New Non-Fiction Books

The top ten things dead people want to tell you /
Dooley, Mike,
The perfect kill :
Baer, Robert.
Catification :
Galaxy, Jackson.
The Pollan family table :
Pollan, Corky,
Drawing for beginners :
Sanmiguel, David,
Make comics like the pros :
Pak, Greg.
Drawing people for the absolute beginner :
Willenbrink, Mark,
Paperplay :
Miller, Shannon E.
Everyday lace :
Zoppetti, Heather.
Easy weekend crochet hats :
Cirka, Jennifer J.,
American impressionism :
Walking Queens :
Onofri, Adrienne.
Mecca :
Sardar, Ziauddin,
The woman I wanted to be /
Von Furstenberg, Diane,
Don't worry be grumpy :
Ajahn Brahm,
Irish travellers :
Gmelch, Sharon.
Mallmann on fire /
Mallmann, Francis,
Della Fattoria bread :
Weber, Kathleen
The ten golden rules of leadership :
Soupios, Michael A.,
Cabins & cottages and other small spaces /
The fashion resource book :
Leach, Robert.
Elle decor :
Boodro, Michael,
New vintage :
Scoon, Tahn.
Selfies :
Kamps, Haje Jan.
Secrets of backyard bird photography /
Hansen, J. Chris,
Springsteen :
White, Ryan,
Billy Joel :
Schruers, Fred,
Me, Inc. :
Simmons, Gene,
One woman 100 faces /
Tolot, Alberto,
Ghosts :
Clarke, Roger.
Disquiet time :
Miracles :
Metaxas, Eric.
The legacy journey :
Ramsey, Dave.
The art of the English murder :
Worsley, Lucy,
Catching the catfishers :
Wood, Tyler Cohen,
Love me, feed me :
Jones, Judith,
Make it ahead :
Garten, Ina.
The vegetarian flavor bible :
Page, Karen.
The life-changing magic of tidying up :
Kond?, Marie,
Invitation to architecture :
Jacobson, Max,
The complete photo guide to jewelry making /
Powley, Tammy,
Maeve's times :
Binchy, Maeve.
When lions roar :
Maier, Thomas,
Pay any price :
Risen, James,
Etched in sand :
Calcaterra, Regina.
Brief encounters :
Cavett, Dick,
Isabella :
Downey, Kirstin,
Yes please /
Poehler, Amy,
Cyber attack :
Day, Paul.
Fearless :
Camille, Alice L.
How to change minds about our changing climate :
Darling, Seth B.
The call of the farm :
Bilow, Rochelle.
Pastels unleashed /
Evans, Margaret,
Make your mark :
Duct tape discovery workshop :
Jenny, Tonia,
60 quick luxury knits :
Quick column quilts :
Zieman, Nancy Luedtke,
The world is an apple :
Step-by-step lighting for outdoor portrait photography /
Smith, Jeff,
Kidnapped by the taliban :
Joseph, Dilip,
Nijinsky :
Buckle, Richard.
Top dog :
Goodavage, Maria,
A path appears :
Kristof, Nicholas D.,
Mob boss :
Capeci, Jerry.
Beautiful eyes :
Austin, Paul,
DIY braids :
Coefield, Sasha.
My favorite things /
Kalman, Maira.
Landscaping ideas that work /
Messervy, Julie Moir.
Picker's bible :
Willard, Joe,
Artful Christmas :
Wasinger, Susan.
Christmas crochet for hearth, home & tree :
Eckman, Edie,
Salvage secrets design & decor :
Palmisano, Joanne.
50 moments that rocked the classical music world /
Henley, Darren,
Rebellion :
Ackroyd, Peter,
Herbie Hancock :
Hancock, Herbie,
On his own terms :
Smith, Richard Norton,
Victoria :
Wilson, A. N.,
The artist's library :
I work at a public library :
Sheridan, Gina,
Being mortal :
Gawande, Atul,
Eat yourself pregnant :
West, Zita,
Good dog :
The boy who talked to dogs :
McKenna, Martin.
Sherry :
Baiocchi, Talia.
At home in the whole food kitchen :
Chaplin, Amy.
Artisan preserving :
Macdonald, Emma.
The complete guide to ceramic tile :
Alternative art surfaces :
McElroy, Darlene Olivia.
The living landscape :
Darke, Rick,
Cultivating garden style :
Greayer, Rochelle.
The English country house garden /
Plumptre, George,
The splendid Chinese garden :
Hu, Jie.
Ceramic sculpture :
Irvine, Alex.
Mantiques :
Bradley, Eric,
Interweave favorites :
House Beautiful think small :
Create the style you crave on a budget you can afford :
Peacock, Desha,
Matthew Mead's backyard style /
Mead, Matthew,
Living by water /
Cregan, Lisa,
The ultimate guide to sea glass :
Beuke, Mary Beth.
Upton Sinclair's The jungle /
The devil's alliance :
Moorhouse, Roger,
D-Day :
Brinkley, Douglas,
Digging for Richard III :
Pitts, Michael W.,
Coming ashore :
Gildiner, Catherine,

