
Overcoming age discrimination in employment :
Barnes, Patricia G.
Packed for the wrong trip :
Griffith, W. Zach.
Paul Waldman :
Waldman, Paul,
Personal finance for dummies /
Tyson, Eric
Pretentiousness :
Fox, Dan
A rage for order :
Worth, Robert Forsyth,
The rainbow comes and goes :
Cooper, Anderson,
Real artists have day jobs :
Benincasa, Sara,
Relic :
Howell, William G.,
Revelation :
Covington, Dennis,
Revolutionary dissent :
Solomon, Stephen D.,
The Romanovs :
Sebag Montefiore, Simon,
A series of catastrophes and miracles :
Williams, Mary Elizabeth
Snatched :
Porter, Bruce,
Sorting the beef from the bull :
Evershed, Richard,
The star and the stripes :
Barnett, Michael N.,
TED talks :
Anderson, Chris,
Then come back :
Neruda, Pablo,
Thirst for power :
Webber, Michael E.,
Tomas Young's war /
Wilkerson, Mark Ian.
The touch remedy :
Kluck-Ebbin, Michelle,
The ultimate guide to machine quilting :
Walters, Angela,
The universe in your hand :
Galfard, Christophe,
We are Afghan women :
Wheat belly 10-day grain detox :
Davis, William,
The world's emergency room :
VanRooyen, Michael J.,
Year-round indoor salad gardening :
Burke, Peter,
Your friend forever, A. Lincoln :
Strozier, Charles B.

New E-Books

3 carpathian novels
Feehan, Christine,
10-day green smoothie cleanse
Smith, Bruce,
10 simple solutions for building self-esteem
Schiraldi, Glenn R.,
The 13-story treehouse
Griffiths, Andy,
The 13th gift
Smith, Joanne Huist,
17N's philosophy of terror
Lekea, Ioanna K.
20 questions
Daly, Bria.
65 ways to meet women
Phillips, Dee.
The 80/20 Principle - Richard Koch
Koch, Richard.
The 80/20 principle
Koch, Richard,
213 High Street
Lockhart, Christy.
2011 Fukushima Daiichi TEPCO nuclear power plant accident

Kilstein, Jamie,
Abel's island
Steig, William,
Abolish restaurants

Abortion is Not Logical
Reltso, E..
About face

Absolute beginners/ based on the novel by Colin MacInnes.
MacInnes, Colin.
Absolute Threesomes.

The abyss beyond dreams
Hamilton, Peter F.
Accidental magic
Cast, P. C.
Hedaya, Yael.
Across the river of yesterday
Johansen, Iris.
Acrylic fusion
Tranberg, Dan,
Acrylic illuminations
Reyner, Nancy.
Acrylic innovation
Reyner, Nancy.
Acrylic painting with passion
Blackburn, Tesia,
Acrylic Solutions
Cozen, Chris.
Act like a success, think like a success
Harvey, Steve,
Active hope
Macy, Joanna,
Acts of faith
Arthur, A. M.,
Adam's Obsession
York, Sabrina.
Ada's rules
Randall, Alice.
Winn, Bonnie K.
Adventure capitalist
Rogers, Jim,
Lackey, Mercedes.
The affair
Kery, Beth.
The affair
Kery, Beth.
The affair
Kery, Beth.
The affair
Kery, Beth.
The affair, week 8
Kery, Beth.
Yin, Amorah Quan.
Todd, Anna.
Harmel, Kristin.
After all these years
Masters, Gwen.
After dark
Castle, Jayne.
After glow
Castle, Jayne.
After midnight
Kennedy, Elle.

After the fall
Witt, L. A.,
After the kiss
Layne, Lauren,
After the rain
Carlino, Renee.
After the storm
Black, Jaid.
After we kill you, we will welcome you back as honored guests
Rall, Ted.
Kama, Adrienne.
Against interpretation
Sontag, Susan,
Against the dark
Crane, Carolyn.
Against the day
Pynchon, Thomas.
The age of the image
Apkon, Stephen.
The agency
Manly, D. J.
The agent next door
Bell, Adrienne.
Alice close your eyes
Dean, Averil.
Alif the unseen
Wilson, G. Willow,
All broke down
Carmack, Cora,
All I want
Sands, Lynsay.
All I want is you
Girard, Dara.
All messed up
Jamieson, Kelly.
All of me
Murray, Anne,
All or Nothing
Ryan, Kendall,
All Revved Up
Jordan, Crystal.
All she wrote
Lanyon, Josh.
All Tangled Up
Jordan, Crystal.
All the pretty lies
Leighton, M.
All the truth is out
Bai, Matt.
Allen Carr's easy way for women to stop smoking.
Carr, Allen,
Allen Carr's easy way to stop smoking
Carr, Allen,
Allen Carr's The Little Book of Quitting
Carr, Allen,
The alloy of law
Sanderson, Brandon.
The allure of the archives
Farge, Arlette.
Aloha betrayed
Bain, Donald,
Lackey, Mercedes.
Always a rogue, forever her love
Caldwell, Christi.
Always and forever
Rochon, Farrah.
Always in my heart
Perrin, Kayla.
Always look twice
Whitefeather, Sheri.
Always Room for Four
LaFleur, Lynn.
Amanda and Other Stories
Croft, Carla.
Amazing freedom

American legacy
Heymann, C. David
Amityville horror Christmas
Jones, John G.
Friedland, Roger.
The anatomy of dreams
Benjamin, Chloe.
And then she was gone
Noonan, Rosalind.
The Andy Cohen diaries
Cohen, Andy,
Green, Brad
Rissman, Rebecca,
Anne perry's christmas crimes
Perry, Anne,
Annie's Hero
Shayne, Maggie.
VanderMeer, Jeff.
Antony and Cleopatra
McCullough, Colleen,
Any human heart
Boyd, William,
Louise, Kim.
The app generation
Gardner, Howard,
An apple for the creature

Apres ski
Butler, Christie.
Archangel's shadows
Singh, Nalini,
LaHaye, Tim F.
Gray, June,
Arthur Miller
Hogan, Robert Goode,
Articles of Faith
Brand, Russell.
Arts & crafts furniture anyone can make
Thiel, David,
As close as sisters
Faulkner, Colleen,
As consciousness is harnessed to flesh
Sontag, Susan,
As hot as it gets
Kennedy, Elle.
As you wish
Elwes, Cary,
Ashes to ashes
Han, Jenny.
Ask Mariah
Freethy, Barbara.
Esslemont, Ian C.
The assassination of New York
Fitch, Robert,
Assholes finish first
Max, Tucker.
Astor Place Vintage
Lehmann, Stephanie.
At the villa of reduced circumstances
McCall Smith, Alexander,
Condie, Allyson Braithwaite,
Williams, John
Aunt Dimity and the duke
Atherton, Nancy.
Aunt Dimity and the family tree
Atherton, Nancy.
Aunt Dimity and the village witch
Atherton, Nancy.
Aunt Dimity
Atherton, Nancy.
Aunt Dimity's death
Atherton, Nancy.
Dalichow, Irene.
The Australian's marriage demand
Milburne, Melanie.
VanderMeer, Jeff.
Moody, David,
Moody, David,
Average is over
Cowen, Tyler.
Awake at dawn
Hunter, C. C.,
Kacvinsky, Katie.
Away from her
Munro, Alice,
Baby, be mine
Arend, Vivian.
Baby, it's cold outside
Probst, Jennifer/ Chase, Emma/ Proby, Kristen/ Anne, Melody.
The Baby Rescue
Daley, Margaret,
McKenna, Cara.
Bad blood
Fairstein, Linda A.
Bad boy
Myers, Walter Dean,
Bad boy
Ro, Ronin.
Bad influence
Mitchell, K. A.
The baddest virgin in Texas
Shayne, Maggie.
Badlands bad boy
Shayne, Maggie.
Bait & switch
Gardner, Darlene.
Baked elements
Lewis, Matt.
Corriher, Shirley O.
Zohn, Alexandra,
The baking Bible
Beranbaum, Rose Levy.
Baking chez moi
Greenspan, Dorie,
McMann, Lisa.
The barbarian way
McManus, Erwin Raphael.
The barter
Adcock, Siobhan.
The basic works of Aristotle
Battle magic
Pierce, Tamora,
Bead Meets Metal
ravel freddie.
Bear naked
Bell, Dana Marie.
Beautiful bastard
Lauren, Christina.
A beautiful dark
Davies, Jocelyn,
Beautiful player
Lauren, Christina.
Beautiful stranger
Lauren, Christina.
Beautiful you
Palahniuk, Chuck,
Beauty and the billionaire
Clare, Jessica,
Because of Shoe and other dog stories

Becoming Jane Eyre
Kohler, Sheila.
Before you go
Claire, Ava.
The beginner's guide to vegetable gardening
Johnson, Samantha.
Gist, Deeanne.
Behind the gates of Gomorrah
Seager, Stephen B.
Being mortal
Gawande, Atul,
Believing the lie
George, Elizabeth,
Belly laughs
McCarthy, Jenny,
Wolitzer, Meg,
Beneath Montana's sky
Holland, Debra.
Beneath the dark ice
Beck, Greig.
Benjamin Franklinstein lives!
McElligott, Matthew.
Bess W. Truman.
Truman, Margaret,
The best low-carb bread recipes
Carpender, Dana.
The Best of Instructables Volume I
com, The editors at MAKE magazine and Instructables..
Wilder, Jasinda,
The betrayed
Graham, Heather,
Reynolds, D. B.
Better chess for average players
Harding, T. D.
Better homes and gardens cupcakes

Between the lines
Picoult, Jodi,
Beware the ninja weenies and other warped and creepy tales
Lubar, David.
Beyond compare
Camp, Candace.
Beyond control
York, Rebecca.
Beyond Shame (Beyond, Book One)
Rocha, Kit.
Beyond temptation
Rocha, Kit.
Big sky cowboy
Ford, Linda,
The big sort
Bishop, Bill,
Bill Clinton
Hamilton, Nigel.
Billionaire blend
Coyle, Cleo,
The Billionaire of Bluebonnet
Clare, Jessica.
Billionaire undone
Scott, J. S.
Billionaire unmasked
Scott, J. S.
Billionaires in love
Phillips, Carly.
The billionaire's salvation / J. S. Scott.
Scott, J. S.
The Billionaire's Wife
Rayner, Holly.
Billy Joel
Schruers, Fred,
Birches, Cowgirls & Angels
Dusseau, Lizbeth.
Birthday cakes for kids
Rigg, Annie.
Black butterfly
Gatiss, Mark.
The black cat
Grimes, Martha.
Black City
Richards, Elizabeth
Black heart
Black, Holly.
Black spring
Henry, Christina,
Black swan green
Mitchell, David
The black thorne's rose
King, Susan,
Black water
Hunter, Faith,
Blackbird Lake
Gregory, Jill.
Bibi, Asia.
Blaze of glory
Hawke, Simon.
Blind fall
Rice, Christopher,
Blood and beauty
Dunant, Sarah.
Blood and bone
Esslemont, Ian C.
Blood magick
Roberts, Nora.
Blood song
Ryan, Anthony,
Blood sport
Elfrink, Tim,
Blood stone
Cooper-Posey, Tracy,
Blood vines
Spindler, Erica,
The Blue Bistro
Hilderbrand, Elin.
Blue Lily, Lily Blue
Stiefvater, Maggie,
Blue ribbon Champ
Hubler, Marsha,
Blueblood (Marty Singer Mystery #2)
Iden, Matthew.
Board resolution
Hill, Joey W.
Bobby Fischer for beginners
Verwer, Renzo.
D'Arc, Bianca.
Bodily harm
Dugoni, Robert.
Body language
Petrova, Em.
Body mind mastery
Millman, Dan.
Body of Work
Doyle, Karla.
Maristain, M??nica,
The Boldest Man in Ballymuir
Kelly, Dorien.
A Bollywood affair
Dev, Sonali,
Sheinkin, Steve.
Bonds of need
Aicher, Lynda.
Bonds of trust
Aicher, Lynda.
The bone house
Freeman, Brian,
The bone vault
Fairstein, Linda A.
Bonfire night
Raybourn, Deanna,
Johansen, Iris.
The book club
Monroe, Mary Alice.
The Book of Broken Hearts
Ockler, Sarah.
The book of Ebenezer le Page
Edwards, G. B.
The book of home how-to
Editors of Cool Springs Press.
The book of strange new things
Faber, Michel.
The book of the law (technically called Liber Al vel legis sub figura CCXX as delivered by XCIII = 418 to DCLXVI)
Crowley, Aleister,
The book of wood carving
Sayers, Charles Marshall,
Books 9-12: Finch's Fortune / The Master of Jalna / Whiteoak Harvest / Wakefield's Course
Roche, Mazo de la.
Boots and twisters
Jackson, Myla.
Born of Fire
Kenyon, Sherrilyn,
Born of night
Kenyon, Sherrilyn,
Borrowed power
Maberry, Jonathan.
The boy who looked at the moon
Evans, David,
The Boy Who Sneaks in my Bedroom Window
Moseley, Kirsty.
The boy with the painful tattoo
Lanyon, Josh.
Boys of summer

Brad Thor Collectors' Edition #2
Thor, Brad.
Branded Sanctuary
Hill, Joey W..
Wright, Laura,
The Brands who came for Christmas
Shayne, Maggie.
McKenna, Cara.
Bread upon the waters
Shaw, Irwin,
Break for me
Walker, Shiloh.
Breakable you
Morton, Brian,
Breaking all the rules
Sax, Cynthia,
Breaking Stalin's nose
Yelchin, Eugene,
Breaking the habit of being yourself
Dispenza, Joe,
Breathe into me
Fawkes, Sara.
Brenda Jackson the Westmoreland series
Jackson, Brenda
Bridal jitters
Castle, Jayne.
The bridal path: ashley
Woods, Sherryl.
The bridal path: sara
Woods, Sherryl.
Bride in a gilded cage
Green, Abby.
A bride in the bargain
Gist, Deeanne.
The bride wore spurs
Ihle, Sharon.
The bridge
Kingsbury, Karen,
Bridge between worlds
Millman, Dan.
A brief history of seven killings
James, Marlon,
The Brightest Flame in Ballymuir
Kelly, Dorien.
Bring Out Your Dead
MacAlister, Katie.
Bring up the bodies
Mantel, Hilary,
Bigelow, Susan Jane.
Broken homes
Aaronovitch, Ben,
The Broken Rules of Ten
Hendricks, Gay.
Wright, Laura.
Broken Visions
Sorensen, Jessica.
The Brothers Cabal
Howard, Jonathan L.,
Brothers in arms
Kane, Samantha,
Brothers in arms
Kane, Samantha,
The brothers Wroth
Cole, Kresley.
Brown girl dreaming
Woodson, Jacqueline.
Brown Sugar Kitchen
Holland, Tanya,
Brutal youth
Breznican, Anthony.
Buried secrets
Finder, Joseph,
Burn for me
Andrews, Ilona.
The Burnett brides boxed set
McDaniel, Sylvia.
The burning
Casey, Jane
Burying water
Tucker, K. A.
Busting loose
Murray, Kat,
Butterfly cove
Skye, Christina.
By blood
Ullman, Ellen.
By the sword /
Lackey, Mercedes.
Langlais, Eve.
Cakes to celebrate love and life
Maritz, Callie
Calamity Jayne and the campus caper
Bacus, Kathleen.
Calamity Jayne and the hijinks on the high seas
Bacus, Kathleen.
Calamity Jayne and the trouble with tandems
Bacus, Kathleen.
Calamity Jayne in the wild, wild west
Bacus, Kathleen.
Call it courage
Sperry, Armstrong,
Call the nurse
MacLeod, Mary J.,
The calling
Wolfe, Inger Ash.
Calling me home
Kibler, Julie.
Robinson, Jeremy.
The canal bridge
Phelan, Tom,
Can't we talk about something more pleasant? /
Chast, Roz.
Captain's paradise
Hooper, Kay,
Captivated by you
Day, Sylvia,
Captive scoundrel
Blair, Annette.
The care and feeding of an alpha male
Clare, Jessica.
Caribbean Islands

Carolina girl
Kantra, Virginia.
Waters, John,
Case files.
Toy, Eugene C.,
Case files.

