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New e-books

New downloadable e-books recently addded to our collection.



Title Author Published
Zen baggage Porter, Bill, 2009
You're the one that I haunt Garey, Terri. 2009
Your sacred self Dyer, Wayne W. 2009
You'll see it when you believe it Dyer, Wayne W. 2009
Yaqui Delgado wants to kick your ass Medina, Meg. 2013
Yakuza pride Brues, H. J. 2011
Wulfe untamed Palmer, Pamela, 2014
Writing down your soul Conner, Janet. 2009
Worthy brown's daughter Margolin, Phillip. 2014
Working with Walt Peri, Don. 2008
Working class represent Aptowicz, Cristin O'Keefe. 2011
Words with fiends Brandon, Ali, 2013
Words Will Break Cement : The Passion of Pussy Riot Gessen, Masha. 2014
Wizzywig Piskor, Ed. 2012
With Autumn's Return Cabot, Amanda, 2014
Witch wraith Brooks, Terry. 2013
Winter's Thaw Carr, Mari. 2013
Wiley Series 63 Exam Review 2014 + Test Bank The Securities Institute of America, Inc. 2013
Wilder Dodd, Christina. 2012
Wild things Neill, Chloe. 2014
Wild garlic, gooseberries-- and me Cotter, Denis. 2010
Why nations fail Acemoglu, Daron. 2012
Why is sex fun? Diamond, Jared M. 1998
Who Was Laura Ingalls Wilder? Demuth, Patricia, 2013
Where is Janice Gantry? MacDonald, John D. 2013
When strangers marry Kleypas, Lisa. 2009
When life hurts Evans, Jimmy. 2013
When he was bad Laurenston, Shelly.
When a Texan gambles Thomas, Jodi. 2003
What the groom wants Lee, Jade. 2014
What she left behind Wiseman, Ellen Marie. 2013
What happens after dark Haynes, Jasmine. 2011
We-think 2010
Wedding tiers Ashley, Trisha. 2009
Weapon of seduction Smith, Maureen. 2006
Waking the dead Brant, Kylie. 2009
Waking storms Porter, Sarah, 2012
Waking nightmare Brant, Kylie. 2009
Waking evil Brant, Kylie. 2009
Wake Hope, Anna, 2014
Wait till Helen comes Hahn, Mary Downing. 2008
Voices from the Odeyak Posluns, Michael. 1993
Voice of the fire Moore, Alan, 2012
Visual Tools for Transforming Information Into Knowledge Hyerle, David N.. 2008
Vienna Haywood, Anthony.
Veronica Mars Thomas, Rob. 2014
Veiled truth Anna, Vivi. 2008
Vegan for her Messina, Virginia. 2013
Vanishing Point Moore, Alan. 2011
Urban renewal Vachss, Andrew H. 2014
Up from the grave Frost, Jeaniene. 2014
Unwrapped Burton, Jaci. 2007
Unspoken Brennan, Sarah Rees. 2012
Unspeakable O'Brien, Kevin, 2013
UnMarketing Stratten, Scott. 2012
Unlucky DeLeon, Jana. 2013
Unforgettable Byrd, Adrianne. 2011
Understanding Power Chomsky, Noam. 2002
Under the wide and starry sky Horan, Nancy. 2014
Under the same sky Graham, Genevieve. 2012
Under the jeweled sky McQueen, Alison, 2014
Under a New Year's Enchantment Monajem, Barbara. 2014
Undead and unstable Davidson, MaryJanice. 2012
U and I Baker, Nicholson. 2011
Two boys kissing Levithan, David. 2013
Turn Up the Heat: Love Won't Wait\Beach House Beginnings\Strong Enough to Love Foster, Lori, 2014
Trouble in Mudbug DeLeon, Jana. 2013
Tropical Heat Adair, Cherry, 2013
Triple Play: An Unrated! Prequel Kelly, Leslie, 2014
Trieste Drndi?, DaÜa, 2014
Treasure of Lima Archer, Alex, 2014
Treason at Lisson Grove Perry, Anne. 2011
Transforming Libraries, Building Communities Edwards, Julie Biando. 2013
Transforming anger Childre, Doc Lew, 2011
Transforming anger Childre, Doc Lew, 2003
Touch of seduction Byrd, Rhyannon. 2012
Tome of the undergates Sykes, Sam, 2010
To the end of June Beam, Cris. 2013
To brie or not to brie Aames, Avery. 2013
Time of Attack Cameron, Marc. 2014
Thrown by a curve Burton, Jaci. 2013
Thrill ride Walker, Julie Ann. 2013
Three weddings and a bar mitzvah Carlson, Melody. 2009
Three to tango 2011
Thornhill Peacock, Kathleen. 2013
This dark road to mercy Cash, Wiley, 2014
Thirty girls Minot, Susan. 2014
There's a spiritual solution to every problem Dyer, Wayne W. 2009
Theory U Scharmer, Claus Otto, 2009
The young traveler's gift Andrews, Andy, 2004
The yoga tradition Feuerstein, Georg. 2012
The yellow eyes of crocodiles Pancol, Katherine, 2013
The yard Grecian, Alex. 2012
The Wyoming heir Rawlings, Naomi, 2014
The works of John Leguizamo Leguizamo, John. 2009
The woods Hoppe, Paul. 2011
The woman behind the New Deal Downey, Kirstin. 2009
The wizard of Seattle Hooper, Kay. 2010
The winter people McMahon, Jennifer. 2014
The wife, the maid, and the mistress Lawhon, Ariel. 2014
The Wiersbe Bible Study Series: Nehemiah Wiersbe, Warren W.. 2011
The wicked Harrison, Thea, 2013
The Whitechapel conspiracy Perry, Anne. 2010
The Weather Girl Vastine, Amy. 2014
The watchers Steele, Jon, 2012
The vinyl countdown Elborough, Travis. 2009
The Venom of Luxur York, J. Steven. 2005
The vampire's quest Anna, Vivi. 2009
The Vampire Hunter Hauf, Michele. 2014
The underwater welder Lemire, Jeff. 2012
The umbrella of U.S. power Chomsky, Noam. 2011
The turning point Braden, Gregg. 2014
The Triple Package : How Three Unlikely Traits Explain the Rise and Fall of Cultural Groups in America Chua, Amy. 2014
The tin drum Grass, Gnnter, 2009
The thread Hislop, Victoria. 2012
The Texan's wager Thomas, Jodi. 2002
The temple of shamanic witchcraft Penczak, Christopher. 2013
The temple of high witchcraft Penczak, Christopher. 2013
The tears of autumn McCarry, Charles. 2007
The tarnished lady Hill, Sandra. 2010
The switch Sands, Lynsay. 2010
The success principles Canfield, Jack, 2009
The street where she lives Shalvis, Jill. 2012
The strangling on the stage Brett, Simon. 2014
The Stone Rose Townend, Carol. 2013
The stone prince Showalter, Gena. 2012
The spellbinder Johansen, Iris. 2014
The spark Barnett, Kristine. 2013
The sound of things falling Vßsquez, Juan Gabriel, 2013
The sociopath next door Stout, Martha, 2005
The sins of the wolf Perry, Anne. 2010
The Shift omnibus Howey, Hugh. 2013
The shadow reader Williams, Sandy. 2011
The shadow protocol McDermott, Andy. 2014
The seduction of Sara Hawkins, Karen. 2009
The secret of quantum living Kinslow, Frank J. 2012
The secret of magic Johnson, Deborah, 2014
The secret of instant healing Kinslow, Frank J. 2011
The seasons of a woman's life Levinson, Daniel J. 2011
The Screwtape letters Lewis, C. S. 2013
The saving graces Gaffney, Patricia. 2009