New E-Books

101 reasons the '90s ruled
King, M. C.
A blind man can see how much I love you
Bloom, Amy,
A Brutal Tenderness
Eros, Marata.
A Callahan wedding
Leonard, Tina.
A Matter of Time, Volume 1
Calmes, Mary.
A Matter of Time, Volume 2
Calmes, Mary.
A mermaid's kiss
Hill, Joey W.
A mind for numbers
Oakley, Barbara A.,
A month in the country
Carr, J. L.
A mother for his children
Drexler, Jan.
A private affair
Hill, Donna
A scandalous affair
Hill, Donna
A shadow of guilt
Green, Abby.
A Terrible Love
Eros, Marata.
A werewolf in the North Woods
Thompson, Vicki Lewis.
A witch's beauty
Hill, Joey W.
A world without princes
Chainani, Soman.
Act of terror
Cameron, Marc.
Act of war
Brown, Dale.
After everything
Dainty, Suellen.
After the rain
Logan, Chuck,
Al Pacino
Grobel, Lawrence.
All about asset allocation
Ferri, Richard A.
Almost Everything
Hallaway, Tate.
Almost final curtain
Hallaway, Tate.
Almost to die for
Hallaway, Tate.
Alpha Mine
Hunter, Aline.
An erotic collection.
Hart, Megan.
Apocalypse to go
Kerr, Katharine.
Banishing the dark
Bennett, Jenn,
Basics of Numbers & Important Concepts of Number Theory
Ferraro, Leighann.
Beaded jewelry
Brenner, Maya.
Being me with OCD
Dotson, Alison,
Benjamin S. Bloom

Berlin 1961
Kempe, Frederick.
Best women's erotica 2013

Best-Loved Stories, Volumes 1-3
Parry, Jay A..
Between the sheets
O'Keefe, Molly.
Beyond magenta
Kuklin, Susan,
Binding the shadows
Bennett, Jenn.
Karr, Kim.
Curnyn, Lynda.
Brain rules for baby
Medina, John,
Bridging the Gap
McKenna, Annmarie.
Broke, USA
Rivlin, Gary.
Burning chrome
Gibson, William,
Call of the white wolf
Finch, Carol.
Johnson, Dillard.
McKenna, Annmarie.
Chemicals Used in Hydraulic Fracturing