Case of desire
Thomas, Jacquelin.
The case of the vanishing boy
Key, Alexander,
Cast in chaos
Sagara, Michelle,
Cast in courtlight
Sagara, Michelle,
Cast in fury
Sagara, Michelle,
Cast in secret
Sagara, Michelle,
Cast in silence
Sagara, Michelle,
Casting off
Dickson, Nicole R.
Cat vs. cat
Johnson-Bennett, Pam,
A cat was involved
Quinn, Spencer,
A catered Halloween
Crawford, Isis.
A catfish tale
Stewart, Whitney,
Galaxy, Jackson.
Cat's cradle
D'Arc, Bianca.
Censored 2015

The chalet
Me, Tara Sue,
Johnson, Cat.
The chance
Kingsbury, Karen.
Chance encounters
Sterling, J.
Change of heart
Deveraux, Jude,
Change of Heart
Edwards, Scarlett.
Gregory, Philippa,
Charlie Joe Jackson's guide to summer vacation
Greenwald, Tom.
A charmed death
Alt, Madelyn.
Chase in shadow
Lane, Amy.
Chased Dreams
Weatherford, Lacey.
Chasing daylight workbook

Chasing freedom
Wesley, Gloria.
Karr, Mary.
Chess analytics
Grivas, Efstratios.
Chess openings
Pandolfini, Bruce.
Chew on this
Wilson, Charles.
Chocolate bliss
Norris, Susie.
Cast, P. C.,
Chosen as the Frenchman's bride
Green, Abby.
Chosen at nightfall
Hunter, C. C.
Chosen by a horse
Richards, Susan,
Chris Chelios
Chelios, Chris,
Christ actually
Carroll, James,
Christianity is not great

The Christmas bouquet
Woods, Sherryl,
The Christmas cat
Carlson, Melody.
Christmas catastrophe
Stilton, Geronimo.
Christmas in my heart. 10

Christmas in my heart

Christmas in my heart

Christmas in my heart

Christmas in Transylvania
Hill, Sandra
The Christmas light
VanLiere, Donna,
Christmas of the red chiefs
Miller, Linda Lael.
A Christmas tale
Stilton, Geronimo,
Christmas tales of terror
Priestley, Chris,
The Christmas wedding ring
Mallery, Susan,
Chronicles of a Junky
Salaam, Sa'id.
Chronicles of a Junky II (Short Story Ebook Series)
Salaam, Sa'id.
Chronicles of a Killer
Salaam, Sa'id.
Cinderella liberty
Johnson, Cat.
The Cinderella murder
Clark, Mary Higgins.
Citizen emperor
Dwyer, Philip G.
City of glass
Clare, Cassandra,
City of spades
MacInnes, Colin.
Clam wake
Daheim, Mary.
Palka, Kurt,
Nix, Garth,
Class matters

Clockwork prince
Clare, Cassandra.
Close remembrance
Zaires, Anna.
Closer to home
Lackey, Mercedes,
Grossman, Lev.
Cold Antler Farm
Woginrich, Jenna.
Cold feet
Novak, Brenda.
Hart, Megan.
Neville, Stuart,
Colorado Dawn
Warner, Kaki,
Coming home
McDevitt, Jack ,
Coming home for christmas: christmas angelunexpected gift avy joy
McKenna, Lindsay,
Coming up for air
Henry, Patti Callahan.
Comparative Mythology (E-Single)
Campbell, Joseph,
Compassion without compromise
Barr, Adam T.
The complete guide to plumbing

The complete Princess trilogy
Sasson, Jean P.
Complete stories
Parker, Dorothy,
Complex 90
Spillane, Mickey,
Confidence & success with CBT
Joseph, Avy.
Confidence games
Rostain, Tanina.
Bliler, Susan A.
Conscientious objection

Darnell, Melissa.
Consumption and Its Consequences
Miller, Daniel.
Contra file
Dye, Dale,
Controlled response
Hill, Joey W.,
Convenient strangers
McKenna, Cara.
A conversation about abortion between Justice Blackmun and the founding fathers
Ostler, Duane L..
Conversations with Ken Kesey
Kesey, Ken.
The conviction
Dugoni, Robert.
Cop a Feel
Peterman, Robyn.
Copper River
Krueger, William Kent.
Core four
Pepe, Phil.
Feldman, Corey.
Count on Me
Dane, Lauren.
Countdown to Zero Day
Zetter, Kim.
Langer, Ellen J.,
Country style
Court-appointed marriage
Castell, Dianne.
Courting Susannah
Miller, Linda Lael.
Courting trouble
Gist, Deeanne.
Covering Kendall
Brannagh, Julie.
Darnell, Melissa.
Cowboy boots for Christmas (cowboy not included)
Brown, Carolyn,
Cowboy Christmas

Cowboy Colt
Mackall, Dandi Daley.
The cowboy Seal
Altom, Laura Marie,
Hopkins, Ellen.
McMann, Lisa.
Darnell, Melissa.
Craving him
Ryan, Kendall.
Crazy sexy cancer survivor
Carr, Kris.
Creating a website
MacDonald, Matthew.
Creating Ribbon Flowers
Kniel, Nicholas.
Creative cakes anyone can make
Foster, Jill,
A creature of moonlight
Hahn, Rebecca,
Fitzpatrick, Becca.
Meyer, Marissa,
The cricket in Times Square
Selden, George,
The crippled god
Erikson, Steven.
The crisis counseling and traumatic events treatment planner
Kolski, Tammi D.
Damico, Gina.
Crossed swords
LaCroix, Marianne.
Crossing the Line
Johnson, Cat.
Crusade in Europe
Eisenhower, Dwight D.
A cry in the night
Bruce, Alison.
Crypt of terror
Von Stoller, Drac.
Levy, Steven.
Crystal Cove
Kleypas, Lisa.
Cupcakes at Carrington's
Brown, Alexandra.
A Curious Career
Barber, Lynn,
Damage control
Adams, Elisa.
Damia's children
McCaffrey, Anne.
Dance with the devil
Kenyon, Sherrilyn,
Dancing with myself
Idol, Billy.
Dandy Gilver and the proper treatment of bloodstains
McPherson, Catriona,
Danger Close
Melton, Marliss.
Dangerous for You
Ashenden, Jackie.
Daniel's bride
Miller, Linda Lael.
Dark alliance
Webb, Gary.
The Dark defiles
Morgan, Richard K.,
Dark desires after dusk
Cole, Kresley.
Dark horse
Mackall, Dandi Daley.
The Dark is rising
Cooper, Susan,
The dark reunion
Smith, L. J.
Dark rising
Beck, Greig.
The darkest whisper, part 2
Fuyuki, Rurika.
Koontz, Dean R.
Bradley, Marion Zimmer.
Dates from hell

Wolpe, David,
David Wilkerson
Wilkerson, Gary.
Day one
Kenyon, Nate.
Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt
Hedges, Chris.
Days of gold
Deveraux, Jude.
Ashley, Kristen.
Dead heat
Brennan, Allison,
Dead to you
McMann, Lisa.
Sandford, John,
A deadly measure of brimstone
McPherson, Catriona,
A deadly wandering
Richtel, Matt,
Dear Prince Charming
Kauffman, Donna.
Death Benefit
Cook, Robin.
Death of a dreamer
Behnke, Alison.
Death of a hero
Flanagan, John
The death of Lucy Kyte
Upson, Nicola.
The death of princes /
Peel, John,
Death talk
Somerville, Margaret A.
Valente, Catherynne M.,
Decentralization, democracy, and development

Deception Cove
Castle, Jayne,
The Declaration
Malley, Gemma.
Deep, dark
Maberry, Jonathan.
Deep down dark
Tobar, H??ctor,
Deep in the Heart of Trouble
Gist, Deeanne.
Deep winter
Gailey, Samuel W,
Deeper than need
Walker, Shiloh.
Defeted by love
Kane, Samantha,
Clare, Pamela.
The defiant angels
Norton, Andre.
Defy not the heart
Lindsey, Johanna.
A delicate truth
Le Carr?
Redwine, C. J.
Delta: Retribution
Harber, Cristin.
The deluge
Tooze, J. Adam,
Democracy matters
West, Cornel,
Demon forged
Brook, Meljean.
Derek Jeter

Desert god
Smith, Wilbur A.,
The desert rogues.
Mallery, Susan.
Desert rogues.
Mallery, Susan.
Designed by desire
Yaye, Pamela,
Einarson, John.
Destination truth
Gates, Josh.
Destination unknown
Clipston, Amy,
Deterring democracy /
Chomsky, Noam.
The Devaney brothers-- Daniel
Woods, Sherryl,
The devaney brothers: michael and patrick: michael's discoverypatrick's destiny
Woods, Sherryl.
The devaney brothers: ryan and sean: ryan's placesean's reckoning
Woods, Sherryl.
The devil in amber
Gatiss, Mark.
The devilish duke
Gaines, Alice.
The devil's heiress
Beverley, Jo.
Devil's prize
Martin, Kat.
The devil's thief
Kane, Samantha,
Dexter's final cut
Lindsay, Jeffry P.,
Diablo III
Kenyon, Nate.
Diary of a wimpy kid
Kinney, Jeff.
The diary of Ana?
Nin, Ana?
Dick Francis's Damage
Francis, Felix,
Direct action & sabotage
Flynn, Elizabeth.
Dirty rowdy thing
Lauren, Christina.
Dirty wings
McCarry, Sarah.
Gray, June,
The disposables
Putnam, David W.,
Divorced, Desperate and Dating
Craig, Christie.
Divorced, Desperate and Deceived
Craig, Christie.
A dog gone murder
Viets, Elaine,
Dog on it
Quinn, Spencer,
The dog who knew too much
Quinn, Spencer.
Dogmatism in science and medicine
Bauer, Henry H.
The dogs of war
Rogak, Lisa,
Don't forget me!
Stine, R. L.
Don't look back
Hurwitz, Gregg Andrew.
Don't look down
Crusie, Jennifer.
Don't look now
Miller, Linda Lael.
Don't talk back to your vampire
Bardsley, Michele.
Doomed to failure?
Seliktar, Ofira.
A door in the river
Wolfe, Inger Ash.
Dope Boy 2 (Short Story Ebook Series)
Salaam, Sa'id.
Dope Boy (Short Story Ebook Series)
Salaam, Sa'id.
Double helix.

The doubter's companion
Saul, John Ralston,
The downfall
Zola, ?
Draw me in
Cole, Regina.
Drawn 2--Obsession (Aaron)
Anderson, Lilliana.
Drawn 2--Redemption (Damien)
Anderson, Lilliana.
Dream stalker
Kernan, Jenna.
Dreams of a dark warrior
Cole, Kresley.
Drop dead beautiful
Collins, Jackie,
Veal, Michael.
Reynolds, D. B.
Durable goods
Berg, Elizabeth.
Dust of dreams
Erikson, Steven.
Dutchman's Flat
L'Amour, Louis,
Duty and desire

Dying to Live
Nevins, Joseph.
The earl in my bed
Jordan, Sophie.
The Earth Diet
Werner-Gray, Liana,
East of ecstasy
Kaye, Laura,
Eat, drink and remarry
Howard, Margo,
Eat more better
Pashman, Dan.
Eat to live cookbook
Fuhrman, Joel,
Echoes of Scotland Street
Young, Samantha,
Eddie and Ellie's opposites at the farm
Rissman, Rebecca,
Egg & spoon
Maguire, Gregory,
El deafo
Bell, Cece,
Paolini, Christopher.
An elephant in the garden
Morpurgo, Michael,
Eleven on top
Evanovich, Janet,
Van Dyken, Rachel.
The embodiment of disobedience
Shaw, Andrea Elizabeth,
The emerald light in the air
Antrim, Donald.
Emma's secret
Bradford, Barbara Taylor,
The emotionally healthy church
Scazzero, Peter,
Krznaric, Roman,
The emperor's tomb
Roth, Joseph,
Empire of gold
McDermott, Andy.
The enchanted
Denfeld, Rene,
Enchanting pleasures
James, Eloisa.
The Enchantment Emporium
Huff, Tanya.
The encyclopedia of superheroes on film and television
Muir, John Kenneth,
End of days
End of the Night Girl
Matthew, Amy T..
Enemies at the altar
Milburne, Melanie.
Enemies on tap
Flynn, Avery.
The enforcer
Melton, Marliss.
An English ghost story
Newman, Kim.
The English teacher
King, Lily.
Van Dyken, Rachel.
Fairstein, Linda A.
Escape to Witch Mountain
Key, Alexander,
The essential Gandhi
Hunter, C. C.
Edwards, Nicole,
The eudaemonic pie
Bass, Thomas A.
Even more short & shivery
San Souci, Robert D.
Even this I get to experience
Lear, Norman,
Every man dies alone
Fallada, Hans,
Everything leads to you
LaCour, Nina,
The everything self-esteem book
Sherfield, Robert M.
Evidence of desire
Yaye, Pamela.
Evidence of harm
Kirby, David.
The evolution of Mara Dyer
Hodkin, Michelle.
Exceeding boundaries
Downing, Mia.
An excellent mystery
Peters, Ellis,
Exile's song
Bradley, Marion Zimmer.
Glines, Abbi.
The experience of God
Hart, David Bentley.
Exploring canework in polymer clay
Kimle, Patricia,
Extraordinary powers
Finder, Joseph.
Extreme brownies
Weis, Connie,
The eye of the world
Jordan, Robert,
Eyewitness Travel Family Guide to Italy: Milan & Northwest Italy