The saint, the surfer, and the CEO Sharma, Robin S. 2003
The Ruby programming language Flanagan, David. 2008
The return Hislop, Victoria. 2009
The Resolution Shirer, Priscilla Evans. 2011
The Resistance Man Walker, Martin, 2014
The reluctant Viking Hill, Sandra. 2010
The relaxation response Benson, Herbert, 2009
The reinvention of Chastity Vaughn, Eve. 2007
The ranch Steel, Danielle. 2009
The rainmaker Grisham, John. 2010
The quiet professor Neels, Betty. 2012
The purity of vengeance Adler-Olsen, Jussi. 2013
The promise Steel, Danielle. 2009
The principal's office Haynes, Jasmine. 2012
The princess bride Palmer, Diana. 2011
The pride of the peacock / Holt, Victoria, 2014
The power of chakras Shumsky, Susan G. 2013
The power of awareness Goddard, Neville, 2013
The politics of greed Schwartz, Andrew, 2006
The pleasure slave Showalter, Gena. 2012
The perfect play Burton, Jaci. 2011
The Paris Plot Grant, Teresa, 2014
The Paris architect Belfoure, Charles, 2013
The Paris affair Grant, Teresa, 2013
The parables of Kryon Kryon 2000
The Paladin Prophecy Frost, Mark, 2012
The painted veil Maugham, W. Somerset 2011
The outlaw viking Hill, Sandra. 2010
The outer temple of witchcraft Penczak, Christopher. 2013
The object of his protection Jackson, Brenda 2008
The novels of Nora Roberts. Roberts, Nora. 2011
The normals Gilbert, David, 2008
The nauti boys collection Leigh, Lora. 2011
The myths of creativity Burkus, David, 2013
The mystery of Ireta McCaffrey, Anne. 2003
The murder stone Todd, Charles. 2003
The monkey's voyage De Queiroz, Alan. 2014
The missing dough Cavender, Chris. 2013
The mind at work Rose, Mike 2005
The Miernik dossier McCarry, Charles. 2007
The Mediterranean diet for beginners 2013
The mediterranean diet Chatham, John. 2011
The Making of Modern South Africa Worden, Nigel, 2011
The magic between us Falkner, Tammy. 2014
The madness underneath Johnson, Maureen, 2013
The MacKenzie Security Series Hart, Liliana. 2013
The MacGregor's lady Burrowes, Grace. 2014
The luminaries Greene, Liz. 1992
The luckiest lady in London Thomas, Sherry 2013
The love potion Hill, Sandra. 2010
The longest date Chupack, Cindy. 2014
The long quiche goodbye Aames, Avery. 2010
The living temple of witchcraft. Penczak, Christopher. 2013
The last wicked scoundrel Heath, Lorraine. 2014
The Last Viking Hill, Sandra. 2010
The last one left MacDonald, John D. 2014
The Lacey confession Greener, Richard, 2010
The Knowland retribution Greener, Richard, 2010
The kingdom of little wounds Cokal, Susann, 2013
The king and I Carew, Opal. 2011
The King James, Steven. 2013
The Kill Bill diary Carradine, David. 2011
The Karla Trilogy Digital Collection Featuring George Smiley Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, The Honourable Schoolboy, Smiley's People/ Le CarrT, John, 2011
The journey after life Dale, Cyndi. 2013
The island Hislop, Victoria. 2009
The Irish born trilogy Roberts, Nora. 2011
The inner temple of witchcraft Penczak, Christopher. 2013
The initiation of the world. Alder, Vera Stanley. 2008
The influence of affluence Prince, Russ Alan, 2008
The indigo spell Mead, Richelle. 2013
The impossible knife of memory Anderson, Laurie Halse. 2014
The immortal rules Kagawa, Julie. 2013
The husband hunt Sands, Lynsay. 2012
The human line Bass, Ellen. 2012
The hidden years Kearney, Susan. 2014
The hidden flame Bunn, T. Davis, 2010
The Groom's Gamble A Novella/ Lee, Jade.. 2014
The Great Santini Conroy, Pat. 2010
The great cholesterol myth Bowden, Jonny. 2012
The great cake mystery McCall Smith, Alexander, 2012
The Google story Vise, David A. 2005
The good sister Staub, Wendy Corsi. 2013
The good luck of right now Quick, Matthew, 2014
The gonzo way Thompson, Anita, 2007
The golden willow Bernstein, Harry, 2009
The golden notebook Lessing, Doris, 2013
The golden lily Mead, Richelle. 2012
The Gods of Gotham Faye, Lyndsay. 2012
The girl, the gold watch & everything / MacDonald, John D. 2014
The girl I used to know Majewski, Marla. 2011
The ghoul next door Laurie, Victoria. 2014
The ghost of the Mary Celeste Martin, Valerie, 2014
The game of kings Dunnett, Dorothy. 2010
The Fuller memorandum Stross, Charles. 2010
The full catastrophe Carkeet, David. 2010
The French Affair Westhuizen, Jan Hendrik van der. 2013
The fox in the henhouse Kahn, Si. 2005
The forever girl McCall Smith, Alexander, 2014
The first 20 hours Kaufman, Josh. 2013
The file on H. Kadare, Ismail. 2013
The Fifth Elephant Pratchett, Terry. 2009
The fashion hound murders Viets, Elaine, 2009
The fashion designer survival guide Gehlhar, Mary. 2009
The Eye of the I Hawkins, David R., 2013
The Everything Weeknight Paleo Cookbook Fagone, Michelle. 2013
The everything parent's guide to children with executive functioning disorder Branstetter, Rebecca. 2013
The error of our ways Carkeet, David. 2010
The Edgar Cayce primer Puryear, Herbert B. 2009
The Edgar Cayce handbook for creating your future Thurston, Mark A. 2010
The Dude and the Zen master Bridges, Jeff, 2013
The dragon in the sock drawer Klimo, Kate. 2008
The door in the wall De Angeli, Marguerite, 2012
The doctor's little secret Diamond, Jacqueline, 2014
The dissertation journey Roberts, Carol M. 2010
The devil knows you're dead Block, Lawrence. 2009
The demonology of King James I James 2012
The deepest secret Buckley, Carla 2014
The death of Joan of Arc Scott, Michael, 2010
The day the world ends Coen, Ethan. 2012
The day before midnight Hunter, Stephen, 2009
The daring ladies of Lowell Alcott, Kate. 2014
The Dangerous boxed set Rice, Lisa Marie. 2013
The dancing master Klassen, Julie, 2014
The cybernetic brain Pickering, Andrew. 2010
The crowning glory of Calla Lily Ponder Wells, Rebecca, 2009
The crossroad Lewis, Beverly,
The cowboy's mail order bride Brown, Carolyn, 2014
The courier Britton, Andrew, 2013
The countess confessions Hunter, Jillian, 2014
The counterfeit agent Berenson, Alex. 2014
The corporate whistleblower's survival guide Devine, Tom, 2011
The complete idiot's guide to vegan living Bennett, Beverly Lynn. 2012
The complete idiot's guide to vegan eating for kids Villamagna, Dana. 2010