Chill factor
Brown, Sandra.
Circles of time
Rock, Phillip,
City of lost souls
Clare, Cassandra.
Cloneward bound
Castle, M. E.
Cold hit
Fairstein, Linda A.
Come to Zion, Volume 1
Hughes, Dean,
Confessions of an ex-girlfriend
Curnyn, Lynda.
Contemporary Male/Male Romance Box Set: IcecapadeMen of Smithfield: Mark and TonyBending the IronFirst Time, Forever
Lanyon, Josh.
Courage after fire for parents of service members
Domenici, Paula.
Courage after fire for parents of service members
Domenici, Paula.
Crave the night
Adrian, Lara.
Cross and crown
Roux, Abigail.
Bailey, Jodie.
Francis, Dick.
Crossing Zero
Gould, Elizabeth.
Thayer, Nancy,
Darkness first
Hayman, James,
Dead heat
Athanasiou, Tom.
Deadly sting
Estep, Jennifer.
Dear daughter
Little, Elizabeth,
Death at Blenheim Palace
Paige, Robin.
Debonair Dyke
Harte, Roxy.
Destiny's Shift
Fall, Carly.
Divine madness
Muchamore, Robert.
Dreaming of the bones
Crombie, Deborah.
Reilly, Nichola,
Dunwoody, David.
Schrefer, Eliot,
Engaging men
Curnyn, Lynda.
Delinsky, Barbara.
Fat chance
Lustig, Robert H.
Fever 1793
Earley, Lori.
Filhas de Safo
Braga, Paulo Drumond.
Final jeopardy
Fairstein, Linda A.
Mass, Wendy,
Finding your own North Star
Beck, Martha Nibley,
Follow me to Zion
Olsen, Andrew D.,
For the love of a goblin warrior
Husk, Shona.
Forgiven but not forgotten?
Green, Abby.
Free at last!
Benn, Tony,
Full spectrum dominance
Mahajan, Rahul.
Game of clones
Castle, M. E.,
Ghost month
Lin, Ed.
Girls like us
Giles, Gail,
Globalizing civil society
Korten, David C.
God's hotel
Sweet, Victoria.
Going wrong
Rendell, Ruth,
Golden Stair
Blackstream, Jennifer.
Good, Clean, Murder
Hilton, Traci Tyne.
Johnston, Kristen,
Guy in real life
Brezenoff, Steven.
Handcrafted Wire Findings
Peck, Denise.
Hard knocks
Foster, Lori,
Heart of venom
Estep, Jennifer.
Her Accidental Engagement
Major, Michelle.
High lonesome
Oates, Joyce Carol,
Holiday in a Stetson
Ferrarella, Marie.
Home sweet Texas
Gillenwater, Sharon.
Home to Italy
Pezzelli, Peter.
Logan, Chuck,
Hot connections jewelry
Chin, Jennifer.
How to eat a cupcake
Donohue, Meg.
Interred with their bones
Carrell, Jennifer Lee.
Into the storm
Clancy, Tom,
Nicholas, Annie.
Keep me closer
Byrd, Rhyannon.
Kiss of the goblin prince
Husk, Shona.
Leashing the Tempest
Bennett, Jenn.
Legacy of love
Hill, Donna
Life inc.
Rushkoff, Douglas.
Locked doors
Crouch, Blake.
Lonesome Dove
McMurtry, Larry.
Longing and lies
Hill, Donna
Lost treasure of the emerald eye
Stilton, Geronimo.
Love Inspired Historical August 2014 Bundle: The Wrangler's Inconvenient WifeThe Cattleman Meets His MatchProtected by the WarriorA Mother for His Children
Williams, Lacy.
Lovely in her bones
McCrumb, Sharyn,
Lover's knot
Richards, Emilie,
Lower your blood pressure in eight weeks