The faerie prince
Morgan, Rachel.
The faerie war
Morgan, Rachel.
A fair country
Saul, John Ralston.
Fair game
Lanyon, Josh.
Fair haven
Ross, JoAnn.
Fair play
Lanyon, Josh.
Fairies I have met
Stawell, Rodolph,
Fall for anything
Summers, Courtney.
Paulin, Brynn.
Falling for her fiance
Madsen, Cindi,
Falling softly
Carr, Mari.
The family business 2
Weber, Carl,
The family of Jesus bible study
Kingsbury, Karen,
The family therapy treatment planner with DSM-5 updates
Dattilio, Frank M.,
Fantasy lover
Kenyon, Sherrilyn,
Far and away
Peart, Neil.
Far journeys
Monroe, Robert A.
Farming and wildlife
Mellanby, Kenneth.
The farmstead creamery advisor
Caldwell, Gianaclis,
Walton, Jo.
Faster, higher, stronger
McClusky, Mark.
The fates will find their way
Pittard, Hannah.
Fatty O'Leary's dinner party
McCall Smith, Alexander,
Fear city
Wilson, F. Paul
Fearless fourteen
Evanovich, Janet,
Van Dyken, Rachel.
Fences and windows
Klein, Naomi,
DeStefano, Lauren.
Keane, Mary Beth.
Field notes from a catastrophe
Kolbert, Elizabeth.
Fight for Love
Kane, Samantha.
Fighting chance
Haddam, Jane,
The filly
Probst, Mark R.
Filthy beautiful lust
Ryan, Kendall.
The final key
Asaro, Catherine.
Final lap
McCarthy, Erin,
The final silence
Neville, Stuart,
Finding Chase
Weatherford, Lacey.
Finding Dad
Sundlun, Kara,
The finer points of sausage dogs
McCall Smith, Alexander,
Finger lickin' fifteen
Evanovich, Janet,
Firefly lane
Hannah, Kristin,
First grave on the right
Jones, Darynda,
First impressions
Lovett, Charles C,
The first-time manager
Belker, Loren B.
Fischer World Champion
Euwe, Max,
A Fistful of Collars
Quinn, Spencer.
Five's legacy
Lore, Pittacus,
Fixing to die
Viets, Elaine,
Flashes of me
Sax, Cynthia,
Flesh and blood
Cornwell, Patricia Daniels,
The flight of the silvers
Price, Daniel,
Flight to the lonesome place
Key, Alexander.
Floating in my mother's palm
Hegi, Ursula.
Florence Gordon
Morton, Brian,
Flowers from the storm
Kinsale, Laura.
Flying solo
Fletcher, Ralph J.
Food :
Gaffigan, Jim,
Fool me once
Michaels, Fern.
Fools' Gold
Gregory, Philippa,
For Love of the Duke
Caldwell, Christi.
For the love of baking
Dall, Sarah.
Forbidden ground
Harper, Karen
Forbidden places
Vincenzi, Penny.
Van Dyken, Rachel.
Forever too far
Glines, Abbi.
The forgotten door.
Key, Alexander,
The forks over knives plan
Pulde, Alona.
The four seasons
Monroe, Mary Alice.
Four to score
Evanovich, Janet.
Fractions = trouble!
Mills, Claudia.
A fractured light
Davies, Jocelyn,
Fractured Souls
Sorensen, Jessica.
The fragile world
DeBoard, Paula Treick,
Aftel, Mandy.
Franklin and Eleanor
Rowley, Hazel.
Kennedy, Stacey.
French pastry murder
Meier, Leslie,
Friend Request
Henry, Patti Callahan.
Steinke, Rene.
From Bud to Boss
Eikenberry, Kevin.
From Hiroshima to Fukushima to you
Dewar, Dale.
From maverick to daddy
Southwick, Teresa,
From the mixed-up files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler,
Konigsburg, E. L.,
Front & center
Madden, A. M.
Frosting and friendship
Schroeder, Lisa,
The Frozen dead
Minier, Bernard.
Heley, Mark.
Full catastrophe living
Kabat-Zinn, Jon,
Full frontal nudity
Hamlin, Harry.
Full moon feast
Prentice, Jessica,
A full moon is rising
Singer, Marilyn.
Full tilt
Evanovich, Janet.
Further adventures of a grumpy old rock star
Wakeman, Rick.
Gambled and Chased
Harber, Cristin.
Gambled and Chased
Harber, Cristin.
The Garden of letters
Richman, Alyson.
Gardens of the moon
Erikson, Steven,
Gargoyle's embrace
Carlisle, Lisa.
Garrison's creed
Harber, Cristin.
McMann, Lisa,
The gate
Brant, Jason.
The gate of angels
Fitzgerald, Penelope.
Generation 18
Arthur, Keri,
Beckett, Bernard,
A gentleman always remembers
Camp, Candace.
A gentleman of fortune
Dean, Anna.
George H. W. Bush
Smith, Curt.
McKenna, Cara.
Getting in the gap
Dyer, Wayne W.
Getting over Jack Wagner
Juska, Elise.
The ghost and Mrs. McClure
Kimberly, Alice.
The ghost orchid
Goodman, Carol.
Ghost stalker
Kernan, Jenna.
Ghouls gone wild
Stine, R. L.
Andrews, Russell.
The gift of family
Ford, Linda
A gift to remember
Hill, Melissa,
Gil Scott-Heron
Baram, Marcus,
The girl and the clockwork cat
McCormack, Nikki.
The girl next door
Rendell, Ruth,
The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making
Valente, Catherynne M.,
Giving God your all

Stross, Charles.
Glitter and gunfire
Eden, Cynthia.
The global heart awakens
Judith, Anodea,
The glory of christmas

Going the other way
Bean, Billy,
The golden enemy.
Key, Alexander,
A good debutante's guide to ruin
Jordan, Sophie,
The good girls revolt
Povich, Lynn.
The good son
Andersen, Christopher P.,
Scorsese, Martin.
Grace, gold and glory
Douglas, Gabrielle,
A grand new day

Gray Mountain (OCTOBER 2014)
Grisham, John,
The great book of hemp
Robinson, Rowan.
A great kisser
Kauffman, Donna.
The green kitchen
Frenkiel, David.
Cooper, Susan,
Gretel and the dark
Granville, Eliza,
The groom says yes
Maxwell, Cathy,
Behre, Mary,
The guardian
Melton, Marliss.
Guarding the moon
Block, Francesca Lia.
Guide to managing an emergency service infection control program

Guilty needs
Walker, Shiloh.
Guilty pleasure
Leigh, Lora.
The half life of Molly Pierce
Leno, Katrina,
Halo: first strike
Nylund, Eric S.,
Nylund, Eric S.,
Halo: the fall of reach
Nylund, Eric S.,
The handsome man's deluxe caf?
McCall Smith, Alexander,
Hard eight
Evanovich, Janet,
Hardwiring happiness
Hanson, Rick
Harlequin Nocturne July 2014 bundle

Harlequin Nocturne September 2014 bundle

Harlequin presents June 2014.

Harlequin presents october 2014 - box set 2 of 2: an heiress for his empirecommanded by the sheikh he uncompromising italiana deal before the altar
Monroe, Lucy,
Harlequin Special Edition August 2014

Harlequin special edition October 2014.

Harriet's Halloween candy
Carlson, Nancy L.
Harry's sacrifice
D'Arc, Bianca.
Palahniuk, Chuck.
The haunting hour
Stine, R. L.,
The haunting hour
Stine, R. L.
The haunting of Josie
Hooper, Kay.
Havana storm
Cussler, Clive,
Have me
Kenner, Julie.
Healing your hungry heart
Poppink, Joanna.
Healthy oils
Goldstein, Myrna Chandler,
Heart and soul
Gyllenhaal, Liza.
Heart full of lies
Rule, Ann.
Heart of a warrior
Lindsey, Johanna.
Heart of darkness
Conrad, Joseph,
The heart of everything that is
Drury, Bob.
Heart of stone
Warren, Christine,
Heart of the billionaire / J. S. Scott.
Scott, J. S.
Heart search
Owens, Robin D.
Johnston, Joan,
Heartbreak creek
Warner, Kaki.
Deveraux, Jude.
Deveraux, Jude.
Heat seeker
Leigh, Lora.
Heat under fire
Grey, Andrew.
Heaven can't wait
Clare, Pamela.
Heaven is for Real Movie Edition A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back/
Burpo, Todd..
Heavenly date and other flirtations
McCall Smith, Alexander,
Heaven's keep
Krueger, William Kent.
The heavens rise
Rice, Christopher,
An heiress for all seasons
Jordan, Sophie.
Hell for leather
Williamson, Beth,
Hello from the Gillespies
McInerney, Monica.
Hello kitty, hello Halloween!

Her Best Laid Plans
McKenna, Cara,
Her forbidden gunslinger
St. George, Harper.
Her forbidden hero
Kaye, Laura,
Her holiday man
Stacey, Shannon.
Her kind of man
Yaye, Pamela.
Her wildest dreams
Walker, Shiloh.
Brock, Sean,
The hero of ages
Sanderson, Brandon.
Hex marks the spot
Alt, Madelyn.
Hexes and hemlines
Blackwell, Juliet.
The hidden history of the Korean War, 1950-1951
Stone, I. F.
Hidden Talent
D'Arc, Bianca.
High country bride
Miller, Linda Lael.
High crimes
Finder, Joseph,
High five
Evanovich, Janet.
High lonesome
L'Amour, Louis,
High-tide bride
Castell, Dianne.
A Highland heist
MacKay, Cali.
Highland wolf christmas
Spear, Terry.
A Highlander's home
MacKay, Cali.
The Highlander's hope
MacKay, Cali.
Griffith, Nicola.
The hippopotamus marsh
Gedge, Pauline,
Hiroshima Joe
Booth, Martin.
His every desire
Walker, Shiloh.
His Southern Temptation (Entangled Indulgence)
Covington, Robin.
Hold the dream
Bradford, Barbara Taylor,
Holding the cards
Hill, Joey W.
Holiday on ice
Burton, Jaci.
The holiday present
Lindsey, Johanna,
Holidays are hell

Deveraux, Jude.
Hollywood scream play
Brown, Josie.
Holy scoundrel
Blair, Annette.
Robinson, Marilynne.
A home by the sea
Skye, Christina.
Home for a spell
Alt, Madelyn.
Home of the braised
Hyzy, Julie A.,
Home sweet horror
Preller, James.
Homemade ice creams
Miller, Princess.
The homesman
Swarthout, Glendon Fred.
The homesteader's sweetheart
Williams, Lacy.
The homesteading handbook
Gehring, Abigail R.
Honeymoon hotel
Browne, Hester.
Honor bound
Hill, Joey W.,
Honor reclaimed
Burrows, Tonya.
Eyal, Nir.
Hope for Wildlife
MacLeod, Ray.
Hendrix, Grady,
The Horus Road
Gedge, Pauline,
Hostile makeover
Wax, Wendy.
Hostile takeover
Hill, Joey W.
Hot money
Woods, Sherryl.
Hot six
Evanovich, Janet,
Rosenfelt, David.
The house at midnight
Whitehouse, Lucie,
House of chains
Erikson, Steven,
The house of Morgan
Chernow, Ron.
The house we grew up in
Jewell, Lisa.
How baking works
Figoni, Paula.
How hard can it be
Peterman, Robyn.
How to abduct a Highland lord
Hawkins, Karen.
How to be the man women want
Miller, Romy.
How to lose a bride in one night
Jordan, Sophie,
How to make money in stocks
O'Neil, William J.
How to Marry a Cowboy
Brown, Carolyn.
How to say it
Maggio, Rosalie.
How to talk so kids will listen & listen so kids will talk
Faber, Adele.
How to Talk to the Ladies
Miller, Romy.
How to win friends and influence people
Carnegie, Dale,
How to win in the chess openings
Horowitz, I. A.
How we got to now
Johnson, Steven,
How we lived
Butler, Erin.
The human blend
Foster, Alan Dean,
Glover, Jonathan.
Hummingbird Bakery bakes for birthdays and celebrations
Malouf, Tarek.
Hummingbird Bakery christmas
Malouf, Tarek.
Hummingbird Bakery Easter bakes
Malouf, Tarek.
Hummingbird Bakery Halloween and bonfire night bakes
Malouf, Tarek.
Hummingbird Bakery rainy day treats
Malouf, Tarek.
Hummingbird Bakery spring weekend bakes
Malouf, Tarek.
Hummingbird Bakery summer afternoon teatime cakes
Malouf, Tarek.
Hummingbird Bakery Valentine's day cakes and bakes
Malouf, Tarek.
Vincent, Rachel.
Hunting Eve
Johansen, Iris.
I am not Joey Pigza
Gantos, Jack.
I am number four
Lore, Pittacus,
I belong to you
Jones, Lisa Renee.
I can do that!

I know why the caged bird sings
Angelou, Maya,
I love cheesecake
Crownover, Mary.
I Love You to Death
Ward, Natalie.
I must say
Short, Martin,
I only know who I am when I am somebody else
Aiello, Danny,
I saw her standing there
Force, Marie.
I scream, you scream!
Preller, James.
I stand corrected
Collinsworth, Eden.
I, zombie
Howey, Hugh.
The ice cradle
Winkowski, Mary Ann.
Ice cream happy hour
Lum, Valerie.
Ice cream treats
Ferreira, Charity.
Ice creams, sorbets and gelati
Weir, Robin.
Ice queen
Hill, Joey W.
If he's daring
Howell, Hannah,
If on a winter's night a traveler
Calvino, Italo.
If wishes were horses
Hill, Joey W.
If you could be mine
Farizan, Sara,
I'll drink to that
Halbreich, Betty,
Illegal Possession
Hooper, Kay.
Illness As Metaphor and AIDS and Its Metaphors
Sontag, Susan,
An illustrated journey


Barker, Clive,
Ward, J. R.,
The imp of the mind
Baer, Lee.
Impossible odds
Buchanan, Jessica.
Imzadi forever
David, Peter
Imzadi forever
David, Peter
In a handful of dust
McGinnis, Mindy.
In a witch's wardrobe
Blackwell, Juliet.
In an unspoken voice
Levine, Peter A.
In bed with a rogue
Grace, Samantha,
In Christofides' keeping
Green, Abby.
In dreams
Sterling, J.
In His Arms
Donahue, Tina.
In Need of a Duke
Caldwell, Christi.
In Serena's web
Hooper, Kay.
In the arms of a stranger
Kelly, Virginia.
In the beauty of the lilies
Updike, John.
In the belly of the bloodhound
Meyer, L. A.
In the heart of the heart of the country
Gass, William H.,
In the kitchen with Kris
Jenner, Kris,
In the name of democracy

In the pleasure groove
Taylor, John,
In the still of the night
Rule, Ann.
Incidental findings
Ofri, Danielle.
An inconvenient kiss
Kimberly, Caroline.
Camp, Candace.
The indwelling
LaHaye, Tim F.
Hirsi Ali, Ayaan,
Inherent vice
Pynchon, Thomas,
Inheriting a bride
Robinson, Lauri.
Funke, Cornelia Caroline.
Innocent prey
Shayne, Maggie,
Inside Charlie's Chocolate Factory
Mangan, Lucy.
Kincaid, S. J.
Instant health
Lei, Shifu Yan,
Introduction to algorithms