The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Mediterranean Diet Tessmer, Kimberly A. 2010
The complete idiot's guide to starting and running a thrift store Buckley, Ravel. 2010
The complete idiot's guide to plant-based nutrition Hever, Julieanna. 2011
The complete idiot's guide to low-fat vegan cooking Rinaldi, Bo. 2012
The complete idiot's guide to amigurumi Gilbank, June. 2010
The complete adventures of Curious George Rey, Margret. 2010
The commander's woman Carew, Opal. 2011
The Christmas knight Sinclair, Michele. 2010
The chosen Archer, Alex. 2007
The cholera years Rosenberg, Charles E. 2010
The chiru of high Tibet Martin, Jacqueline Briggs. 2010
The Chicken Qabalah of Rabbi Lamed Ben Clifford DuQuette, Lon Milo, 2010
The cheesy vegan Schlimm, John E., 2013
The chance Carr, Robyn. 2014
The chamber Grisham, John. 2010
The case of the confirmed bachelor Palmer, Diana. 2011
The candy smash Davies, Jacqueline, 2013
The candy corn contest Giff, Patricia Reilly. 2008
The Campbell Trilogy 3-Book Bundle McCarty, Monica. 2013
The calorie myth Bailor, Jonathan. 2013
The cakes of wrath Brady, Jacklyn, 2013
The burning question Berners-Lee, Mike. 2013
The bungalow mystery Keene, Carolyn. 1930
The bully pulpit Roosevelt, Theodore, 2002
The brass cupcake MacDonald, John D. 2014
The boy who changed the world Andrews, Andy, 2010
The blue viking Hill, Sandra. 2010
The black hand Blatchford, Chris. 2009
The big picture Horton, Tony 2014
The bewitched Viking Hill, Sandra. 2010
The betrothed Manzoni, Alessandro, 2013
The Best Work Ever Produced on Blackjack Jefferies, Barry. 2011
The best thing Burton, Jaci. 2012
The belly fat diet Chatham, John. 2011
The Beauty of Humanity Movement Gibb, Camilla. 2011
The beach girls MacDonald, John D. 2013
The battle of Venezuela McCaughan, Michael 2011
The Barbershop Seven Lindsay, Douglas, 2013
The Bakery sisters bundle Mallery, Susan. 2008
The bad boy billionaire's wicked arrangement Rodale, Maya. 2013
The Bad Boy Billionaire's Girl Gone Wild Rodale, Maya. 2014
The baby wore a badge Ferrarella, Marie. 2011
The baby scheme Diamond, Jacqueline, 2014
The baby came C.O.D. Ferrarella, Marie. 2011
The babel codex Archer, Alex, 2013
The aviators Groom, Winston, 2013
The atrocity archives Stross, Charles. 2006
The astonishing adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl Lyga, Barry. 2007
The art of intrusion Mitnick, Kevin D. 2005
The art of deception Mitnick, Kevin D. 2011
The apocalypse codex Stross, Charles. 2012
The antelope wife Erdrich, Louise. 2012
The animated man Barrier, J. Michael. 2007
The ADD myth Burge, Martha. 2012
The 7-Day Prayer Warrior Experience Omartian, Stormie. 2013
The 7 secrets of synchronicity MacGregor, Trish, 2010
The 7 secrets of sound healing Goldman, Jonathan, 2008
The 6 week cure for the middle-aged middle Eades, Mary Dan. 2009
The 27 ingredient chili con carne murders Pickard, Nancy. 2011
The 150 healthiest foods on earth Bowden, Jonny. 2007
The 101 Dalmatians Smith, Dodie, 1989
The 1000 most important questions you will ever ask yourself Thomas, Alyss, 2005
Tender to his touch Byrd, Adrianne. 2009
Tempting the highlander Sinclair, Michele. 2011
Tempest rising Deebs, Tracy. 2011
Tears of the moon Roberts, Nora. 2000
Teaching against global capitalism and the new imperialism McLaren, Peter, 2004
Tart Dane, Lauren. 2012
Tanner's twelve swingers Block, Lawrence. 2009
Taming Jesse James Thayne, RaeAnne. 2010
Tallstar's revenge Hunter, Erin. 2013
Tall, dark and fearless Brockmann, Suzanne. 2010
Talking to the dead Bingham, Harry, 2012
Tales of a new America Reich, Robert B. 2013
Taking a shot Burton, Jaci, 2012
Taken Crais, Robert. 2012
Take Your Medicine Hart, Arianna. 2007
Sweet persuasion Banks, Maya. 2009
Sweet Addiction Banks, Maya. 2012
Susanna's dream Perry, Marta, 2014
Surprised by hope Wright, N. T. 2009
Supercapitalism Reich, Robert B. 2007
Summer of the big bachi Hirahara, Naomi, 2004
Subterranean Rollins, James, 2009
Stung Jenkins, Jerry B. 2004
Stranger in a Strange Land Heinlein, Robert A. 1987
Strange bedpersons Crusie, Jennifer. 2012
Strange attractions Holly, Emma. 2004
Stranded Pettrey, Dani. 2013
Str8te Boys Anderson, Evangeline. 2009
Story McKee, Robert, 2010
Storm's heart Harrison, Thea. 2011
Stolen Armstrong, Kelley. 2010
Still life with bread crumbs Quindlen, Anna, 2014
Step this way Rabe, Tish. 2013
Steel's edge Andrews, Ilona. 2012
Stealing shadows Hooper, Kay. 2010
Star Steel, Danielle. 2009
Stan Lee's How to write comics! Lee, Stan, 2011
Stalking the wild pendulum Bentov, Itzhak. 1988
Stairway to heaven Cole, Richard, 2009
Spring broke Carlson, Melody. 2009
Spiritual initiation and the breakthrough of consciousness Pearce, Joseph Chilton. 2003
Speedboat Adler, Renata. 2013
Space Osborne, Will. 2012
Southampton Row Perry, Anne. 2002
South Village Singles Collection: Roughing It with Ryan\Tangling with Ty\Messing with Mac Shalvis, Jill. 2014
Sound of the heart Graham, Genevieve. 2012
Sorcerer's Ring Bundle Rice, Morgan. 2013
Somewhere to Dream Graham, Genevieve. 2013
Something from the Nightside Green, Simon R., 2003
Some Like It Wicked Jameson, Lauren, 2013
Solitary witch RavenWolf, Silver, 2011
Social suicide Halliday, Gemma. 2012
Snowbound with a Stranger Rogers, Rebecca. 2012
Snow blind Tracy, P. J. 2007
Smiley's people Le CarrT, John, 2011
Smile Gutman, Ron. 2012
Smashed in the USSR Walton, Caroline. 2013
Slide:ology Duarte, Nancy. 2008
Slave to fashion Campbell, Rebecca, 2002
Slackonomics Chamberlain, Lisa. 2008
Six months later Richards, Natalie D. 2013
Sins of the flesh McCullough, Colleen, 2013
Sing your pleasure Arthur, Artist C. 2010
Sinful chocolate Byrd, Adrianne. 2009
Simply managing Mintzberg, Henry. 2013
Silent night, haunted night Garey, Terri. 2009
Silence once begun Ball, Jesse 2014
Showdown in Mudbug DeLeon, Jana. 2013
Shop till you drop Viets, Elaine, 2003
Shootin' the sh*t with Kevin Smith Smith, Kevin, 2011
Shoot to thrill Tracy, P. J. 2010
Shattered rainbows Putney, Mary Jo. 2012
Shannon Mckenna's McCloud brothers bundle McKenna, Shannon. 2011
Shadow force Conrad, Linda.