Sinatra, Stephen T.
Magicstorm (Heart of a Vampire, Book 4)
Kallyn, Amber.
Malpractice in Maggody
Hess, Joan.
Mark Twain
Powers, Ron.
Master of the moor
Rendell, Ruth,
Mathematician's delight
Sawyer, W. W.
Maybe one day
Kantor, Melissa.
Modern expressions
DaSilva, Fernando.
More from Magnolia
Torey, Allysa.
More time for politics
Benn, Tony,
Morgan's Surprise
Rylon, Jayne.
Morning is a long time coming
Greene, Bette,
Mr. Darcy forever
Connelly, Victoria.
Mud, sweat, and tears
Grylls, Bear.
Muletrain to Maggody
Hess, Joan.
Murder at Midnight
Cook, Marshall,
Murder Over Easy
Cook, Marshall,
My beautiful enemy
Thomas, Sherry.
My dearest friend
Thayer, Nancy,
My lady notorious
Beverley, Jo.
My steadfast heart
Goodman, Jo,
Nanny returns
McLaughlin, Emma.
Perlstein, Rick,
No choice but seduction
Lindsey, Johanna.
No strings attached
Andersen, Susan,
Cook, Marshall,
Off with the old love
Neels, Betty.
One Bite
Blackstream, Jennifer.
One hundred victories
Robinson, Linda,
Our town
Wilder, Thornton,
Painting on Rocks for Kids
Wellford, Lin,
Panic in a suitcase
Akhtiorskaya, Yelena,
Perfecting Patience
Vargo, Tabatha.
Playing Patience
Vargo, Tabatha.
Rylon, Jayne.
Precinct 13
Hallaway, Tate.
Prima, the Vanguards series book 6
Nicholas, Annie.
Private lessons
Hill, Donna
Queen of hearts
Bowen, Rhys,
Queremos Melhores Pais!
Quiet dell
Phillips, Jayne Anne,
Ranger confidential
Lankford, Andrea.
Evans, Katy.
Yates, Maisey.
Reshaping it all
Cameron-Bure, Candace,
Revenge wears Prada
Weisberger, Lauren,
Petrucha, Stefan.
Ruby Ridge
Walter, Jess,
Sacred Revelations
Harte, Roxy.
Salvation in the rancher's arms
Boyce, Kelly,
Scaredy cat
Billingham, Mark,
Seeing eye mate
McKenna, Annmarie.
Side effects may vary
Murphy, Julie,
Silent mercy
Fairstein, Linda A.
Sketches of an elephant
Johnstone, P. T.
Snow on the mountain
Singer, P. D.
Speaks the nightbird
McCammon, Robert R.
Spirit bound
Feehan, Christine.
Miller, Linda Lael.
Storming His Heart
Harte, Marie.
Strange and ever after
Dennard, Susan,
Sudden desire
Dane, Lauren.
Supreme City
Miller, Donald L.,
Surviving Henry
Young, Erin Taylor.
Sweet Charity
Dane, Lauren.
Tag Team
Peterson, S. J. D..
Taken for revenge, bedded for pleasure
Grey, India.
Taking it all
Banks, Maya,
Talson's test
Harte, Marie.
Tell me your dreams
Sheldon, Sidney.
Ahmad, Eqbal.
Terrorism and war
Zinn, Howard,
That perfect someone
Lindsey, Johanna.
The ambition
Strobel, Lee,
The autobiography of LeRoi Jones
Baraka, Amiri,
The bucolic plague
Kilmer-Purcell, Josh,
The Cartographer Tries to Map a Way to Zion
Miller, Kei.
The castle behind thorns
Haskell, Merrie.
The cattleman meets his match
Shackelford, Sherri.
The cellar
Preston, Natasha.
The confusion
Stephenson, Neal.
The curse of the cheese pyramid

