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New audiobooks recently addded to our collection.



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Title Author Published Date Added
The Hiltons Taraborrelli, J. Randy. 04/15/14
Until you're mine Hayes, Samantha. [2014] 04/15/14
Everlasting McBride, Martina. p2013. 04/11/14
The meat racket Leonard, Christopher, 2014. 04/10/14
Seeds of hope Goodall, Jane, [2013] 04/10/14
Six women of salem Roach, Marilynne K. p2014. 04/10/14
Astonish me Shipstead, Maggie. cp2014. 04/10/14
NYPD red 2 Patterson, James, 04/09/14
What should we be worried about? Brockman, John, p2014. 04/09/14
The eternal nazi Kulish, Nicholas. p2014 04/07/14
Flash boys Lewis, Michael [2014] 04/07/14
And the dark sacred night Glass, Julia, p2014. 04/03/14
Under magnolia Mayes, Frances. 04/03/14
Missing you Coben, Harlan, p2014. 04/03/14
The Tudor conspiracy Gortner, C. W. p2013. 04/01/14
Money Martin, Felix, [2014] 04/01/14
Meditations for stressful situations Michie, David, 04/01/14
Cambridge Kaysen, Susanna, 04/01/14
Buying in Hemphill, Laura, 04/01/14

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