Shades of Earth Revis, Beth. 2013
Sex and violence Mesrobian, Carrie. 2013
Seven words to change your family-- while there's still time MacDonald, James, 2002
Seven nights of sin Alexander, Lacey. 2008
Seven for a secret Faye, Lyndsay. 2013
Set sail for murder Hart, Carolyn G. 2009
Serpent's kiss Harrison, Thea. 2011
Series 63 Training Guide Clark, Ken. 2013
Serena Rash, Ron, 2009
Seed sounds for tuning the chakras D'Angelo, James. 2012
Seducing the Highlander Sinclair, Michele. 2013
Secrets of a lady Grant, Tracy. 2009
Second Watch Jance, Judith A. 2013
Sea change White, Karen 2012
Scruples two Krantz, Judith. 2011
Scruples Krantz, Judith. 2011
Scrapped Bryan, Mollie Cox, 2013
Scrapbook of secrets Bryan, Mollie Cox, 2012
Scowler Kraus, Daniel. 2013
Scorched earth Wilcox, Fred. 2011
Scion of the serpent York, J. Steven. 2005
Science was wrong Friedman, Stanton T. 2010
Scent of darkness Dodd, Christina. 2007
Scandal on half moon street Roycroft, Vivian. 2012
Say you love me Byrd, Adrianne. 2009
Say goodbye to survival mode Paine, Crystal. 2014
Sanctuary Lewis, Beverly,
Sacred leaf Ellis, Deborah, 2011
Sabio con el dinero Lucado, Max.
Ruthless game Feehan, Christine. 2010
Rumble on the Bayou DeLeon, Jana. 2013
Rules of vengeance Reich, Christopher, 2009
Rules of attraction Elkeles, Simone. 2010
Rule Breaker Leigh, Lora. 2014
Romancing the duke Dare, Tessa, 2014
Roar and Liv Rossi, Veronica. 2012
River of fire Putney, Mary Jo. 2012
Rising darkness Harrison, Thea. 2013
Ripper Allende, Isabel. 2014
Ricochet Adair, Cherry, 2013
Rich people things Lehmann, Chris. 2009
Rev it up Walker, Julie Ann. 2012
Return to Tradd Street White, Karen 2014
Resurrection in Mudbug DeLeon, Jana. 2013
Restaurant financial basics Schmidgall, Raymond S., 2003
Rescued Jenkins, Jerry B. 2004
Renegade Palmer, Diana. 2011
Remote Fried, Jason. 2013
Relentless protector Thompson, Colleen. 2012
Reinventing critical pedagogy 2006
Reign of error Ravitch, Diane. 2013
Reflections from the wrong side of the tracks 2005
Red's hot cowboy Brown, Carolyn, 2011
Red rising Brown, Pierce, 2014
Red mist Cornwell, Patricia Daniels. 2011
Red Lily Roberts, Nora. 2005
Red hot Santa 2013
Red dragon Harris, Thomas, 2009
Reclaim your spiritual power Roth, Ron. 2001
Recipe for temptation Smith, Maureen. 2010
Reason Reich, Robert B. 2004
Real magic Dyer, Wayne W. 2010
Real food fermentation Lewin, Alex, 2012
Ready when you are, Mr. Coppola, Mr. Spielberg, Mr. Crowe Ziesmer, Jerry, 2003
Ravishing the heiress Thomas, Sherry. 2012
Radical walking tours of New York City Kayton, Bruce. 2011
Quofum Foster, Alan Dean, 2008
Putting on the Mind of Christ Marion, James. 2011
Pursued Jenkins, Jerry B. 2003
Purify and destroy SGemelin, Jacques. 2007
Pukka's promise Kerasote, Ted. 2013
Psychotic Reactions and Carburetor Dung Bangs, Lester. 2013
Psyche in a dress Block, Francesca Lia. 2009
Protein power Eades, Michael R. 2009
Project censored guide to independent media and activism 2011
Prognosis Diamond, Jacqueline, 2014
Profound healing Canfield, Cheryl, 2003
Private empire Coll, Steve. 2012
Prescription: marry her immediately Diamond, Jacqueline, 2014
Pregnant nurse, new-found family Marshall, Lynne, 2014
Praying in color MacBeth, Sybil. 2013
Prayer warrior Omartian, Stormie. 2013
Power play Bossley, Michele Martin. 2008
Pompeii Harris, Robert, 2003
Pleasure and purpose Hart, Megan. 2009
Playing to win Burton, Jaci. 2012
Plate to pixel Dujardin, HTlFne. 2011
Pitch perfect Rapkin, Mickey. 2008
Pioneer girl Nguyen, Bich Minh. 2014
Pimps, hos, playa hatas, and all the rest of my Hollywood friends Leguizamo, John. 2009
Phylogenesis Foster, Alan Dean, 2006
Petals in the storm Putney, Mary Jo. 2011
Perfect together Phillips, Carly. 2014
Perfect timing Jackson, Brenda 2014
Perfect Stranger (Novella) Phillips, Carly. 2014
Perfect Joyce, Rachel. 2014
People who said no Scandiffio, Laura. 2012
Peace, love and cupcakes Berk, Sheryl. 2012
Payard Desserts Payard, Francois. 2013
Pax omega Ewing, Al. 2012
Past midnight Haynes, Jasmine. 2011
Passport to peril Parker, Robert, 2011
Passion Play Carew, Opal. 2012
Passion for creation Eckhart, 2000
Parrots Juniper, Tony. 2010
Paper roses Cabot, Amanda, 2009
Paleo cooking from Elana's pantry Amsterdam, Elana. 2013
Paddle your own canoe Offerman, Nick, 2013
Overdiagnosed Welch, H. Gilbert. 2011
Overcoming fear & discouragement Arthur, Kay, 2002
Out of the woods Darling, Lynn. 2014
Out of the shadows Hooper, Kay. 2009
Oracle's moon Harrison, Thea. 2012
Open letter to quiet light Block, Francesca Lia. 2009
One more thing Novak, B. J., 2014
One Monday We Killed Them All MacDonald, John D. 2013
One fine cowboy Kennedy, Joanne. 2010
One day the soldiers came London, Charles, 2009
One came home Timberlake, Amy. 2013
On vision and colors Schopenhauer, Arthur, 2006
On the Island Garvis Graves, Tracey. 2012
On the hunt 2011
On the beach Shute, Nevil, 2010
On such a full sea Lee, Chang-Rae. 2014
On my own two wheels O'Doherty, Malachi, 2012
Olivia Joules and the overactive imagination Fielding, Helen, 2005
Off the grid Tracy, P. J. 2012
Not a drop to drink McGinnis, Mindy. 2013
Not a creature was stirring Haddam, Jane, 2013
Nom nom paleo Tam, Michelle. 2013
Nobody likes a quitter (and other reasons to avoid rehab) Dunn, Dan, 2007
Nobody but you Freethy, Barbara. 2013
Noam Chomsky Sperlich, Wolfgang B., 2006
No tech hacking Long, Johnny. 2011
No ordinary Joe Celmer, Michelle. 2012
No Money! Martin, Rick. 2011