The deadhouse
Fairstein, Linda A.
The dealer
Muchamore, Robert.
The dragon revenant
Kerr, Katharine.
The education of Madeline
Williamson, Beth,
The fat chance cookbook
Lustig, Robert H.
The fat girl's guide to life
Shanker, Wendy,
The fateful bargain
Neels, Betty.
The Fear Trials
Cummings, Lindsay.
The fire dragon
Kerr, Katharine.
The folk keeper
Billingsley, Franny,
The Goblin King
Husk, Shona.
The God project
Saul, John.
The hexed
Graham, Heather,
The Invisible Bridge
Perlstein, Rick,
The joy diet
Beck, Martha Nibley,
The killing
Muchamore, Robert.
The list
Vivian, Siobhan.
The Lord Francis Powerscourt Omnibus, Books 1 - 4
Dickinson, David,
The man who quit money
Sundeen, Mark,
The Mark of the Midnight Manzanilla
Willig, Lauren.
The marriage bargain
Probst, Jennifer.
The marriage bargain bundle

The marriage merger
Probst, Jennifer.
The marriage mistake
Probst, Jennifer.
The marriage trap
Probst, Jennifer.
The most dangerous book in the world
Bain, S. K.
The novels of Nora Roberts.
Roberts, Nora.
The passing bells
Rock, Phillip,
The Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Relationship
England, Diane.
The princess curse
Haskell, Merrie.
The real cost of fracking
Bamberger, Michelle.
The redemption of Micah
Williamson, Beth.
The secret club that runs the world
Kelly, Kate,
The secret hum of a daisy
Holczer, Tracy.
The secret of Red Gate Farm
Keene, Carolyn.
The Sheriff Catches a Bride
Seton, Cora.
The Shoestring Girl
Brewer, Annie Jean.
The Shooting Party
Colegate, Isabel.
The sisterhood
Palmer, Michael,
The sleepwalkers
Clark, Christopher M.
The snake eaters
West, Owen,
The starter wife
Grazer, Gigi Levangie.
The stolen bride
Green, Abby.
The stormchasers
Blum, Jenna.
The suffragette scandal
Milan, Courtney,
The sun also rises
Hemingway, Ernest,
The ultimate guide to orgasm for women
Heart, Mikaya.
The way back home
Freethy, Barbara.
The wheat belly fat diet
Chatham, John.
The whole world
Winslow, Emily
The woman next door
Delinsky, Barbara.
The wrangler's inconvenient wife
Williams, Lacy.
To Hunt a Sainte
Harte, Marie.
Tooth and Claw
McKenna, Annmarie.
True highland spirit
Forester, Amanda.
Truth about leo
MacAlister, Katie,
Sheff, Nic.
Twin Killing
Cook, Marshall,
Two whole cakes
Kinzel, Lesley,
Ugly love
Hoover, Colleen.
Yates, Maisey.
Undead and unreturnable
Davidson, MaryJanice.
Vapor trail
Logan, Chuck,
Viva las vegas
Halliday, Gemma.
Walking on Eggshells
Sales, Amy.
Well wished
Billingsley, Franny,
Wheat Belly Inspired Gluten Free Low Carb Flat Belly Diet

When Christakos Meets His Match
Green, Abby,
When Da Silva breaks the rules
Green, Abby,
When the world was young
Gaffney, Elizabeth,
Where the light falls
Keenum, Katherine.
While my sister sleeps
Delinsky, Barbara.
Widow's web
Estep, Jennifer.
Wild child
O'Keefe, Molly,
Wire Style
Peck, Denise.
Women of faith in the latter days

Women of Faith in the Latter Days, Volume 3
Chapman, Brittany A..
Women of the Frontier
Miller, Brandon Marie.
Yes Boss
Bound, Samantha.

New Fiction Books

The boy who killed demons :
Zeltserman, Dave,
A Christmas prayer /
Roby, Kimberla Lawson,
Defender of the innocent :
Block, Lawrence,
The disappearance boy :
Bartlett, Neil,
The final silence /
Neville, Stuart,
Justice postponed /
Fraser, Anthea,
Last winter, we parted /
Nakamura, Fuminori,
The Man With a Load of Mischief :
Grimes, Martha.
The Night Hunter /
Ramsay, Caro,
The perfect witness /
Johansen, Iris,
Unnatural Murder :
Dial, Connie,
The wolf in winter :
Connolly, John,
Black dog /
Kittredge, Caitlin.
Christopher's diary :
Andrews, V. C.
Dear thief /
Harvey, Samantha,
The Descartes Highlands :
Gamalinda, Eric,
Desert rage :
Webb, Betty,
Driftwood :
Dutton, Elizabeth,
Four days with Hemingway's ghost /
Winton, Tom.
An island Christmas :
Thayer, Nancy,
Jane and the twelve days of Christmas :
Barron, Stephanie.
Living treasures /
Huang, Yang.
Lizzy & Jane /
Reay, Katherine,
Melancholy II /
Fosse, Jon,
The old reactor :
Ohle, David,
Our Lady of the Nile /
Mukasonga, Scholastique,
The paying guests /
Waters, Sarah,
Shades of winter :
Anderson, John Wesley.
Sons of Sparta :
Siger, Jeffrey,
The spirit bird :
Nelson, Kent,
Spoiled brats :
Rich, Simon.
To everything a season /
Snelling, Lauraine.
Unseaming /
Allen, Mike,
When mystical creatures attack! /
Founds, Kathleen,
Blood magick /
Roberts, Nora.
A Bollywood affair /
Dev, Sonali,
Different tides /
Woods, Janet,
Disclosures /
James, Bill,
Falling from Horses :
Gloss, Molly.
Havana storm /
Cussler, Clive.
Ho-ho homicide /
Dunnett, Kaitlyn,
The killer next door /
Marwood, Alex.
The midnight plan of the repo man /
Cameron, W. Bruce,
Otherworld nights :
Armstrong, Kelley,
Paying the ferryman :
Adams, Jane,
Pegasus :
Steel, Danielle.
The peripheral /
Gibson, William,
Prince Lestat :
Rice, Anne,
Reign of evil /
Ochse, Weston.
The Ripper's wife /
Purdy, Brandy.
The ship of brides :
Moyes, Jojo,
The slow regard of silent things /
Rothfuss, Patrick,
Us /
Nicholls, David,
The world of ice & fire :
Martin, George R. R.
The fatal tree /
Lawhead, Steve.
An Irish doctor in peace and at war /
Taylor, Patrick,
The pierced heart :
Shepherd, Lynn,
Promise to cherish :
Younts, Elizabeth Byler.
Snowfall :
Gray, Shelley Shepard,
Wait for signs :
Johnson, Craig,