Bates, Marni.
Invisible cities
Calvino, Italo,
The invisible history of the human race
Kenneally, Christine.
Isla and the happily ever after
Perkins, Stephanie,
Kane, Samantha.
Isn't she lovely
Layne, Lauren,
It ain't me, babe
Cole, Tillie.
It ain't sauce, it's gravy
Martorano, Steve,
It happened at the fair
Gist, Deeanne.
It happened one wedding
James, Julie,
It happens in the dark
O'Connell, Carol,
It will be okay
TerKeurst, Lysa.
Italian baking secrets
Orsini, Joseph E.
Italian Venice
Bosworth, R. J. B.,
It's always been you
Dahl, Victoria.
It's raining cupcakes
Schroeder, Lisa.
Reynolds, D. B.
Stone, Juliana.
Jack Adrift
Gantos, Jack.
Jack on the tracks
Gantos, Jack.
Ritter, R. William,
Jack's black book
Gantos, Jack.
Jacob's ladder
D'Arc, Bianca.
Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis
Leaming, Barbara,
Jade Calhoun series boxed set
Chase, Deanna.
Jade pearls and alien eyeballs
Cooper, Emma.
Jar city
Arnaldur Indriason,
Jerusalem on earth
Rabinovich, Abraham.
Jesus in the lotus
Paul, Russill.
Jeter unfiltered
Jeter, Derek,
The Jewel
Ewing, Amy,
The jewel
Williamson, Beth,
Jimi Hendrix
Stubbs, David,
Joe ledger [electronic resource]
Maberry, Jonathan,
Joey Pigza swallowed the key
Gantos, Jack.
Johannes Cabal
Howard, Jonathan L.
The journal of Helene Berr
Berr, H??l?
Journeys out of the body
Monroe, Robert A.
Lackey, Mercedes.
A joust of knights
Rice, Morgan,
Joy the baker homemade decadence
Wilson, Joy,
King, Stephen,
The judgment of Caesar
Saylor, Steven,
June bug
Fabry, Chris,
Mead, Alice.
Jungle of Glass (for fans of Michael Connelly, James Patterson and Stieg Larsson)
Davis, Gerald J.
Juniper Berry
Kozlowsky, M. P.
Just a little crush
Pizzitola, Renita.
Just between us
Lopez, Mario,
Just curious.
Deveraux, Jude.
Just desserts
Johnson, Cat.
Just mercy
Stevenson, Bryan,
Just one night
Davis, Kyra.
Sandel, Michael J.
Kardashian konfidential
Kardashian, Kourtney,
Keep me
Zaires, Anna.
Keep me safe
Banks, Maya,
Keep quiet
Scottoline, Lisa.
Keeper of the flame
Higley, Tracy L.
The key
Sands, Lynsay.
Key out of time
Norton, Andre.
The key that swallowed Joey Pigza
Gantos, Jack.
Kill the messenger
Schou, Nick.
Kill the messenger
Hoag, Tami.
Killer instinct
Finder, Joseph.
The killer next door
Marwood, Alex,
Crouch, Blake.
The killing game
Webb, Gary,
A killing in the hills
Keller, Julia.
Killing Jesus
O'Reilly, Bill,
Killing Kennedy
O'Reilly, Bill,
Killing Lincoln
O'Reilly, Bill.
King Cobra
Rylon, Jayne.
King George
Sheinkin, Steve.
King of the weeds
Spillane, Mickey,
The king's curse
Gregory, Philippa.
Kiss of a demon king
Cole, Kresley.
Kiss of the night
Kenyon, Sherrilyn,
Kiss of wrath
Hill, Sandra
Kisses after dark
Force, Marie,
Kissing Eden
Foster, T. A..
Knight of darkness
MacGregor, Kinley,
Kresley cole immortals after dark
Cole, Kresley.
Labor relations in education
DeMitchell, Todd A.
Laced with desire

A lady at Willowgrove Hall
Ladd, Sarah E.,
Lady, go die!
Spillane, Mickey,
Lady Macbeth
King, Susan,
A lady never tells
Camp, Candace.
Laird of the wind
King, Susan,
The laird who loved me
Hawkins, Karen.
Land of love and drowning
Yanique, Tiphanie,
The language of emotions
McLaren, Karla.
La's orchestra saves the world
McCall Smith, Alexander,
Last chain on Billie
Bradley, Carol,
The last chance cafe
Miller, Linda Lael.
The last-chance maverick
Butler, Christyne,
The Last Dance: a Loveswept Classic Romance
Chastain, Sandra.
The last gift of time
Heilbrun, Carolyn G.,
Last train to Babylon
Fam, Charlee,
Last winter, we parted
Nakamura, Fuminori,
The laughing monsters
Johnson, Denis,
Miller, Linda Lael.
Lavender morning [bk. 1]
Deveraux, Jude.
The laws of murder
Finch, Charles
Leading the way
Hubler, Marsha,
Learning web design
Niederst Robbins, Jennifer.
Lee Miller
Burke, Carolyn.
Stein, Jeanne C.
The legacy
Miller, Linda Lael.
Deveraux, Jude.
The legend of de Marco
Green, Abby.
Leota's garden
Rivers, Francine,
Les petits macarons
Stone, Martha.
Let love find you
Lindsey, Johanna.
Let me be Frank with you
Ford, Richard,
Bliler, Susan A.
Letters for Emily
Wright, Camron Steve.
Letting go
McAdams, Molly,
The Liars' Club
Karr, Mary,
Rawles, James Wesley,
Life after life
McCorkle, Jill,
The life-changing magic of tidying up
A life of worship

The light in high places
Hutto, Joe.
A light in the wilderness
Kirkpatrick, Jane,
Light years
Salter, James.
Koontz, Dean R.
Lights, cameramonsters
Dubois, Lila.
Robinson, Marilynne.
The Lincoln hypothesis
Ballard, Timothy,
Lindsay Buroker's Forged in blood I
Buroker, Lindsay.
Line of fire
White, Stephen.
Literally murder
Brandon, Ali,
Little century
Keesey, Anna,
A little history of the world
Gombrich, E. H.
Little shop of homicide
Swanson, Denise,
A little something different
Hall, Sandy
The little vampire
Sommer-Bodenburg, Angela.
The littlest cowboy
Shayne, Maggie.
Live wire
Leigh, Lora.
The Lone Cowboy
Shayne, Maggie.
The lone sheriff
Banning, Lynna,
Lone Star Lonely
Shayne, Maggie.
Long gone lonesome blues
Shayne, Maggie.
The long ride home
Hubler, Marsha,
The long road home
Monroe, Mary Alice.
Look and live
Papa, Matt.
Lord of the Rakes
Wilde, Darcie.
Lose weight now
Carr, Allen,
Losing the moon
Henry, Patti Callahan.
Lost & found
Williams, Nicole
The lost night
Castle, Jayne,
The lost saints of Tennessee
Franklin-Willis, Amy.
Louis-Hippolyte LaFontaine and Robert Baldwin
Saul, John Ralston,
Love and summer
Trevor, William,
Love betrayed
Kane, Samantha,
Love bites
Knight, Angela,
Love bites
Warren, Christine.
Love in exile
Kane, Samantha,
Love Inspired Historical October 2014 box set

Love Me (A Contemporary Romance)
Andre, Bella.
Love on the line
Gist, Deeanne.
The love queen of Malabar
Weisbord, Merrily.
Love the one you're with
Layne, Lauren,
A love worth biting for
Mews, Roxy.
Lovely, dark, deep
Oates, Joyce Carol,
Love's a Witch
Mews, Roxy.
Love's fortress
Kane, Samantha,
Low road
Allen, Eddie B.,
Loyal in love
Plaidy, Jean,
Lucia's progress
Benson, E. F.
Lucifer's rogue
Gleason, Colleen.
Lucifer's saint
Gleason, Colleen.
Lucifer's warrior
Gleason, Colleen.
Luscious creamy desserts
Longbotham, Lori.
Luscious ice creams without a machine
Bowler, Suzy.
The Luxe complete collection
Godbersen, Anna.
Cole, Kresley.
Mad dog
Mackall, Dandi Daley.
Made for you
Marr, Melissa,
Morse, Barbara Feldman,
Magic's pawn
Lackey, Mercedes.
Magic's price
Lackey, Mercedes.
Magic's promise
Lackey, Mercedes.
Magnolia Wednesdays
Wax, Wendy.
A Maine Christmas...or two

Make, bake & celebrate!
Rigg, Annie.
Make Her Dreams Come True
Hill, Joey W..
Make it ahead
Garten, Ina,
Making David into Goliath
Muravchik, Joshua,
Making Etched Metal Jewelry
Robinson, Kristen.
The making of a radical
Nearing, Scott,
Malice toward none
Levin, Jack E.,
Mambo in Chinatown
Kwok, Jean,
The Man-ual
Rodriguez, M..
The man who had everything
Rimmer, Christine.
The Man with a Load of Mischief
Grimes, Martha.
Manifesto for another world
Dorfman, Ariel.
The mantle of command
Hamilton, Nigel,
A map of betrayal
Jin, Ha,
Mapp and Lucia
Benson, E. F.
The Marcelli princess
Mallery, Susan.
A Marcelli wedding
Mallery, Susan.
Margret & H.A. Rey's Curious George goes to a costume party

Marie Curie and her daughters
Emling, Shelley.
The mark of Athena
Riordan, Rick.
Marked by midnight
Adrian, Lara.
Married by christmas
Kirst, Karen,
Married by morning
Kleypas, Lisa.
Marrying Dr. Maverick
Smith, Karen Rose,
The marrying kind
Ihle, Sharon.
Marrying miss Shylo
Ihle, Sharon.
Master and Commander
Wolf, Sadie.
Master Me
Paulin, Brynn.
Master of the game
Sheldon, Sidney.
Greene, Robert.
Mated to the wolf
Vanak, Bonnie.
A matter of breeding
Jones, J. Sydney,
A Matter of Inches
Malarchuk, Clint.
Matthew, Mark, Luke, Volume One
Arnold, Clinton E..
Leigh, Lora,
Mavericks of sound
Ensminger, David,
McCavett's bride
Finch, Carol.
McKettrick's choice
Miller, Linda Lael.
The mean girl apologies
Monahan, Stephanie.
Meant to be
Morrill, Lauren.
The Mediterranean billionaire's blackmail bargain
Green, Abby.
Memorial do convento
Saramago, Jos?
Memories of ice
Erikson, Steven,
Memory zero
Arthur, Keri,
Men in kilts
MacAlister, Katie.
Menage on a train
Gaines, Alice.
Camp, Candace.
Messenger of Fear
Grant, Michael,
Metal Jewelry in Bloom
Cable, Melissa,
Metal Magic
St. Jean, Kim.
Microsoft Excel 2013 QuickSteps
Cronan, John.
Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 quicksteps
Matthews, Carole Boggs.
Eugenides, Jeffrey.
Midnight action
Kennedy, Elle,
Midnight pleasures
James, Eloisa.
Midnight train to Siberia
Hartley, Alicja.
Midst toil and tribulation
Weber, David,
Midsummer Moon.
Kinsale, Laura.
Mini cupcakes
Fiet, Leslie.
Mini donuts
Segarra, Jessica.
The minimum wage and labor market outcomes
Flinn, Christopher J.
Miracle dogs
Stavrinides, Liz.
Mirror Mirror : A Book of Reversible Verse
Singer, Marilyn.
Mirror of my Soul
Hill, Joey W..
Haag, Melissa.
Misplaced Lessons
Couper, Mari Carr.
Misplaced princess
Carr, Mari.
Wilde, Jessica.
The missing place
Littlefield, Sophie,
Mississippi jack: being an account of the further waterborne adventures of jacky faber, midshipman, fine lady, and lily of the west
Meyer, L. A.
Mistaken identity

The mistletoe promise
Evans, Richard Paul.
Mistress to the merciless millionaire
Green, Abby.
Mixed Metal Mania
St. Jean, Kim.
Turback, Michael.
Brennert, Alan,
The moment
Kennedy, Douglas.
Money, master the game
Robbins, Anthony,
The monogram murders
Hannah, Sophie,
Bliler, Susan A.
Hamilton, Nigel.
Monument Rock
L'Amour, Louis,
Moon handbooks.
Hempstead, Andrew.
Moon spotlight.

Moonlight in the morning
Deveraux, Jude.
Moonlight masquerade
Deveraux, Jude.
The moonlit earth
Rice, Christopher,
Moral minds
Hauser, Marc D.
More from Macrina
Mackie, Leslie.
A more perfect heaven
Sobel, Dava.
More short & shivery
San Souci, Robert D.
More Than Everything
C., Cardeno.
More than words

Strouse, Jean.
Mortal heart
LaFevers, Robin,
The Moscow club
Finder, Joseph.
Most talkative
Cohen, Andy,
The moth in the mirror
Hendricks, Howard G.
Mother of God
Rosolie, Paul,
A mother's secret
Clipston, Amy,
The Motley Fool's rule breakers, rule makers
Gardner, David,
Mount Misery
Shem, Samuel.
The moviegoer
Percy, Walker,
Mr Love and Justice
MacInnes, Colin.
Mr. Miracle
Macomber, Debbie.
Mrs. Cooney is loony!
Gutman, Dan.
Mrs. Jeffries and the yuletide weddings
Brightwell, Emily.
Murder at Mansfield Park
Shepherd, Lynn,
Murder at Marble House
Maxwell, Alyssa,
Murder at the Brightwell
Weaver, Ashley.
Murder of a Barbie and Ken
Swanson, Denise.
Murder of a bookstore babe
Swanson, Denise.
Murder of a botoxed blonde
Swanson, Denise.
Murder of a chocolate-covered cherry
Swanson, Denise.
Murder of a creped Suzette
Swanson, Denise.
Murder of a needled knitter
Swanson, Denise.
Murder of a pink elephant
Swanson, Denise.
Murder of a real bad boy
Swanson, Denise.
Murder of a royal pain
Swanson, Denise.
Murder of a sleeping beauty
Swanson, Denise.
Murder of a small-town honey
Swanson, Denise.
Murder of a smart cookie
Swanson, Denise.
Murder of a snake in the grass
Swanson, Denise.
Murder of a sweet old lady
Swanson, Denise.
Murder of a wedding belle
Swanson, Denise.
Murder of the cat's meow
Swanson, Denise.
Murder on the house
Blackwell, Juliet.
Murder, with peacocks
Andrews, Donna.
Murphy's law
Foster, Lori,
Music on Martha's Vineyard
Dresser, Tom,
Mustang Sally
Rylon, Jayne.
My bonny light horseman
Meyer, L. A.
My descent into death
Storm, Howard.
My dog, my hero
Byars, Betsy Cromer.
My faire lady
Wettersten, Laura.
My false heart
Carlyle, Liz.
My life as a joke
Tashjian, Janet.
My life as a stuntboy
Tashjian, Janet.
My Lord Jack
Tarr, Hope.
My name is Rapunzel
Hilton, K. C.
My teacher is an alien
Coville, Bruce.
The mystery of Mercy Close
Keyes, Marian.
The mystery of the shemitah
Cahn, Jonathan.
The narrow road to the deep north
Flanagan, Richard,
Nate the Great and the Halloween hunt
Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman.
The National Wildlife Federation's Wildlife Watcher's Handbook
La Tourette, Joe.
Natural law
Hill, Joey W.
Naughty Bits part I
Hill, Joey W.
Naughty Bits Part II
Hill, Joey W..
Naughty Bits Part III Bound to Please/
Hill, Joey W...
Naughty Bits part IV
Hill, Joey W.
Sand part five
Howey, Hugh.
Necessary force.
Ayres, D. D.
Necessary lies
Chamberlain, Diane,
Need me
Quinn, Cari.
Neil Armstrong is my uncle & other lies Muscle Man McGinty told me
Marino, Nan.
Johnson, Chalmers,
The neon rain
Burke, James Lee,
Bindloss, Joseph.
Never been kissed
Carr, Mari.
Never Courted, Suddenly Wed
Caldwell, Christi.
Never ending
Bedford, Martyn.
Never look back
Miller, Linda Lael.
Nice & naughty
Johnson, Cat.
A nice girl like you
Sellers, Alexandra.
The Nick Adams stories
Hemingway, Ernest,
Nickel-Bred (The Horse Rescuers #2).
Gilkerson, Patricia.
Wiesel, Elie,
The night belongs to fireman
Bernard, Jennifer,
Night embrace
Kenyon, Sherrilyn,
Night of knives
Esslemont, Ian C.
The night of the gun
Carr, David.
Night pleasures
Kenyon, Sherrilyn,
Night shift
Singh, Nalini,
Night sky
Brockmann, Suzanne.
The night villa
Goodman, Carol.
Nightmare hour
Stine, R. L.
Preller, James,
Nine days
Koenig, Minerva.
The nine-month bride
Christenberry, Judy.
Ningaloo nights
Cooper-Posey, Tracy,
Nixon's secrets
Stone, Roger J.,
No Horse Wanted (Shamrock Stable #1).
Kennedy, Shannon.
No lights, no sirens
Cea, Robert,
No more Mr. Nice Guy
Andrews, Amy.
No more pumpkins
Catalanotto, Peter.
No one's the bitch
Marine, Jennifer Newcomb.
No place like home
Clark, Mary Higgins.
No rest for the Wiccan
Alt, Madelyn.
No rest for the wicked
Cole, Kresley.
No time for horses
Kennedy, Shannon,
Randall, Andrea,
Hughes-Croucher, Tom.
Nolan trilogy
Kitt, Selena.
Northanger Abbey
Austen, Jane,
Norwegian by night
Miller, Derek
McFarland, Dennis.
Not for everyday use
Nunez, Elizabeth,
Not just another cowboy
Finch, Carol.
Not my father's son
Cumming, Alan,
Not that kind of girl
Dunham, Lena,
Notes from the Internet Apocalypse
Gladstone, Wayne.
Notes from the midnight driver
Sonnenblick, Jordan.
Brennan, Allison.
Nowhere to go
Watson, Casey.
The NYPD tapes
Rayman, Graham A.
The oasis
Gedge, Pauline,
Armentrout, Jennifer L.,
The October horse : a novel about Caesar and Cleopatra
McCullough, Colleen,
Jamieson, Kelly.
The older adult psychotherapy treatment planner
Frazer, Deborah Willets.
On Borrowed Time
McKinlay, Jenn.
On equilibrium
Saul, John Ralston,
On looking
Horowitz, Alexandra.
On the abolition of all political parties
Weil, Simone,
On the edge
St. Aubyn, Edward,
On the waterfront
Schulberg, Budd.
On your knees
Paulin, Brynn.
Once a dreamer
Hern, Candice.
The once and future king
White, T. H.
Once is never enough
Devlin, Delilah.
Once more, my darling rogue
Heath, Lorraine,
Once perfect
Robson, Cecy,
Once upon a billionaire
Clare, Jessica,
Once upon a prince
Hauck, Rachel,
Once we were brothers
Balson, Ronald H.
One across, two down
Rendell, Ruth,
One-click buy, March 2010 Harlequin presents