No child of mine Lewis, Susan, 2013
Night's promise Ashley, Amanda. 2014
Night season Wilks, Eileen, 2008
Nico Young, James 2013
New Orleans noir 2007
Never enough Dane, Lauren. 2011
Naked, drunk, and writing Lara, Adair. 2010
My woman, his wife 3 J., Anna. 2012
My sweetest escape Cameron, Chelsea M., 2014
My stroke of insight Taylor, Jill Bolte, 2008
My planet Roach, Mary. 2013
My name is Asher Lev Potok, Chaim. 2009
My mother's secret Witterick, J. L., 2013
My life next door Fitzpatrick, Huntley, 2012
My husband wears my clothes Rudd, Peggy J. 2011
My age of anxiety Stossel, Scott. 2014
Must love dukes Michels, Elizabeth. 2014
Mussolini and the rise of fascism Sassoon, Donald, 2012
Murder between the covers Viets, Elaine, 2003
Ms. Sue has no clue! Gutman, Dan, 2013
Ms. Leakey is freaky! Gutman, Dan. 2011
Ms. Beard is weird! Gutman, Dan. 2012
Mrs. Rowe's little book of Southern pies Bryan, Mollie Cox, 2011
Mrs. Noodlekugel Pinkwater, Daniel Manus, 2012
Mrs. Jafee is daffy! Gutman, Dan. 2009
Mrs. Dole is out of control! Gutman, Dan. 2009
Mr. Tony is full of baloney! Gutman, Dan. 2010
Mr. Klutz is nuts! Gutman, Dan. 2009
Mr. Churchill's secretary MacNeal, Susan Elia. 2012
Motherland Hummel, Maria. 2014
Most Likely to Succeed Davies, Kate. 2013
Mortal danger Wilks, Eileen, 2005
Mortal arts Huber, Anna Lee. 2013
Moondog Scotto, Robert M., 2013
Moon rising Devoti, Lori, 2014
Mood indigo. Vian, Boris, 2013
Monkeewrench Tracy, P. J. 2004
Miss Suki is kooky! Gutman, Dan. 2009
Miss Small is off the wall! Gutman, Dan. 2009
Miss Molly Robbins designs a seduction Fresina, Jayne. 2014
Miss Laney is zany! Gutman, Dan. 2010
Miss Kraft is daft! Gutman, Dan. 2012
Mischief on Albemarle Roycroft, Vivian. 2013
Mischief in Mudbug DeLeon, Jana. 2013
Misbehaving Reisz, Tiffany. 2014
Miraculous moments Al-Chokhachy, Elissa. 2010
Microsoft PowerPivot for Excel 2010 Russo, Marco, 2010
Merry, merry ghost Hart, Carolyn G. 2009
Merry sexy Christmas 2012
Memoirs of a geisha Golden, Arthur, 1999
Melting the Ice Burton, Jaci. 2014
Mayor Hubble is in trouble! Gutman, Dan. 2012
Maximize your potential through the power of your subconscious mind to overcome fear and worry Murphy, Joseph, 2011
Maul Schreiber, Joe, 2014
Matt Jensen, the last mountain man Johnstone, William W. 2014
Matrimonio real Driscoll, Mark, 2012
Mathew Brady Wilson, Robert, 2013
Mastermind Konnikova, Maria. 2013
Mary Poppins & Mary Poppins comes back Travers, P. L. 2006
Mary Poppins Travers, P. L. 1997
Mary Jo Putney's Lost Lords Bundle Putney, Mary Jo. 2013
Marrying the cowboy Milburn, Trish, 2014
Maroon the implacable Shoats, Russell. 2013
March. Lewis, John, 2013
Manhunting Crusie, Jennifer. 2012
Managers, not MBAs Mintzberg, Henry. 2002
Make space Doorley, Scott, 2011
Maison Domine Kade, Skylar. 2009
Mahina's Storm Vivi Anna. 2008
Madame Bovary Flaubert, Gustave,
Lush Dane, Lauren. 2013
Lucky thirteen Wiley, Ken, 2010
Lucas Davenport novels 16-20 Sandford, John, 2012
Lucas Davenport collection Sandford, John. 2012
Lucas Davenport Collection Sandford, John. 2012
LSD Grof, Stanislav, 2009
Lovers premiere Byrd, Adrianne. 2010
Lovers in hiding Kearney, Susan. 2014
Lovers Krantz, Judith. 2011
Love, honor & cherish Woods, Sherryl. 2014
Love, honor & cherish Woods, Sherryl. 2014
Love with a long, tall Texan Palmer, Diana. 2011
Love takes time Byrd, Adrianne. 2009
Love story, with murders Bingham, Harry, 2014
Love Inspired Suspense January 2014 Bundle: Safe by the Marshal's Side\Frame-Up\Race for the Gold\Crossfire McCoy, Shirlee. 2014
Love Inspired January 2014 - Bundle 2 of 2: Bayou Sweetheart\The Firefighter's New Family\Season of Redemption Worth, Lenora. 2014
Love Inspired January 2014 - Bundle 1 of 2: Her Unexpected Cowboy\His Ideal Match\The Rancher's Secret Son Clopton, Debra. 2014
Love Inspired Historical February 2014 Bundle: Heartland Courtship\The Marshal's Ready-Made Family\Hearts Rekindled\Her Roman Protector Cote, Lyn. 2014
Love in the lineup Mello, Deborah Fletcher. 2014
Love 2 love U Jamieson, Kelly. 2010
Love & war Carville, James. 2014
Lost classics 2011
Lost and fondue Aames, Avery. 2011
Lord's fall Harrison, Thea. 2012
Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries. Sayers, Dorothy L. 2013
Lord of the vampires Showalter, Gena. 2011
Long Spoon Lane Perry, Anne. 2006
Long Man Greene, Amy, 2014
Lone Star winter Palmer, Diana. 2010
Lola and the boy next door Perkins, Stephanie. 2011
Llewellyn's Truth About Chakras Judith, Anodea, 2013
Living nightmare Butcher, Shannon K. 2010
Live bait Tracy, P. J. 2005
Little failure Shteyngart, Gary, 2014
Like life Moore, Lorrie. 2012
Lifelong love affair Evans, Jimmy. 2012
Lifekeys Kise, Jane A. G. 2005
Life of the Party Cobb, Irvin S. 2013
Lidia's Italy in America Bastianich, Lidia. 2011
Lidia's Italy Bastianich, Lidia. 2010
Library building projects Hagloch, Susan B. 1994
Letting the light in Berk, Philip M., 2010
Letting Go Hawkins, David R., 2013
Letting go Banks, Maya. 2014
Letters from home McMorris, Kristina. 2011
Lethal bayou beauty DeLeon, Jana. 2013
Learning to play with a lion's testicles Haynes, Melissa J. 2013
Learning Ruby Fitzgerald, Michael, 2008
Leading from the Emerging Future Scharmer, Claus Otto, 2013
Leadership revolution Gordon, Wayne. 2012
Leader of the pack MacInerney, Karen, 2009
Launching the innovation renaissance Tabarrok, Alexander. 2011
Last April fair Neels, Betty. 2009
Laid open Dane, Lauren. 2012
Laid bare Dane, Lauren. 2009
