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Emma S. Clark Memorial Library members now have the option to receive their overdue and reserve notices by e-mail. In addition to the convenience of immediate notification, e-mail notices will also help the library save money on postage and printing.

PLEASE NOTE: E-mail notices are sent INSTEAD OF printed notices and telephone notifications. If you opt to receive e-mail notices, you will NOT receive a printed notice or a telephone call. It is your responsibility to check your e-mail account for notices.




You have two ways of requesting e-mail notices:

OPTION 1. Let us update your account for you. By filling out this form and clicking on the Submit button, you are notifying the library that you wish to receive your overdue and reserve notices by e-mail instead of by postal mail or telephone. The Library will update your account for you within 48 hours.

First Name:
Last Name:
Your E-mail Address:
LAST 4 Digits of your Library Card Number:
(Your library card number is printed on the back of your library card)

- OR -

OPTION 2. Do it yourself. Click the link below for instructions on how you can modify your own account to receive overdue and reserve notices by email instead of by postal mail or telephone. Using this method, the changes take effect immediately.

To modify your record, click here for instructions

Use either method to request e-mail notices for the first time, or to change your existing e-mail address from a previous request.

If you're having problems with either of the above methods, call the Library Circulation Desk at 631-941-4080 during library hours, or send an email to

Emma S. Clark Memorial Library
120 Main Street
Setauket, New York 11733-2868
(631) 941-4080

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