One-click buy

One drawing a day
Lawlor, Veronica.
One-eyed doll
Preller, James,
One giant leap
Wagener, Leon.
One glorious ambition
Kirkpatrick, Jane,
One hot Daddy-to-be?
Christenberry, Judy.
One last look
Miller, Linda Lael.
One night with you
Jordan, Sophie.
One right thing
Iden, Matthew.
One September morning
Noonan, Rosalind.
One stormy night
Pappano, Marilyn.
The one that I want

One-woman farm
Woginrich, Jenna.
Only enchanting
Balogh, Mary,
Only pleasure
Leigh, Lora.
Open country
Warner, Kaki,
Open leadership
Li, Charlene.
Armentrout, Jennifer L.
The oral manual
Roberts, Stephanie.
Orb sceptre throne
Esslemont, Ian C.
Organic and chic
Magid, Sarah.
The organized mind
Levitin, Daniel J.
Said, Edward W.
The orphan trains
Caravantes, Peggy,
Oscar and Lucinda
Carey, Peter,
The other woman
Novak, Brenda.
Otis Dooda
Potter, Ellen,
Our favorite slow-cooker beef & chicken cookbook

Out of control
Croft, Nina.
Out of the easy
Sepetys, Ruta.
The outlaw bride
Shayne, Maggie.
The outsider
Wilson, Colin,
Kulaga, Agatha.
Over my dead body
Bardsley, Michele.
Over the moon
Wilber, Ellen.
Lackey, Mercedes.
Lackey, Mercedes.
Palace of dreams
Epstein, Adam Jay,
A palace of silver
Sanford, John B.,
Paradise city
Mayor, Archer.
Paranoia/Company Man
Finder, Joseph.
Parenting gifted kids
Delisle, James R.,
The parenting skills treatment planner
Knapp, Sarah Edison.
Paris match
Woods, Stuart,
The Paris winter
Robertson, Imogen,
The partner track
Wan, Helen.
The party decides

Party princess
Cabot, Meg.
Valdez, Lisa.
Passion by the book
Yaye, Pamela.
Past continuous
Breese, K. Ryer.
A path appears
Kristof, Nicholas D.,
Sage, Angie,
Valdez, Lisa.
Paw and order
Quinn, Spencer.
Pay any price
Risen, James,
Steel, Danielle.
Pegasus in flight
McCaffrey, Anne.
The penny pony
Gilkerson, Patricia.
Arthur, Keri.
The perfect scoop
Stone, Martha.
The perfect thing
Levy, Steven.
Perfectly Paired
Kimle, Patricia.
The peripheral
Gibson, William,
Perl one-liners
Krumins, Peteris.
Philip K. Dick and philosophy

The pie and pastry bible
Beranbaum, Rose Levy.
The pierced heart
Shepherd, Lynn,
Pilate's wife
May, Antoinette.
The pirate prince
Foley, Gaelen.
A place called Harmony
Thomas, Jodi,
Place in the city
Fast, Howard,
Scott, Kylie.
The playboy boss's chosen bride
Darcy, Emma.
Playing easy to get

The Poacher's Son
Doiron, Paul.
The poisoner's handbook
Blum, Deborah,
Poison's kiss
Owens, C.M.
Polymer clay 101
Mabray, Angela.
Polymer Clay Art Jewelry
Ginsburg, Ilysa.
Polymer clay color inspirations
Haunani, Lindly.
Polymer clay global perspectives
Tinapple, Cynthia.
Polymer clay master class
Belcher, Judy.
Polymer clay mixed media jewelry
Rufener, Shirley.
Poor little bitch girl
Collins, Jackie.
Pop party
O'Connell, Clare.
Popular Woodworking's Arts & Crafts Furniture

Rawl, Paige,
Johnson, Elana.
The possibility of us
Burstein, Lisa.
Potent pleasures
James, Eloisa.
The power of groups
Cooley, Leslie.
Power play
McCaffrey, Anne.
Power struggle
Jamieson, Kelly.
Prairie tale
Gilbert, Melissa,
Keller, Timothy J.,
Glines, Abbi.
The Prehistoric Planet
O'Ryan, Ray,
The prelude of Ella and Micha
Sorensen, Jessica.
The present
Williamson, Beth,
Prey & prejudice
Harte, Marie.
The price of inheritance
Tanabe, Karin.
The price of malice
Mayor, Archer.
The price of war
Abraham, Daniel.
The price of war
Abraham, Daniel.
Prince Lestat
Rice, Anne,
Prince of dragons
Cade, Cathryn.
Prince of fools
Lawrence, Mark,
The Prince of Midnight.
Kinsale, Laura.
The prince she had to marry
Rimmer, Christine.
The prince's secret baby
Rimmer, Christine.
Princess Annie
Miller, Linda Lael.
Prisoner of love
Kane, Samantha,
The prisoner of Vandam Street
Friedman, Kinky.
The Pritikin edge
Vogel, Robert A.,
The Prodigal's Perspective
Steinkamp, Bob.
The profits of religion
Sinclair, Upton,
The promise of a pencil
Braun, Adam.
Proof positive
Mayor, Archer.
Proper scoundrel
Blair, Annette.
The prose Edda
Snorri Sturluson,
The prospect
Williamson, Beth,
The Protector
Melton, Marliss.
Providence, no. 1
McGuire, Jamie.
Provoke me
Quinn, Cari.
Pushin' buttons
Petrova, Ema.
The question of the missing head
Copperman, E. J.,
Quiet influence
Kahnweiler, Jennifer B.
Johansen, Iris,
Quoth the raven
Haddam, Jane,
The Qur?

The Radetzky march
Roth, Joseph,
A radiant sky
Davies, Jocelyn,
Rage for fame
Morris, Sylvia Jukes.
Rain reign
Martin, Ann M.,
The rancher's Christmas princess
Rimmer, Christine.
Random acts of crazy
Kent, Julia.
Random acts of fantasy
Kent, Julia.
Palahniuk, Chuck.
Rapture of the deep
Meyer, L. A.
A rare treat
Woods, Serenity.
Rasputin's shadow
Khoury, Raymond.
Raven Black
Cleeves, Ann.
Raven on the Wing
Hooper, Kay.
The raw and the cooked
Harrison, Jim,
Reaching down the rabbit hole
Ropper, Allan H.
Reaper's stand
Wylde, Joanna,
Rebel on the run
Rylon, Jayne.
Rebel yell
Gwynne, S. C.
Stark, Sabrina.
Hunter, C. C.,
Sontag, Susan,
The rebound girl
Morgan, Tamara.
Brennan, Allison,
Reckless heart
Clipston, Amy.
The red badge of courage and other stories
Crane, Stephen,
Red glove
Black, Holly.
Red moon secrets
Owens, C. M.
Red rain
Stine, R. L.
Cast, P. C.,
Paulin, Brynn.
Refugee boy
Zephaniah, Benjamin.
Regarding the pain of others
Sontag, Susan,
Regina's song
Eddings, David.
The reluctant outlaw
Kirst, Karen.
The remnant
LaHaye, Tim F.
The rent collector
Wright, Camron Steve,
McGuire, Jamie,
The resistance
Malley, Gemma.
Resisting her
Ryan, Kendall.
The resolution of Callie & Kayden
Sorensen, Jessica,
Rethinking positive thinking
Oettingen, Gabriele.
Retreat from love
Kane, Samantha,
The retribution of Mara Dyer
Hodkin, Michelle.
Return of the Crimson Guard
Esslemont, Ian C.
Reveal Me
Quinn, Cari.
King, Stephen,
Revolt on Goose Island
Lydersen, Kari.
Brand, Russell,
Reward of three
Jamieson, Kelly.
Rhett Butler's people
McCaig, Donald.
McKillip, Patricia A.
Ride the fire
Clare, Pamela.
The rider of Lost Creek
L'Amour, Louis,
Riding dirty
Sorenson, Jill.
The rise of ISIS
Sekulow, Jay,
Rites of passage at $100,000 to $1 million+
Lucht, John,
Rivals and retribution
Delany, Shannon.
The river
Paulsen, Gary.
The River
Lewis, Beverly,
Roadside assistance
Clipston, Amy.
Rock chick regret
Ashley, Kristen,
Perry, Joe,
Damico, Gina.
Rogue spy
Bourne, Joanna,
The rogues of Regent Street
London, Julia.
The rogue's return
Beverley, Jo.
Role models
Waters, John,
Romancing the billionaire
Clare, Jessica.
Roots of Haiti's Vodou-Christian faith
Thomas, R. Murray
Peterson, S. J. D.
Rose Gold
Mosley, Walter,
Rosemary's baby and son of rosemary
Levin, Ira.
Rough Canvas
Hill, Joey W..
Rough cut
Carr, Mari.
Crownover, Jay,
Ruin and rising
Bardugo, Leigh.
Accardo, Jus.
Ruining mr. perfect
Harte, Marie,
Rules of entanglement
Maxwell, Gina L.,
Rules of survival
Accardo, Jus.
Rules, tools, and maybe a bully
Vail, Rachel,
A rumor of war
Caputo, Philip.
Running with the mind of meditation
Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche,
The Russian Concubine
Furnivall, Kate.
Ruth's journey
McCaig, Donald.
Ryan's return
Freethy, Barbara.
Sabotage season
Morgan, Alex
Nikiforuk, Andrew,
Sacred and herbal healing beers
Buhner, Stephen Harrod.
Safe Haven
White, Angela.
Saint Peter's Fair.
Peters, Ellis.
Salad leaves for all seasons
Dowding, Charles.
Sarah's garden
Long, Kelly.
The sassy one
Mallery, Susan.
Sassy seven

Lord Savage
Gabriel, Mia,
Savage secrets
Harber, Cristin.
Conran, Shirley.
Save me
Scottoline, Lisa,
Save the date
Jones, Jenny B.,
Saved at sunrise
Hunter, James C.
Saved by a Texas-sized wedding
Christenberry, Judy.
Saving Angel
Kennedy, Brenda.
Saving Baby
Normile, Jo Anne.
Savory bites
Wilder, Hollis.
Meyer, Marissa.
Scary school
Kent, Derek Taylor.
The scent of death
Taylor, Andrew,
The scent of death
Taylor, Andrew,
The Scent of Jasmine
Deveraux, Jude.
The scent of pine
Vapnyar, Lara,
Scent to kill
Fiedler, Chrystle.
Asaro, Catherine.
Science fundamentals 5

Scoop Adventures
Clendaniel, Lindsay,
Damico, Gina.
'Scuse me while I whip this out
Friedman, Kinky.
Seagrass pier
Coble, Colleen,
Seal of honor
Burrows, Tonya.
Sealed with a lie
Carlton, Kat,
The seal's baby
Altom, Laura Marie.
The SEAL's Christmas twins
Altom, Laura Marie.
The SEAL's stolen child
Altom, Laura Marie.
The Search for Delicious
Babbitt, Natalie.
Searching for perfect
Probst, Jennifer,
The seasons of trouble
Mohan, Rohini.
The second Arab awakening
Muasher, Marwan,
The second chance hero
Moon, Jeannie.
Second star
Sheinmel, Alyssa B.,
Secondhand bride
Miller, Linda Lael.
The secret adversary
Christie, Agatha,
The secret baby revenge
Darcy, Emma.
The secret bride
Haeger, Diane.
The secret diary of lizzie bennet
Su, Bernie.
The secret history of Wonder Woman
Lepore, Jill,
A secret kept
Rosnay, Tatiana de,
The secret life of pronouns
Pennebaker, James W.
The secret of happy ever after
Dillon, Lucy,
Deveraux, Jude.
Secrets of a perfect night
Laurens, Stephanie.
Secrets of a proper lady
Alexander, Victoria.
Secrets of the lighthouse
Montefiore, Santa,
Seducing cinderella (a fighting for love novel)
Maxwell, Gina L.,
Seduction of a proper gentleman
Alexander, Victoria.
The seductive one
Mallery, Susan.
Seize the Fire.
Kinsale, Laura.
The selected letters of Elia Kazan
Kazan, Elia.
Selected stories of Anton Chekov
Chekhov, Anton Pavlovich,
Selecting the perfect ice cream maker
Spencer, Michelle.
A selection of modern Italian poetry in translation