New Movies

2 autumns, 3 winters DVD
Burning bush DVD
Chinese puzzle DVD
Gone with the wind DVD
In the flesh. DVD
Practical magic DVD
Robin Williams live on broadway DVD
Still life DVD
Beneath the harvest sky/ DVD
Preschool prep : DVD
Vera. DVD
Begin again DVD
Begin again Blu-Ray
Chef Blu-Ray
Chef DVD
Death comes to Pemberley / DVD
Deliver us from evil DVD
Life of crime DVD
Lovejoy. DVD
Vera. DVD
Bates Motel. DVD
Broadway serenade DVD
Case histories. DVD
A coffee in Berlin DVD
Five dances DVD
The grand seduction DVD
The great train robbery DVD
Hannibal season two DVD
Kavanagh Q.C. DVD
Lovejoy. DVD
New girl : DVD
Billy Crystal 700 Sundays DVD
Life after Beth DVD
Mad men : DVD
Neighbors Blu-Ray
Neighbors DVD
Sex tape DVD
Snowpiercer Blu-Ray
Snowpiercer DVD

New Non-fiction DVDs

America DVD
American made movie DVD
Brothers in war DVD
Dorothea Lange : DVD
Generation like DVD
How we got to now DVD
Ivory tower DVD
The mind of a chef. DVD
The Oyler house : DVD
Peter Brook : DVD
The prosecution of an American president DVD
Six by Sondheim / DVD
Through the wormhole : DVD
Wagner's Jews DVD

New Music

24 karat gold Nicks, Stevie, performer.
American middle class Presley, Angeleena.
Any given Thursday Mayer, John, 1977-
Beatles '65 Beatles.
Beatles VI Beatles.
Caustic love Nutini, Paolo.
Demon summer Malliet, G. M., 1951-
Gypsy heart Caillat, Colbie, composer, performer.
Hope Boyle, Susan, 1961- performer.
That's Christmas to me Pentatonix (Vocal group)
Tough love Ware, Jessie, composer, performer.
X Sheeran, Ed, 1991-
747 Lady Antebellum (Musical group), performer.
Aretha Franklin sings the great diva classics Franklin, Aretha.
The big revival Chesney, Kenny, composer, performer.
Death and the maiden Schubert, Franz, 1797-1828.
Finest hour DeGraw, Gavin, 1977-
Ghost Radical Face, 1982-
God loves you when you're dancing Joy, Vance.
Heart on my sleeve Lambert, Mary, 1989- composer, performer.
Kings & queens of the underground Idol, Billy.
Magnificat Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel, 1714-1788.
Melody road Diamond, Neil.
Nostalgia Lennox, Annie, performer.
Pain killer Little Big Town (Musical group), performer.
Piano works Satie, Erik, 1866-1925.
Returning souls = Chen, Shih-Hui, 1962-, composer.
The Symphonies Brahms, Johannes, 1833-1897.
Volodos plays Mompou Mompou, Federico, 1893-1987, composer.
(What's the story) morning glory? Oasis (Rock group), performer.
The zone of interest Amis, Martin.
La Bohème Puccini, Giacomo, 1858-1924.
Misa criolla Navidad en verano Navidad nuestra Ramirez, Ariel.
The very best of 10cc 10cc (Musical group)