Lady thief Gaughen, A. C., 2014
Lady in red Hawkins, Karen. 2009
La dieta del amor Iam, Mabel. 2012
Knock-out blackjack Vancura, Olaf. 1998
Knights of white bundle Jones, Lisa Renee. 2008
Knee High by the 4th of July Lourey, Jess, 2010
Kiss, bow, or shake hands, sales and marketing Morrison, Terri. 2011
Kiss the Dead Hamilton, Laurell K.. 2012
Kiss me again Vail, Rachel. 2012
Kinked Harrison, Thea, 2013
Killer Kellerman, Jonathan. 2014
Kicking it 2013
Just a dog Arluke, Arnold. 2006
Junie B., first grader Park, Barbara. 2009
Junie B. Jones is (almost) a flower girl Park, Barbara. 2010
Junie B. Jones has a peep in her pocket Park, Barbara. 2010
Junie B. Jones and the mushy gushy valentime [i.e. valentine] Park, Barbara. 2010
June bug Lourey, Jess, 2010
Judy Moody's mini-mysteries and other sneaky stuff for super sleuths McDonald, Megan. 2012
Jony Ive Kahney, Leander, 2013
Joni Mitchell Bego, Mark. 2005
Jimmy Stewart Eliot, Marc. 2006
Jim Cramer's get rich carefully Cramer, James. 2013
Jewels of the sun Roberts, Nora. 1999
Jesus calling Young, Sarah, 2010
Jesse's Girl Erickson, Karen. 2009
Jerusalem Sebag Montefiore, Simon, 2011
Japan, Hell on Earth Andrews, Paul. 2011
Jamie Foster, Lori, 2014
It came upon a midnight clear Brockmann, Suzanne. 2007
Is there no place on earth for me? Sheehan, Susan, 2014
Iron curtains Hirt, Sonia. 2012
Intuition Goodman, Allegra. 2006
Into the still blue Rossi, Veronica. 2014
Into the shadow Dodd, Christina. 2008
Into the flame Dodd, Christina. 2008
Instant gratification Shalvis, Jill. 2012
Instant attraction Shalvis, Jill. 2012
Infinite quest Edward, John 2010
India Black in the City of Light Carr, Carol K.. 2013
India Black and the Widow of Windsor Carr, Carol K. 2011
India Black and the Shadows of Anarchy Carr, Carol K. 2013
Increasing student engagement and retention in e-learning environments 2013
In the president's secret service Kessler, Ronald, 2009
In the light of love Mello, Deborah Fletcher. 2014
In search of hope Jacobs, Anna. 2014
In rides trouble Walker, Julie Ann. 2012
In His Angel's Arms Marshall, Lynne, 2014
Imperial scandal Grant, Tracy. 2012
Imperfect Abbott, Jim, 2012
Imaginary girls Suma, Nova Ren. 2011
I'm too young for this! 2013
Illuminata Williamson, Marianne, 2013
I'll become the sea Rogers, Rebecca. 2010
Ignite me Mafi, Tahereh. 2014
If we kiss Vail, Rachel. 2012
Ice cold Adair, Cherry, 2013
Ian's ultimate gamble Jackson, Brenda
I shall be near to you McCabe, Erin Lindsay. 2014
I See London Cleeton, Chanel. 2014
I promise Byrd, Adrianne. 2008
I love the rain Bridges, Margaret Park. 2012
I like stars Brown, Margaret Wise, 2010
I know this much is true Lamb, Wally. 2009
I heart Bloomberg Carlson, Melody. 2008
I Hate Everyone...Starting with Me Rivers, Joan. 2012
I bet I won't fret Sisemore, Timothy A. 2008
Hypnotizing Maria Bach, Richard. 2009
Hunting shadows Todd, Charles. 2014
Human remains Haynes, Elizabeth, 2013
How to Stop E-Mail Spam, Spyware, Malware, Computer Viruses and Hackers from Ruining Your Computer o Brown, Bruce C. 2010
How to make love to Adrian Colesberry Colesberry, Adrian. 2009
How to make collaboration work Straus, David. 2002
How to be popular Cabot, Meg. 2009
How to be a success Yogananda, 2008
How not to become a little old lady McHugh, Mary. 2008
How many jelly beans? Menotti, Andrea. 2012
How can I keep from singing? Dunaway, David King. 2009
Hot Westmoreland nights Jackson, Brenda 2010
Hostage Crais, Robert. 2009
Hope under construction Getz, Gene A. 1995
Hope to die Block, Lawrence. 2009
Hope Springs Carr, Mari. 2013
Hope flames Burton, Jaci. 2014
Honor among thieves Chandler, David, 2011
Home to Wyoming Winters, Rebecca, 2013
Home to Seaview Key Woods, Sherryl. 2014
Home for Christmas Rabe, Tish. 2012
Holy madness Feuerstein, Georg. 2013
Hollywood secrets Halliday, Gemma. 2009
Hollywood confessions Halliday, Gemma. 2011
Hollow city Riggs, Ransom, 2014
Hollington Homecoming, Volume Two: Passion Overtime\Tender to His Touch Yaye, Pamela. 2013
Holiday games Burton, Jaci. 2013
Holding Silvan Wesolowska, Monica, 2013
Hit men Dannen, Fredric. 2011
His Spanish bride Grant, Tracy. 2012
His Day is Done Angelou, Maya. 2014
His bright light Steel, Danielle. 2009
His at night Thomas, Sherry 2010
Highlander most wanted Banks, Maya. 2013
Highland hunger Howell, Hannah. 2011
Hiding in the shadows Hooper, Kay. 2009
Hidden hearts Kearney, Susan. 2014
Hidden Jenkins, Jerry B. 2004
Heretic of Set York, J. Steven. 2005
Here comes everybody Shirky, Clay. 2008
Her Valentine Fantasy Warren, Nancy, 2014
Her perfect cowboy Milburn, Trish. 2013
Her own rules Bradford, Barbara Taylor, 2013
Her officer and gentleman Hawkins, Karen. 2009
Her master and commander Hawkins, Karen. 2009
Her L.A. knight Marshall, Lynne, 2014
Her banished lord Townend, Carol. 2010
Her Baby's Secret Father Marshall, Lynne, 2014
Hemingway's girl Robuck, Erika. 2012
Hell to pay Staub, Wendy Corsi. 2011
Hell on wheels Walker, Julie Ann. 2012
Heat Woods, Stuart. 2009
Heart's secret Byrd, Adrianne. 2010
Hearts rekindled Hall, Patty Smith, 2014
Heartland courtship Cote, Lyn, 2014
Healing sounds Goldman, Jonathan, 2002
He walks among us Stearns, Richard 2013
Hazardous duty Griffin, W.E.B. 2013
Having the cowboy's baby Milburn, Trish. 2013
Have a New You by Friday Leman, Kevin. 2010
Have a new husband by Friday Leman, Kevin. 2009
Haunting beauty Quinn, Erin, 2009
Harvey Pekar's Cleveland Pekar, Harvey. 2012
Harvest of gold Afshar, Tessa.