The sense of style
Pinker, Steven,
Durgin, Doranna.
Serial uncut
Crouch, Blake.
Seriously delish
Merchant, Jessica,
Seven Letters from Paris
V??rant, Samantha.
Seven stories up
Snyder, Laurel,
Seven up
Evanovich, Janet.
Seventh grave and no body
Jones, Darynda,
DeStefano, Lauren.
Sex, lies and contracts
Probst, Jennifer.
The shadow and the star
Kinsale, Laura.
Kinsale, Laura.
Williams, Tad.
Shadow's claim
Cole, Kresley.
The Shadows
West, Jacqueline.
Shakespeare's counselor
Harris, Charlaine.
Shakespeare's trollop
Harris, Charlaine.
Van Dyken, Rachel.
A shared range
Grey, Andrew.
Shattered promises
Sorensen, Jessica.
The shattered rose
Beverley, Jo.
Sheer abandon
Vincenzi, Penny.
The sheiks of summer
Mallery, Susan.
The shell game
Evanovich, Janet,
The shipping news
Proulx, Annie.
Shipwreck island
Bodeen, S. A.
McKenna, Cara.
Shopaholic to the stars
Kinsella, Sophie,
Short & shivery
San Souci, Robert D.
The short and tragic life of Robert Peace
Hobbs, Jeff,
A short history of nearly everything
Bryson, Bill.
Shotgun bride
Miller, Linda Lael.
Shovel ready
Sternbergh, Adam,
Arnold, Ed,
Shut Up and Kiss Me
Craig, Christie.
Sidney Sheldon's after the darkness
Bagshawe, Tilly.
Siege and storm
Bardugo, Leigh,
Sight unseen
Johansen, Iris.
Signal 01

Fitzpatrick, Becca.
Silence of the grave
Arnaldur Indriason,
Silencing Eve
Johansen, Iris,
Silent night
Raybourn, Deanna.
Silent night, holy night
Coble, Colleen,
The silent sister
Chamberlain, Diane,
Silk road to ruin
Rall, Ted,
Silver master
Castle, Jayne.
Simple food for the good life
Nearing, Helen.
Simple Perfection
Glines, Abbi.
A simple spring
Lauer, Rosalind.
The Sinatra Club
Polisi, Salvatore,
Sinful rewards 1
Sax, Cynthia.
Sinful rewards 2
Sax, Cynthia.
Sinful rewards 3
Sax, Cynthia.
Sinful Rewards 4
Sax, Cynthia.
Sinful rewards 5
Sax, Cynthia.
Singularity sky
Stross, Charles.
Sinister yogis
White, David Gordon.
Donahue, Tina.
Stiefvater, Maggie,
Sins of a wicked duke
Jordan, Sophie.
Sins of the night
Kenyon, Sherrilyn,
Siren?s Song
Bell, Dana Marie.
A sister's gift
Green, Giselle.
Sisters of treason
Fremantle, Elizabeth.
Six days in Leningrad
Simons, Paullina,
Sixth grave on the edge
Jones, Darynda,
Size Matters
Peterman, Robyn.
Sizzling sixteen
Evanovich, Janet,
Skeleton man
Bruchac, Joseph,
Skin deep
Clare, Pamela,
Skin walkers
Bliler, Susan A.
The skinnytaste cookbook
Homolka, Gina.
Asaro, Catherine.
Beverley, Jo.
Ryan, Patricia.
The slave ship
Rediker, Marcus.
Sleep no more
Johansen, Iris,
Sleeping with a stranger
Mather, Anne.
Sleepless in Scotland
Hawkins, Karen.
The slow regard of silent things
Rothfuss, Patrick,
Small victories
Lamott, Anne,
Smart money smart kids
Ramsey, Dave.
Smart women finish rich
Bach, David.
Telgemeier, Raina.
Smoldering nights
Carlisle, Lisa.
Smugglers of Gor.
Norman, John.
The snake
Godey, John,
Sneaky people
Berger, Thomas,
Sniper's honor
Hunter, Stephen,
Snow Angel Cove
Thayne, RaeAnne,
Snow like ashes
Raasch, Sara,
So anyway...
Cleese, John,
A soft place to land
White, Susan Rebecca.
Soldering beyond the basics
Silvera, Joe,
Soldering Made Simple
Silvera, Joe.
Some boys
Blount, Patty,
Some like it rough
Pearce, Kate,
Somebody killed his editor
Lanyon, Josh.
Something borrowed
Giffin, Emily.
Something dangerous
Vincenzi, Penny.
Something different
Hooper, Kay.
Something I've been meaning to tell you
Munro, Alice,
Sometimes a great notion
Kesey, Ken.
Vaill, Amanda.
Reynolds, D. B.
Sophie's world
Gaarder, Jostein,
Soul whisperer
Kernan, Jenna.
Southern italy travel guide

Sowing, planting, watering, and feeding
Flowerdew, Bob.
Spanked by the Bad Boy
Saint James, London.
Twelve Hawks, John.
The sparkling one
Mallery, Susan.
Speaker for the dead
Card, Orson Scott.
Specter of the past
Zahn, Timothy.
Jacobson, Alan,
Spider woman's daughter
Hillerman, Anne,
The spiritglass charade
Gleason, Colleen,
Spirit's key
Cohn, Edith.
The sportswriter
Ford, Richard,
Sprinkles and secrets
Schroeder, Lisa.
Biskind, Peter.
The stars shine down
Sheldon, Sidney.
Thomas, Paige.
Starting out in the evening
Morton, Brian,
State of war
Risen, James.
The steady running of the hour
Go, Justin.
Stealing all transmissions
Doane, Randal,
Stealing his heart
Alberts, Diane.
The Stepford wives
Levin, Ira.
Still foolin' 'em
Crystal, Billy.
Still of the night
Davis, Dee.
Still the one
Major, Michelle.
The stolen child
Donohue, Keith.
A stolen heart
Camp, Candace.
The stolen village
Ekin, Des.
Stolen wishes
Ryan, Lexi.
Stone angel
Dodd, Christina.
Stone cold lover
Warren, Christine,
Stone cold touch
Armentrout, Jennifer L,
The stone wife
Lovesey, Peter,
Stonebrook Cottage
Neggers, Carla.
Esslemont, Ian C.
Stop worrying
Kerkhof, Ad.
Storm breaking
Lackey, Mercedes.
A storm of passion
Brisbin, Terri.
Gregory, Philippa.
The story of a shipwrecked sailor
Stranger in the moonlight
Deveraux, Jude.
The stranger you know
Casey, Jane
Striking Distance
Clare, Pamela.
Struck by the Texas matchmakers
Christenberry, Judy.
Stubborn Love
Ward, Natalie.
Stuck in the middle (of middle school)
Young, Karen Romano.
The stud book
Drake, Monica.
A Student's Guide to Natural Science.
Barr, Stephen M.
Styles of radical will.
Sontag, Susan,
Lauren, Christina.
Suck it, Wonder Woman!
Munn, Olivia,
Sudden backtrack
Harrison, Kim,
A sudden light
Stein, Garth.
Suddenly one summer
Freethy, Barbara,
Sugar rush
Iuzzini, Johnny,
Suitor by design
Johnson, Christine,
Summer Fling
Carr, Mari.
The summer I gave up boys
Kush, Kassandra.
Summer of promise
Cabot, Amanda,
Summer of the dead
Keller, Julia.
Summer wine
Dee, Jess.
Sunshine on Scotland Street
McCall Smith, Alexander,
Super seeds
Lutz, Kim,
Johnson, Elana.
Gray, June,
Clare, Pamela.
Surrender to me
Jordan, Sophie.
A survival guide to parenting teens
Geltman, Joani.
Survival mom
Bedford, Lisa.
A Susan Sontag reader
Sontag, Susan,
Sweet alchemy
Pura, Yigit,
Sweet Annie
St. John, Cheryl.
Sweet Maria's cookie jar
Sanchez, Maria Bruscino.
Sweet salt air
Delinsky, Barbara.
Sweet thing
Carlino, Renee.
Sweet Valley confidential
Pascal, Francine.
The sweetheart bargain
Jump, Shirley,
The sweetheart rules
Jump, Shirley,
The sweetheart secret
Jump, Shirley,
Swinger style
Rylon, Jayne.
Mae, Cassie,
The sword and the dollar
Parenti, Michael,
Tag man
Mayor, Archer.
Take Me Away
Donahue, Tina.
Take me if you dare
Crespo, Nina.
The taken
Wolfe, Inger Ash.
Taken at dusk
Hunter, C. C.
Taken by the Alpha Wolf
Vanak, Bonnie.
Taken in
Casey, Elizabeth Lynn,
Taking eve
Johansen, Iris.
Taking the leap
The tale of Halcyon Crane
Webb, Wendy.
Tales from a not-so-happily ever after
Russell, Rachel Renee,
Talk like TED
Gallo, Carmine.
Talk sweetly to me
Milan, Courtney,
Talking Dirty with the CEO (Entangled Indulgence)
Ashenden, Jackie.
Taming Cross
James, Ella.
A tangled web
Michael, Judith.
Sherrod, Robert Lee,
Luceno, James,
Tarnished and torn
Blackwell, Juliet,
Tarnsman of Gor.
Norman, John.
Tate's Bake Shop cookbook
King, Kathleen,
Van Dyken, Rachel.
Maciel, Amanda.
Telex from Cuba
Kushner, Rachel.
Tell me again how a crush should feel
Farizan, Sara,
Tempest in the White City
Gist, Deeanne.
Temporarily yours
Alberts, Diane.
Tempt me at twilight
Kleypas, Lisa.
Temptation and surrender
Laurens, Stephanie.
Temptation in shadows
Showalter, Gena,
Tempted to submit
Jameson, Lauren.
Tempting fate
Green, Jane,
Tempting her best friend
Maxwell, Gina L.
Tempting the best man
Lynn, J.,
Tempting the player
Lynn, J.,
Ten creepy monsters
Armstrong-Ellis, Carey.
Ten good and bad things about my life (so far)
Martin, Ann M.,
Ten little New Yorkers
Friedman, Kinky.
Tennessee bride
Bittner, Rosanne,
The terminals
Buckingham, Royce,
The terra-cotta dog
Camilleri, Andrea.
Brook, Meljean.
The Texan's little secret
Daille, Barbara White.
The Texan's surprise son
McDavid, Cathy,
Texas angel
Shayne, Maggie.
Texas homecoming
Shayne, Maggie.
That night
Stevens, Chevy.
Thea Stilton and the prince's emerald
Stilton, Thea,
There was a little girl
Shields, Brooke,
There's more to life than this
Caputo, Theresa.
These few precious days
Andersen, Christopher P.,
These old shades
Heyer, Georgette,
The thing about luck
Kadohata, Cynthia.
Think confident, be confident
Sokol, Leslie.
Third Degree
Cross, Julie.
The Third Rule Of Ten
Hendricks, Gay.
The third son
Wu, Julie,
The third wheel
Kinney, Jeff.
Thirty-Six Years an Ice Cream Maker
Miller, Val.
This is not a test
Summers, Courtney.
This present darkness
Peretti, Frank E.
A thousand pieces of you
Gray, Claudia,
Gray, Amelia,
Three can keep a secret
Mayor, Archer.
Three to Get Ready
Michaels, Tere.
Through her eyes
Kery, Beth,
Through the woods
Carroll, Emily.
Johnson, Cat.
Thunder Bay
Krueger, William Kent.
Tibet travel guide

Koontz, Dean R.
A Tidewater morning
Styron, William,
Chase, Emma.
Tiger shrimp tango
Dorsey, Tim.
The time in between
Due??as, Mar?
Thurlo, Aim??e.
Tip and the Gipper
Matthews, Christopher,
The Titan Series
Harber, Cristin.
To be the best
Bradford, Barbara Taylor,
To fudge or not to fudge
CoCo, Nancy,
To rescue a rogue
Beverley, Jo.
To wed a rake
James, Eloisa.
Together for christmas: 5-b poppy lanewhen we touchwelcome to icicle fallsstarstruck
Macomber, Debbie,
Top dog
Goodavage, Maria,
Top of the order
Coy, John,
The Top Ten Things Dead People Want to Tell YOU
Dooley, Mike.
Hocking, Amanda,
Total recall
Schwarzenegger, Arnold.
Total workday control using Microsoft Outlook
Linenberger, Michael.
A touch of betrayal
Palmer, Catherine,
Toxin toxout
Lourie, Bruce.
Track Attack
Hicks, Betty.
Traditional Country Furniture

Tragic muse
Brownstein, Rachel M.
Trains and lovers
McCall Smith, Alexander,
The Traitor's Wife
Pataki, Allison.
Trans-sister radio
Bohjalian, Chris,
Bockris, Victor,
The trauma of everyday life
Epstein, Mark,
Edwards, Nicole.
Treasure on Lilac Lane
Alward, Donna,
Camp, Candace.
Petrova, Em.
Doiron, Paul,
Trick or Treat
Woods, Serenity.
Wortmann, Fletcher.
Trouble for Lucia
Benson, E. F.
The trouble with magic
Alt, Madelyn.
True love
Lopez, Jennifer,
The Tucci cookbook
Tucci, Stanley.
Tuck everlasting
Babbitt, Natalie.
Twin of fire
Deveraux, Jude.
Twin of ice
Deveraux, Jude.
Twist me
Zaires, Anna.
Two Lies and a Spy
Carlton, Kat.
Two Rivers
Greenwood, T.
U.S. Army medical correspondence course

The ultimate cookie book

Unaccompanied Minors
Kinney, Jeff.
Sheehan, Madeline,
The unbecoming of Mara Dyer
Hodkin, Michelle,
Stark, Sabrina.
Unbored games
Glenn, Joshua,
Unbound (InterMix)/
McKenna, Cara..
Unbreak me
Ryan, Lexi,
Petrova, Em.
The unconscious civilization
Saul, John Ralston,
Undead and unwary
Davidson, MaryJanice,
Under the sign of Saturn
Sontag, Susan,
Understanding Aleister Crowley's thoth tarot
DuQuette, Lon Milo,
Understanding women
Miller, Romy.
Unexpected blessings
Bradford, Barbara Taylor,
An unexpected pleasure
Camp, Candace.
Unfinished business
Jackson, Brenda
Unforgettable summer
Lee, Sami,
The unknown Ajax
Heyer, Georgette,
Unnatural habits
Greenwood, Kerry.
The unpersuadables
Storr, Will,
Unravel me
Ryan, Kendall.
Unrestrained / Joey W. Hill
Hill, Joey W.,
An unseemly wife
Moore, E. B.
The unspeakable
Daum, Meghan,
An unstoppable force
McManus, Erwin Raphael.
Caine, Christine.
Clare, Pamela.
Until forever
Lindsey, Johanna.
Until the end
Glines, Abbi.
Petrova, Em.
The unwanteds
McMann, Lisa.
Up all night
Miller, Carol.
AN Uplifting Murder
Viets, Elaine.
Pynchon, Thomas.
Vaccine injuries

Hashimoto, Mitchell.
Mrazek, Robert J.,
The valquez bride
Milburne, Melanie,
The Valquez seduction
Milburne, Melanie,
Finder, Joseph.
The vanishing coin
Egan, Kate,
Vegan tacos
Wyrick, Jason,
Singer, Marilyn.
The Vesuvius Club
Gatiss, Mark.
Vibrational healing through the chakras
Gardner-Gordon, Joy.
Village of secrets
Moorehead, Caroline,
The Vincent brothers
Glines, Abbi.
Pynchon, Thomas,
Sanghani, Radhika,
The virgin cure
McKay, Ami,
The virgin suicides
Eugenides, Jeffrey.
The virgin's secret
Green, Abby.
Virtual reality
Hill, Joey W.
The virtue of selfishness
Rand, Ayn.
The viscount who lived down the lane
Boyle, Elizabeth,
A vision in velvet
Blackwell, Juliet,
A vision of fire
Anderson, Gillian,
Card, Orson Scott.
Ashby, Madeline.
The voice of reason
Rand, Ayn.
A voyage long and strange
Horwitz, Tony,
Walker, Shiloh.
Wait till your vampire gets home
Bardsley, Michele.
Waiting for spring
Cabot, Amanda,
The wake of the Lorelei Lee
Meyer, L. A.
Waking, dreaming, being
Thompson, Evan.
A walker in the city
Kazin, Alfred,
A wallflower Christmas
Kleypas, Lisa.
Harris, Shane.
Warrior's vengeance
Simone, Gianna.
Warrior's wrath
Simone, Gianna.
The waste land, Prufrock, and other poems
Eliot, T. S.
Watch me
Huston, Anjelica,
Kate, Lauren.
Watership Down
Adams, Richard,
The way of the happy woman
Stover, Sara Avant,
The way of the wolf
Knight, E. E.
We love madeleines
Web design all-in-one for dummies
Jenkins, Sue,
Wedding jitters
Paulin, Brynn.
The wedding officer
Capella, Anthony.
The wedding rescue
Castell, Dianne.
Weddings from hell

The Weeder's Digest
Harland, Gail.
The weekend homesteader
Hess, Anna,
Welcome to Dunvegas

The well of ascension. mistborn book two
Sanderson, Brandon.
The well-tutored lover
Gaines, Alice.
West from Appomattox
Richardson, Heather Cox.
Westin's chase
Harber, Cristin.
The Westminster Shorter Catechism.