New Audiobooks

Blood magick Roberts, Nora,
Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis Leaming, Barbara,
Yes please Poehler, Amy,
The book of strange new things Faber, Michel,
Havana storm Cussler, Clive,
Maeve's times Binchy, Maeve,
Miracles Metaxas, Eric.
The peripheral Gibson, William,
A walk among the tombstones Block, Lawrence,
The betrayer Bezmozgis, David,
Gutenberg's apprentice Christie, Alix
As you wish Elwes, Cary,
Full measure Parker T. Jefferson,
Gravity's rainbow Pynchon, Thomas.
Gray Mountain Grisham, John,
Malice Higashino, Keigo,
Origins Tyson, Neil deGrasse,
The republic of imagination Nafisi, Azar.
Rooms Oliver, Lauren,
Ruth's journey McCaig, Donald,
State of wonder Patchett, Ann.

New E-Audiobooks

A lady by midnight Dare, Tessa,
A song for us Mummert, Teresa.
A week to be wicked Dare, Tessa,
All jacked up James, Lorelei.
An enemy of the people Ibsen, Henrik,
Bad intent Hornsby, Wendy.
Belladonna Bishop, Anne.
Brain droppings Carlin, George.
Bravo Rucka, Greg,
Cave of wonders Kirby, Matthew J.,
Chewed up C.K., Louis.
Cowboy heat
Curse of the ancients de la Pe
Every day Levithan, David.
Fat vampire Rex, Adam.
Fifty famous fairy tales McGovern, Mary Harriet,
Fired again Gurwitch, Annabelle.
Follow your North Star Beck, Martha Nibley,
For all time Deveraux, Jude,
Geronimo Stilton.
High stakes Francis, Dick.
I am having so much fun here without you Maum, Courtney,
In the kingdom of ice Sides, Hampton.
Lady be good Phillips, Susan Elizabeth.
Lead Scott, Kylie.
Mastergate Gelbert, Larry.
Masters of sex Maier, Thomas,
More napalm and silly putty Carlin, George.
More napalm and silly putty Carlin, George.
Mud, sweat, and tears Grylls, Bear.
Nixonland : Perlstein, Rick,
Nudge Thaler, Richard H.,
Of Neptune Banks, Anna,
One touch of scandal Carlyle, Liz.
Outpost Aguirre, Ann.
Saving Raphael Santiago Clare, Cassandra,
Sebastian Bishop, Anne.
Silken bonds Chesney, Marion.
Stop walking on eggshells Mason, Paul T.,
The fortune hunter Goodwin, Daisy,
The gatecrasher Wickham, Madeleine,
The graduate Webb, Charles.
The hobbit Tolkien, J. R. R.
The life of objects Moore, Susanna.
The love match Chesney, Marion.
The paperwhite narcissus Riggs, Cynthia.
The pillars of the earth Follett, Ken,
The smart one Close, Jennifer.
The summer girls Monroe, Mary Alice.
The summer wind Monroe, Mary Alice,
The trap door McMann, Lisa.
This heart of mine Phillips, Susan Elizabeth.
Top Secret (2008 edition) Cowan, Geoffrey.
Unquestioned integrity Hunt, Mame.
Vampires, scones, and Edmund Herondale Clare, Cassandra.
Walk on the striped side Lane, Jessie,
We all fall down Sheff, Nic.
What really happened in Peru Clare, Cassandra.
Windhaven Martin, George R. R.
Wise blood O'Connor, Flannery.