Harmony cabins Hart, Regina. 2014
Harlequin Superromance January 2014 - Bundle 2 of 2: A Ranch for His Family\Cowgirl in High Heels\A Man to Believe In Navarre, Hope. 2014
Harlequin Superromance January 2014 - Bundle 1 of 2: Everywhere She Goes\A Promise for the Baby\That Summer at the Shore Kay, Janice. 2014
Harlequin Romance January 2014 Bundle: The Greek's Tiny Miracle\The Man Behind the Mask\English Girl in New York\The Final Falcon Says I Do Winters, Rebecca. 2014
Harlequin Nocturne January 2014 Bundle: The Vampire Hunter\Moon Rising Hauf, Michele. 2014
Harlequin Historical January 2014 - Bundle 2 of 2: Secrets of a Gentleman Escort\A Marriage of Notoriety\Protected by the Major Scott, Bronwyn. 2014
Harlequin Historical January 2014 - Bundle 1 of 2: Rancher Wants a Wife\From Ruin to Riches\Unveiling Lady Clare Bridges, Kate, 2014
Hard going Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia. 2014
Hard as it gets Kaye, Laura. 2013
Gunmetal magic Andrews, Ilona. 2012
Guitar zero Marcus, Gary F. 2012
Guillermo Del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities Toro, Guillermo del, 2013
Guardian angel Garwood, Julie. 2011
Green living can be deadly McLaughlin, Staci. 2014
Grand Canyon & Arizona national parks 2010
Gothic Serpent Chun, Clayton K. S. 2012
Good enough to eat Ballis, Stacey. 2010
Golf and the spirit Peck, M. Scott 2009
Golden state Richmond, Michelle, 2014
Gods and generals Shaara, Jeff, 2000
Goddesses & angels Virtue, Doreen, 2007
Global Issues Seitz, John L., 2011
Glitter and glue Corrigan, Kelly, 2014
Girl trouble Dyhouse, Carol, 2013
Ghouls Night Out Garey, Terri. 2012
Ghost memories Graham, Heather. 2010
Ghost in trouble Hart, Carolyn G. 2010
Ghost gone wild Hart, Carolyn G. 2013
Ghost at work Hart, Carolyn G. 2009
Getting green done Schendler, Auden. 2009
Getting better Kenny, Charles. 2012
George, Thomas, and Abe! 2012
Gene wars Dawkins, Kristin. 2011
Gena Showalter bundle Showalter, Gena. 2007
Gates of fire Pressfield, Steven. 2007
Galapagos Vonnegut, Kurt. 2009
Frommer's Argentina Luongo, Michael. 2011
From Notting Hill with love-actually McNamara, Ali. 2012
From magical child to magical teen Pearce, Joseph Chilton. 2003
From eternity to here Carroll, Sean M., 2010
Freud's mistress Mack, Karen. 2013
Fred and Ted go camping Eastman, Peter, 2010
Fractured Terry, Teri. 2013
Forrest Gump Groom, Winston, 2012
Forgotten God Chan, Francis, 2009
For today I am a boy Fu, Kim, 2014
For the love of Pete Woods, Sherryl. 2014
Fodor's vienna & the best of austria 2013
Fodor's France 2014 2013
Fodor's Florence and Central Italy 2011
Fodor's California 2014 2013
Florence & Tuscany 2013
Flavor Flav Flavor Flav, 2011
Flashman's lady Fraser, George MacDonald, 2013
Flashman Fraser, George MacDonald, 2013
Five-star billionaire Aw, Tash. 2013
Final sail Viets, Elaine, 2012
Filipino Snacks and Sweets 2014
Fight the power! Wilson, Sean Michael, 2013
Fern Michaels' Godmothers Bundle: The Scoop, Exclusive, Late Edition, Deadline & Breaking News Michaels, Fern. 2012
Feet of Clay Pratchett, Terry. 2009
Feed Anderson, M. T. 2012
Fault Lines Rogers, Rebecca. 2012
Fat Angie Charlton-Trujillo, e. E. 2013
Fan mail Martin, P. D. 2012
Exclusive Michaels, Fern. 2010
Everything I need to know I learned from Dungeons & Dragons Mazzanoble, Shelly, 2011
Everyone Loves a Cowboy: an Exclusive Bundle from Carolyn Brown and Joanne Kennedy Brown, Carolyn 2010
Everybody dies Block, Lawrence. 2009
Every day is an atheist holiday! Jillette, Penn. 2012
Evertrue Ashton, Brodi. 2014
Ever after Matthews, Lena. 2008
Evening stars Mallery, Susan. 2014
Even the wicked Block, Lawrence. 2009
Eva's eye Fossum, Karin, 2013
Ethan Palmer, Diana. 2011
Eternal Embers Adams, Tessa. 2011
Essex County Lemire, Jeff. 2012
Eon Goodman, Alison. 2010
Energetic boundaries Dale, Cyndi. 2011
Endings and beginnings Roberts, Nora. 2013
Endgame Jensen, Derrick, 2011
Endgame Jensen, Derrick, 2011
Encyclopedia Brown and the case of the mysterious handprints Sobol, Donald J., 2011
Elusive hope Tyndall, M. L, 2013
El gozo del amor comprometido Smalley, Gary. 1992
Ecstatic healing De Wys, Margaret. 2013
Dynasties 2006
Dying wish Butcher, Shannon K. 2012
Dying to call you Viets, Elaine, 2004
Dust Howey, Hugh, 2013
Driven to distraction Hallowell, Edward M. 2011
Drawn together Dane, Lauren. 2013
Dragon slippers George, Jessica Day, 2011
Dragon bound Harrison, Thea. 2011
Dr. Seuss and philosophy 2011
Dr. Carbles is losing his marbles! Gutman, Dan. 2009
Dr. Bird's advice for sad poets Roskos, Evan. 2013
Douglas Burrowes, Grace. 2014
Double Carkeet : Double negative and From away Carkeet, David. 2010
Double booked for death Brandon, Ali. 2011
Dorchester Terrace Perry, Anne. 2012
Don't talk to strangers Williams, Amanda Kyle, 2014
Do or die Brockmann, Suzanne. 2014
Divine fury McMahon, Darrin M. 2013
Diuturnity's dawn Foster, Alan Dean, 2002
Dirge Foster, Alan Dean, 2006