What a lady wants
Alexander, Victoria.
What a wallflower wants
Rodale, Maya,
What Am I? Halloween
Lewis, Anne Margaret.
What am I supposed to do with my life?
Moore, Johnnie,
What art is
Danto, Arthur C.,
What color is it? = ?
Zagarenski, Pamela.
What goes around
Summers, Courtney.
What I loved
Hustvedt, Siri.
What I remember most
Lamb, Cathy,
What is Halloween?
Landau, Elaine.
What Is Veterans Day?
Landau, Elaine.
What is your dog doing?
Singer, Marilyn.
What money can't buy
Sandel, Michael J.
What the moon said
Rosengren, Gayle.
What was Pearl Harbor?
Demuth, Patricia,
What was the Battle of Gettysburg?
O'Connor, Jim.
What was the Boston Tea Party?
Krull, Kathleen.
What would Joey do?
Gantos, Jack,
What's the matter with white people?
Walsh, Joan,
When the Astors owned New York
Kaplan, Justin.
When the lion feeds
Smith, Wilbur A.
When the snow falls

When we met

When you wish
Harmel, Kristin.
Where the heart leads
Laurens, Stephanie.
Where the stress falls
Sontag, Susan,
Where we belong
Giffin, Emily.
Sala, Sharon.
Whiskey, you're the devil
Hart, Liliana,
Whispering hope
Hubler, Marsha,
Whispers at moonrise
Hunter, C. C.,
Whistling in the dark
Kagen, Lesley.
Whistling past the graveyard
Crandall, Susan.
The white bone
Gowdy, Barbara.
White cat
Black, Holly.
White lion's lady
St. John, Tina.
Who is Barack Obama?
Edwards, Roberta.
Who is Steven Spielberg?
Spinner, Stephanie,
Who moved my cheese?
Johnson, Spencer.
Who was Albert Einstein?
Brallier, Jess M.
Who was Amelia Earhart?
Jerome, Kate Boehm,
Who was Anne Frank?
Abramson, Ann,
Who was Harry Houdini?
Sutherland, Tui,
Who was King Tut?
Edwards, Roberta.
Who was Martin Luther King, Jr.?
Bader, Bonnie,
Who was Nelson Mandela?
Pollack, Pam,
Who was Walt Disney?
Stewart, Whitney,
Wicked appetite
Evanovich, Janet.
Wicked as they come
Dawson, Delilah.
Wicked nights with a lover
Jordan, Sophie.
Wicked pleasure
Leigh, Lora.
Jordan, Sophie.
Wild born
Mull, Brandon,
Wild card
Leigh, Lora.
Wild cat
Ashley, Jennifer,
The wild truth
McCandless, Carine,
Wild West Christmas

Wildest dreams
Blake, Toni,
Wildlife ecology, conservation, and management
Fryxell, John M.,
Willing sacrifice
Hill, Joey W.
Willing victim
McKenna, Cara,
Willingly bedded, forcibly wedded
Milburne, Melanie.
A window across the river
Morton, Brian,
Winds of fate
Lackey, Mercedes.
The winning summer
Hubler, Marsha,
The winter guest
Jenoff, Pam.
Winter ice
Burton, Jaci.
Winter's heat
Harber, Cristin.
Camp, Candace.
Wish I may
Ryan, Lexi,
Wish you were here
Brown, Rita Mae.
The wit and wisdom of Ozzy Osbourne
Osbourne, Ozzy,
A witch in time
Alt, Madelyn.
Witch lights
Hughes, Michael M.
With open eyes
Johansen, Iris,
DeStefano, Lauren,
Without you, there is no us
Kim, Suki,
The wizard king
Bell, Dana Marie.
The Wizard of Oz and Philosophy
Auxier, Randall E.,
Wolf Hall
Mantel, Hilary,
The wolf in winter
Connolly, John,
Wolf protector
Taiden, Milly.
The woman I wanted to be
Von Furstenberg, Diane,
A woman of substance
Bradford, Barbara Taylor,
The woman who would be king
Cooney, Kara.
The Women of Primrose Creek (Omnibus)
Miller, Linda Lael.
The wonderful Spirit filled life
Stanley, Charles F.
Skye, Obert,
Working It
Ryan, Kendall.
Working It Out
Trojan, Teri.
A world elsewhere
MacRae, Sigrid von Hoyningen-Huene,
World, incorporated
Flank, Lenny.
The worry cure
Leahy, Robert L.
Worst. person. ever
Coupland, Douglas.
Worthy fights
Panetta, Leon E.,
A wrinkle in time
L'Engle, Madeleine,
The wrong billionaire's bed
Clare, Jessica,
The wrong cowboy
Robinson, Lauri,
Wyoming strong
Palmer, Diana,
The year everything changed
Bockoven, Georgia.
A Year in Earrings
magazine, BeadStyle.
The year of fog
Richmond, Michelle,
Yes please
Poehler, Amy,
The Yiddish policemen's union
Chabon, Michael.
You can lead a politician to water, but you can't make him think
Friedman, Kinky.
You can't make this stuff up
Caputo, Theresa,
You can't make this up
Michaels, Al.
You really got me
Jamieson, Kelly.
You'll Think of Me
Zwaduk, Wendi.
The Young Elites
Lu, Marie,
Yours for Christmas
Mallery, Susan,
Zach's law
Hooper, Kay.
Edwards, Nicole.
Zane's addicted
Zentangle untangled
Hall, Kass.
The zero hour
Finder, Joseph.
Zero tolerance
Mills, Claudia.
Zionism, militarism, and the decline of US power
Petras, James F.,
Zombie camp
Higgins, Nadia,
The zone of interest
Amis, Martin.

New Fiction Books

15th affair /
Patterson, James,
The adventurist /
Hipps, J. Bradford,
And after the fire :
Belfer, Lauren,
The apartment :
Steel, Danielle,
The art of murder :
Viets, Elaine,
As time goes by :
Clark, Mary Higgins,
The assistants /
Perri, Camille,
Barren cove :
Winter, Ariel S.,
Beautiful country /
Thornton, J. R,
Before the wind /
Lynch, Jim,
Best of my love /
Mallery, Susan,
Blood defense /
Clark, Marcia,
Star Wars, Bloodline :
Gray, Claudia,
Bloodroot :
Riggs, Cynthia,
The body in the wardrobe :
Page, Katherine Hall,
Britt-Marie was here :
Backman, Fredrik,
City of secrets /
O'Nan, Stewart,
City of the lost /
Armstrong, Kelley,
The curious charms of Arthur Pepper /
Patrick, Phaedra,
The dark lady's mask /
Sharratt, Mary,
Design for dying :
Patrick, Renee,
The dinner party :
Janowitz, Brenda,
A drop in the ocean :
Ogden, Jenni A.,
Dust up /
McGoran, Jon,
Eleven hours /
Erens, Pamela,
Eligible :
Sittenfeld, Curtis,
Emperor of the Eight Islands /
Hearn, Lian,
Everybody's fool /
Russo, Richard,
Everyone brave is forgiven /
Cleave, Chris,
The exiled /
Charles, Christopher,
Extreme prey /
Sandford, John,
Fall of man in Wilmslow /
Lagercrantz, David,
Fast and loose /
Michaels, Fern,
Father's Day :
Van Booy, Simon,
From here to home /
Bostwick, Marie,
A front page affair /
Vatsal, Radha,
The girl from Summer Hill :
Deveraux, Jude,
A girl like you /
Cox, Michelle,
Gold of our fathers /
Quartey, Kwei,
The good life /
Thurm, Marian,
The goodbye bride /
Hunter, Denise,
Hard light :
Hand, Elizabeth,
Heat and light /
Haigh, Jennifer,
Hide away /
Johansen, Iris,
The house of Daniel /
Turtledove, Harry,
Hystopia :
Means, David,
I let you go /
Mackintosh, Clare,
Impure blood :
Morfoot, Peter,
In shining armor /
James, Elliott,
It takes one :
Kessler, Kate,
Just over the horizon :
Bear, Greg,
The Kindness /
Samson, Polly,
Ladivine /
NDiaye, Marie,
The last painting of Sara De Vos /
Smith, Dominic,
The letter writer /
Fesperman, Dan,
Lilac girls :
Kelly, Martha Hall,
Maestra /
Hilton, L. S.,
Make me :
Child, Lee,
Meet me in the middle of the air :
Schaller, Eric.
Meternity /
Foye, Meghann,
The miracle on Monhegan Island :
Kelly, Elizabeth,
Murder at the 42nd Street library /
Lehane, Cornelius,
Murder in Morningside Heights :
Thompson, Victoria
My struggle.
Knausgård, Karl Ove,
The nest /
Sweeney, Cynthia D'Aprix,
Night shift /
Harris, Charlaine,
The night the rich men burned /
Mackay, Malcolm,
Night work /
Taylor, David C.,
Noble chase :
Rudolph, Michael,
Once a soldier /
Putney, Mary Jo,
The other widow /
Crawford, Susan,
Over the plain houses /
Franks, Julia,
Perfect lives /
Samson, Polly,
The pot thief who studied Georgia O'Keeffe /
Orenduff, J. Michael
Quiet neighbors :
McPherson, Catriona,
The raft :
Strydom, Fred,
The railwayman's wife :
Hay, Ashley,
Robert B. Parker's slow burn /
Atkins, Ace,
The service of the dead /
Robb, Candace M.,
Sleeping giants /
Neuvel, Sylvain,
The strings of murder /
De Muriel, Oscar,
Sweet lamb of heaven :
Millet, Lydia,
Terms of use /
Morrison, Scott Allan,
That darkness /
Black, Lisa,
These heroic, happy dead /
Mogelson, Luke,
Three minutes to midnight :
Tata, A. J.
Verdict in the desert /
Marcantonio, Patricia Santos,
Wilde Lake :
Lippman, Laura,
The winemakers /
Moran, Jan,
Zero K :
DeLillo, Don,

New Movies


The 5th wave DVD
500 miles DVD
Backtrack DVD
Bajirao Mastani : DVD
The club DVD
Coat of many colors DVD
Court DVD
Creed DVD
Creed Blu-Ray
Dexter DVD
The Doctor Blake mysteries. DVD
The driftless area DVD
East side sushi DVD
Extraction DVD
The great hypnotist DVD
Harry O. DVD
Harry O. DVD
Jack of the red hearts DVD
Jane got a gun DVD
Mama Blu-Ray
Noble DVD
Phoenix DVD
Promised land Blu-Ray
Remember DVD
Rick and Morty. DVD
Robin hood DVD
Son of Saul DVD
Tamasha DVD

New Non-fiction DVDs

How to change the world DVD
Jillian Michaels. DVD
Killing them safely DVD
Meet the Hitlers DVD
Of men and war DVD
The Quakers DVD

New Music

1930s violin concertos. Shaham, Gil,
All my demons greeting me as a friend Aurora,
Amen & goodbye
Call it what it is Harper, Ben,
Charlene Tweet,
Del and Woody McCoury, Del,
The Elektra years : 1978-1987
English heart Spector, Ronnie,
Gravity Colon, Javier,
Greatest hits
The hope six demolition project Harvey, Polly Jean,
Hymns that are important to us
I Will be Nothing Without Your Love Ready Set
It's never too late Emmanuel, Tommy,
John Carpenter's Lost themes II Carpenter, John,
The Jungle Book Debney, John,
Let's get lost Cyrille Aimée,
Live & acoustic at the Palace
Live in Japan Shimabukuro, Jake,
Love wins again Magness, Janiva.
Music is medicine Osmond, Marie,
My big fat Greek wedding 2
Ola Gjeilo Gjeilo, Ola,
Origins. Frehley, Ace,
Romantic Spanish guitar. Armik.
A sailor's guide to Earth Simpson, Sturgill,
Santana IV Santana (Musical group),
Testify Collins, Phil,
The Biggest Loser workout mix.
This path tonight Nash, Graham,
Time capsule Ford, Lita,

New Audiobooks

All night long Krentz, Jayne Ann.
The apartment Steel, Danielle,
Before We Visit the Goddess Divakaruni, Chitra Banerjee.
Castilian Spanish.
Chasing the last laugh Zacks, Richard.
Chinese (Mandarin)
City of Secrets O'Nan, Stewart,
Daniel Deronda Eliot, George,
The dark lady's mask Sharratt, Mary,
The everything box Kadrey, Richard,
Extreme prey Sandford, John,
The friends we keep Mallery, Susan,
Ginny Gall Smith, Charlie,
Hamilton Miranda, Lin-Manuel,
Hide away Johansen, Iris,
The house we grew up in Jewell, Lisa.
Iron orchid Woods, Stuart.
Keep me posted Beazley, Lisa,
The lady of misrule Dunn, Suzannah,
The last mile Baldacci, David,
The last painting of Sara de Vos Smith, Dominic,
Louisa Thomas, Louisa.
A lowcountry wedding Monroe, Mary Alice.
The Mathews men Geroux, William.
Modern Greek
Modern Hebrew
Most blessed of the patriarchs Gordon-Reed, Annette,
Mrs. Houdini Kelly, Victoria.
The murder of Mary Russell King, Laurie R,
Only Love Can Break Your Heart Tarkington, Ed,
Portuguese (Brazilian)
Rightful heritage Brinkley, Douglas,
The searcher Morgan Jones, Chris,
Shriver Belden, Chris,
'Til death do us part Quick, Amanda,
Titans Meacham, Leila,
What we find Carr, Robyn,
Why the right went wrong Dionne, E. J.,

New E-Audiobooks

3 Jack Reacher novellas (with bonus Jack Reacher's rules) Child, Lee.
The 7 habits of highly effective people. Covey, Stephen R.
10% happier Harris, Dan,
13 million dollar pop Levien, David.
50 shades of gay Self, Jeffery,
A step from heaven An, Na,
The ABC murders Christie, Agatha,
The adoration of Jenna Fox Pearson, Mary
After the funeral Christie, Agatha,
Agatha Raisin and the quiche of death Beaton, M. C.
Air bound Feehan, Christine,
All day and a night Burke, Alafair,
All that is Salter, James.
All the light we cannot see Doerr, Anthony,
All the truth is out Bai, Matt,
Altered Rush, Jennifer
The American gun mystery Queen, Ellery,
American pastoral Roth, Philip.
The anatomist's wife Huber, Anna Lee,
And then there were none Christie, Agatha,
Angels of darkness
Animals & Ethics Edwards, Rem Blanchard.
Another dawn Brown, Sandra,
Appointment with death Christie, Agatha,
Apt pupil King, Stephen,
Archangel's blade Singh, Nalini,
The arraignment Martini, Steve,
The assassination of Margaret Thatcher Mantel, Hilary,
Assassination vacation Vowell, Sarah,
Atlantia Condie, Allyson Braithwaite,
The awakened mage Miller, Karen.
The backyard parables Roach, Margaret.
A beautiful mess Leigh, T. K.,
The bed of Procrustes Taleb, Nassim Nicholas,
The beginner's guide to forgiveness Kornfield, Jack,
Being mortal Gawande, Atul,
Billy Joel : Schruers, Fred,
The black hearts murder Queen, Ellery.
Black ice Fitzpatrick, Becca.
Blackout Grant, Mira,
Blaze of memory Singh, Nalini.
A blight of mages Miller, Karen.
The blood of Olympus Riordan, Rick,
Blue labyrinth Preston, Douglas J.
Blue Lily, Lily Blue Stiefvater, Maggie,
The body King, Stephen,
A Bollywood affair Dev, Sonali.
Bonds of justice Singh, Nalini,
The book of strange new things Faber, Michel,
Branded by fire Singh, Nalini,
Brief encounters Cavett, Dick,
Broken monsters Beukes, Lauren,
Burn Baggott, Julianna,
Burn for me Andrews, Ilona,
Burn Patterson, James,
The burning room Connelly, Michael,
By winter's light Laurens, Stephanie,
Caressed by ice Singh, Nalini,
Caroline Myss' chakra meditation music McNamara, Stevin.
The catch Mayor, Archer.
Cavendon hall Bradford, Barbara Taylor,
The chalet Me, Tara Sue,
Changeling Gregory, Philippa.
Channeling grace Myss, Caroline M.
The chase Mills, DiAnn.
The chimp paradox Peters, Steve
Christmas carol murder Meier, Leslie.
The Christmas light VanLiere, Donna,
Cirque du Freak Shan, Darren,
A civil campaign Bujold, Lois Mcmaster.
Clariel Nix, Garth,
Closing with the enemy Doubler, Michael D.
Coach Wooden's pyramid of success Wooden, John,
Contagious Sigler, Scott.
Covenant child Blackstock, Terri,
Cowboy casanova James, Lorelei.
Crescendo Fitzpatrick, Becca.
D-Day Atkinson, Rick.
Dark fire Lowell, Elizabeth,
The dark half King, Stephen,
The daughters of Cain Dexter, Colin.
Dawn's light Blackstock, Terri,
Day 21 Morgan, Kass.
Deadline : Sandford, John,
A deadly wandering Richtel, Matt,
Death in lovers' lane Hart, Carolyn G.
The death of Sweet Mister Woodrell, Daniel.
Death on the river walk Hart, Carolyn G.
Death sworn Cypess, Leah,
The desirable duchess Chesney, Marion.
A desirable residence Wickham, Madeleine,
The devil you know Carey, Mike.
Devil's claw : a Joanna Brady mystery Jance, J. A.
Dirty rowdy thing Lauren, Christina.
The divide Taibbi, Matt,
Duck the halls Andrews, Donna.
The Dutch shoe mystery Queen, Ellery,
Easter bunny murder Meier, Leslie.
Echoes of Scotland Street Young, Samantha,
Ecstasy untamed Palmer, Pamela,
Empty net Aleo, Toni.
The end of the point Graver, Elizabeth,
Ending child labor and sweatshop abuses Kernaghan, Charles.
The escape Baldacci, David,
Escape from paris Hart, Carolyn G.
Ethan Edwards, Nicole,
Ethics and eating animals Singer, Peter,
An event in autumn Mankell, Henning,
Evertrue Ashton, Brodi,
Every living thing Herriot, James.
Exquisite captive Demetrios, Heather,
The eye of heaven Cussler, Clive.
Factotum Bukowski, Charles.
The far cry Brown, Fredric,
Fatally flaky Davidson, Diane Mott.
Fern the green fairy Meadows, Daisy.
Fire and rain Browne, David,
Flesh and blood Cornwell, Patricia Daniels.
Fools' gold Gregory, Philippa.
A foreign country Cumming, Charles,
Forgiveness Hamilton, Adam,
Forgiveness Riseborough, Di.
Forsaking home American, A.
Foul play Carrington, Tori.
Foundation and earth Asimov, Isaac,
Fox forever Pearson, Mary
The Fox inheritance Pearson, Mary
French lessons Sussman, Ellen.
Frozen heat Castle, Richard.
Full circle Bunn, T. Davis,
Fuse Baggott, Julianna.
Getting naked Lencioni, Patrick,
Giant Steps Robbins, Tony.
Globalization and its discontents Sandel, Michael J.
Going home American, A.
The good, the bad and the witchy Blake, Heather,
The goodbye witch Blake, Heather,
Gorgeous chaos Leigh, T.K.
A grave matter Huber, Anna Lee,
Gray Mountain Grisham, John,
The Halloween tree Bradbury, Ray,
Hard cases in justice and law Sandel, Michael J.
Have me Kenner, Julie.
The heart mender Andrews, Andy,
Heartland Bunn, Davis.
Heather the violet fairy Meadows, Daisy.
Hedda Gabler Ibsen, Henrik,
Henrietta Chesney, Marion.
Her last breath Castillo, Linda,
Herbie Hancock Hancock, Herbie,
The heroes Abercrombie, Joe.
Hexes and hemlines Blackwell, Juliet.
His to command Carew, Opal.
The Hob's bargain Briggs, Patricia.
Holidays on ice Sedaris, David.
Holidays with the Walker brothers Edwards, Nicole.
Hollywood Bukowski, Charles.
Home for the holidays Frost, Jeaniene,
The honourable schoolboy Le Carr
Hope to die Patterson, James,
Hostage to pleasure Singh, Nalini,
How to get what you want Ziglar, Zig.
I am Ozzy Osbourne, Ozzy,
I must say Short, Martin,
I'm hosting as fast as I can! Bergeron, Tom,
Immortal Ward, J. R.,
Improvers daily yoga Fuller, Sue.
Improvers yoga vol 3 Fuller, Sue.
In the company of soldiers Atkinson, Rick.
Inescapable Mehl, Nancy.
The inheritance Alexander, Tamera.
Inner core Ehrlich, Sigal.
The innocent mage Miller, Karen.
The innovator's cookbook
The innovators Isaacson, Walter.
Inside scientology Reitman, Janet.
Insomnia King, Stephen,
Into the woods Harrison, Kim,
Jeeves and the wedding bells Faulks, Sebastian,
Jet Crownover, Jay,
The Jewel Ewing, Amy,
The jewel that was ours Dexter, Colin.
Keep me safe Banks, Maya,
Kill the messenger Schou, Nick,
The kiss of deception Pearson, Mary
Kiss of surrender Hill, Sandra
Kiss of temptation Hill, Sandra
Kisses from Katie Davis, Katie,
The kite runner Hosseini, Khaled,
The language of archetypes Myss, Caroline M.
The language of emotions McLaren, Karla.
Larry Flynt Flynt, Larry.
The last command Zahn, Timothy.
The last juror Grisham, John.
Last light Blackstock, Terri,
Laughter yoga Woodgate, Linda.
The lay of the land Ford, Richard,
Let me be Frank with you : Ford, Richard,
Let the devil sleep Verdon, John.
Liar liar
Life promises for leaders Ziglar, Zig.
The light and the glory Marshall, Peter.
Lila Robinson, Marilynne.
Listening for Lucca LaFleur, Suzanne M.
Lost melody Copeland, Lori.
Love, Aubrey LaFleur, Suzanne M.
Lovely, dark, deep Oates, Joyce Carol,
Loving Rose Laurens, Stephanie,
Magic in the wind Feehan, Christine.
Markets and morals in a global age Sandel, Michael J.
The masterful Mr. Montague Laurens, Stephanie.
Mastering the seven decisions that determine personal success Andrews, Andy.
Memory Bujold, Lois Mcmaster.
Midnight at the well of souls Chalker, Jack L..
Midnight rainbow Howard, Linda,
Mine to possess Singh, Nalini,
The mistletoe promise Evans, Richard Paul,
The monogram murders Hannah, Sophie,
More than a game Jackson, Phil.
Mortal arts Huber, Anna Lee.
Mr. Miracle Macomber, Debbie,
My lady, my lord Ashe, Katharine,
The narrow road to the deep north Flanagan, Richard,
Nash Crownover, Jay.
Navigating hope Myss, Caroline M.
Night light Blackstock, Terri,
Nora Webster T
Northanger abbey Austen, Jane,
The noticer returns Andrews, Andy,
Off the sidelines Gillibrand, Kirsten,
An old betrayal Finch, Charles
The old blue line Jance, Judith A.,
On war Clausewitz, Carl Von.
One touch of Topaz Johansen, Iris.
The paper princess Beaton, M. C.,
The Paradise guest house Sussman, Ellen,
Paris match : Woods, Stuart.
Party princess Cabot, Meg.
Passion untamed Palmer, Pamela,
Pathfinder Sage, Angie,
Perfect Joyce, Rachel,
Perfect shadow Weeks, Brent.
Personal injuries Turow, Scott,
Peter Pan Barrie, J. M.
Peter Pan must die Verdon, John.
Play of passion Singh, Nalini,
Play on Fleetwood, Mick,
Post office Bukowski, Charles.
The power of radical forgiveness Tipping, Colin C.
Pretty Polly Beaton, M. C.,
A primer on ethics Sandel, Michael J.
Prince Lestat Rice, Anne,
Proof positive Mayor, Archer,
Proposed roads to freedom Russell, Bertrand,
The quantum moment Crease, Robert P,
Raging Heat Castle, Richard,
Razor's edge Wells, Martha.
The reckless bride Laurens, Stephanie.
Religion, morality and politics Sandel, Michael J.
The reluctant mage Miller, Karen,
A replacement life Fishman, Boris,
Reversible errors Turow, Scott.
Revolution Brand, Russell,
Rise of the warrior cop Balko, Radley.
Robert Kirkman's The walking dead. Bonansinga, Jay R.,
Rome Crownover, Jay,
Rose Madder King, Stephen,
Rowdy Crownover, Jay,
Rule Crownover, Jay,
Rules for a Proper Governess Ashley, Jennifer.
Sea glass summer Cannell, Dorothy.
Searching for Bobby Fischer Waitzkin, Fred.
Second foundation Asimov, Isaac,
Second son Child, Lee,
The secret adversary Christie, Agatha,
The secret history of Wonder Woman Lepore, Jill,
The secret knowledge Mamet, David.
Secrets of the lighthouse Montefiore, Santa,
The sense of wonder Carson, Rachel,
Serpent's kiss Harrison, Thea.
Set sail for murder Hart, Carolyn G.
Seventh grave and no body Jones, Darynda,
The shell game Evanovich, Janet,
Shining star Bailey, Philip,
The shoe box Rivers, Francine,
Shopaholic to the stars Kinsella, Sophie,
Silence Perry, Thomas.
Silence Fitzpatrick, Becca.
Skink--no surrender Hiaasen, Carl,
The slow regard of silent things Rothfuss, Patrick,
Slow ride James, Lorelei,
The Snowden files Harding, Luke,
Snowfall Gray, Shelley Shepard,
Social crimes Hitchcock, Jane Stanton.
Socratic dialogue Sandel, Michael J.
Some like it hawk Andrews, Donna.
Some luck Smiley, Jane,
South of no north Bukowski, Charles.
Sparkling cyanide Christie, Agatha,
Spirit bound Feehan, Christine.
Spiritual power, spiritual practice Myss, Caroline M.
Spoken world.
Star Trek Shatner, William.
Star Wars. Miller, John Jackson.
Steal the dragon Briggs, Patricia.
Stop the coming civil war Savage, Michael,
Storm surge Castle, Richard.
Strange beautiful music Satriani, Joe,
A sudden light Stein, Garth.
Sunset embrace Brown, Sandra,
Super strength self-esteem Griswold, Robert E.
Surviving home American, A.
Technopoly Postman, Neil,
The ties that bind Krentz, Jayne Ann,
To wed a wicked highlander Roberts, Victoria.
To whisper her name Alexander, Tamera,
Tomato red Woodrell, Daniel.
A tragic wreck Leigh, T. K.
Travis Edwards, Nicole.
True light Blackstock, Terri,
The truth about trust Desteno, David.
Trying to score Aleo, Toni,
The ugly renaissance Lee, Alexander
The ultimate David Sedaris box set Sedaris, David.
Ultimate sins Leigh, Lora,
Unaccompanied Minors Kinney, Jeff.
Unbeloved Sheehan, Madeline,
Undisputed truth Tyson, Mike,
The unexpected guest Osborne, Charles,
The Universal Tone : My Life Santana, Carlos.
Unmarked Garcia, Kami.
Vicious circle Carey, Mike.
The viral storm Wolfe, Nathan.
A vision in velvet Blackwell, Juliet.
Visions of heat Singh, Nalini,
Waking up Harris, Sam,
War dogs Bear, Greg,
@WAR Harris, Shane.
What did Jesus really mean when He said follow Me Platt, David,
What if? Munroe, Randall,
When the wind blows Patterson, James,
William Shakespeare's Star wars Doescher, Ian,
Winners dream McDermott, Bill.
Winter Street Hilderbrand, Elin,
A witch before dying Blake, Heather.
Withstanding me Spears, Crystal,
Wolf in white van Darnielle, John,
A woman made for sin Sinclair, Michele,
Words will break cement Gessen, Masha,
Working stiff Carrington, Tori.
The worry cure Leahy, Robert L.
Yes please Poehler, Amy,
Yoga for balance Fuller, Sue.
Yoga for everyone Brown, Deaver.
You can, you will Osteen, Joel.
The young elites Lu, Marie,
Your career Drucker, Peter F.
Zane Edwards, Nicole.
Zen and the art of faking it Sonnenblick, Jordan.
Zig ziglar's leadership & success series Ziglar, Zig.
The zimzum of love Bell, Rob,