Dinosaur planet survivors McCaffrey, Anne. 2002
Dilbert gives you the business Adams, Scott, 2013
Diary Palahniuk, Chuck. 2004
Devoted Hoyt, Dick. 2010
Devil's tango Pineda, Cecile. 2012
Devil's Playground Hart, Arianna. 2007
Devil Water Seton, Anya. 2014
Devil in the grove King, Gilbert. 2012
Destiny Archer, Alex. 2006
Desperately Seeking Twin... Ferrarella, Marie. 2011
Desiring the highlander Sinclair, Michele. 2009
Desire of the everlasting hills Cahill, Thomas. 2010
Dept. of Speculation Offill, Jenny, 2014
Demon's seduction Jones, Lisa Renee. 2009
Demolition angel Crais, Robert. 2009
Delicious Thomas, Sherry 2008
Defenseless Byrd, Adrianne. 2008
Decoding the message of the pulsars LaViolette, Paul A. 2006
Death trap MacDonald, John D. 2013
Death to the Fascist Insect Jett, Genova. 2012
Death on a platter Viets, Elaine, 2011
Death of an Irish diva Bryan, Mollie Cox, 2014
Death of a friend Tope, Rebecca. 2012
Death by food pyramid Minger, Denise. 2014
Deadly sins Brant, Kylie. 2011
Deadly intent Brant, Kylie. 2010
Deadly dreams Brant, Kylie. 2011
Deadly cool Halliday, Gemma. 2011
Dead set Kadrey, Richard, 2013
Dead run Tracy, P. J. 2006
Dead low tide MacDonald, John D. 2014
Davita's harp Potok, Chaim. 2010
David Lynch Olson, Greg, 2008
David Lynch Nieland, Justus. 2012
Darkling Galenorn, Yasmine, 2008
Dark wolf running Byrd, Rhyannon. 2013
Dark tide Haynes, Elizabeth, 2013
Dark melody Feehan, Christine. 2010
Dark lies Anna, Viva. 2007
Dark Enchantment Harbaugh, Karen. 2003
Dare to love again Lessman, Julie, 2013
Dare me 2013
Darcy Sanderson, Whitney. 2013
Dangerous to touch Sorenson, Jill. 2008
Dangerous Quick, Amanda. 2009
Dance of the Reptiles : Rampaging Tourists, Marauding Pythons, Larcenous Legislators, Crazed Celebrities, and Tar-Balled Beaches: Selected Columns Hiaasen, Carl. 2014
Cutest couple Davies, Kate. 2013
Ctrl+shift+enter Girvin, Mike. 2013
Crucible : Denning, Troy. 2013
Crossings Steel, Danielle. 2009
Crime wave! Wrecks, Billy. 2012
Creative thinking 2012
Creative composition Davis, Harold, 2011
Creating on purpose Judith, Anodea, 2012
Crazy town Doolittle, Robyn, 2014
Crazy love Chan, Francis, 2013
Crazy dangerous Klavan, Andrew. 2012
Cover of night Howard, Linda, 2006
Courageous Palmer, Diana. 2013
Counterrevolution and revolt Marcuse, Herbert, 2010
Controversy Byrd, Adrianne. 2008
Constance McGrath, Patrick, 2013
Consciousness Blackmore, Susan J., 2010
Consciousness Koch, Christof, 2012
Connecting through touch Horan, Peggy Morrison. 2008
Congo Crichton, Michael, 2012
Confessions of Marie Antoinette Grey, Juliet. 2013
Confessions of a First Daughter Calloway, Cassidy. 2009
Condominium MacDonald, John D. 2014
Computer Science Programming Basics in Ruby Frieder, Ophir. 2013
Composition Fier, Blue. 2013
Coming undone Dane, Lauren. 2010
Coming through slaughter Ondaatje, Michael, 2011
Come to me quietly Jackson, A. L. 2014
Come lie with me Howard, Linda, 2012
Colonel Sandhurst to the Rescue Beaton, M.C. 2011
Colombia and the United States Murillo, Mario 2011
Code name, Johnny Walker Walker, Johnny, 2014
Coaching Conversations Gross Cheliotes, Linda M. 2010
Clubbed to death Viets, Elaine, 2008
Close-up on murder Fletcher, Jessica. 2013
Close Pursuit Dees, Cindy. 2014
Clobbered by Camembert Aames, Avery. 2012
Cloaked in malice Blair, Annette. 2012
Claimed by the beast DeWylde, Saranna. 2014
City of swords Archer, Alex. 2012
City of pearl Traviss, Karen. 2009
City of jasmine Raybourn, Deanna. 2014
City of God Doctorow, E. L., 2001
Circle of fire Arthur, Keri. 2014
Cider Brook Neggers, Carla, 2014
Christmas Nights with the Polo Player Susan, Susan. 2013
Chicken Big Graves, Keith. 2010
Cherished 2012
Cheating the impossible Petit, Philippe, 2012
Charles Towne belles trilogy Tyndall, M. L. 2012
Changing the game Burton, Jaci. 2011
Changeling Galenorn, Yasmine, 2007
Chameleon Adair, Cherry, 2013
Chains of fire Dodd, Christina. 2010
Center of gravity Douglas, Ian, 2011
Censored 2014 Huff, Mickey, 2013
Celebrate 100 Franklin, Steve, 2013
Cause celeb Fielding, Helen, 2001
Caught up King-Bey, Deatri. 2006
Catch a mate Showalter, Gena. 2012
Catastrophe 1914 Hastings, Max. 2013
Cat sense Bradshaw, John, 2013
Cary Grant Wansell, Geoffrey, 2011
Cary Grant Eliot, Marc. 2009
Carved in flesh Waggoner, Tim. 2013
Careless People : Murder, Mayhem, and the Invention of the Great Gatsby Churchwell, Sarah Bartlett, 2014
Capture the magic Dykinga, Jack W. 2013
Captive of the beast Jones, Lisa Renee. 2009
Capitalist punishment 2010
Cape Fear MacDonald, John D. 2014
Call me Zelda Robuck, Erika. 2013
Cake Dane, Lauren, 2013
Bygones Sawyer, Kim Vogel. 2009
By blood we live Duncan, Glen, 2014
Buttercream bump off McKinlay, Jenn. 2011
Butcher bird Kadrey, Richard. 2007
Burn for me Eden, Cynthia. 2014
Bundle of trouble Orgain, Diana. 2009
Bullies and the Three Monkeys Schroeder, Peter W., 2013
Building great sentences Landon, Brooks. 2013
Bucking the rules Murray, Kat. 2013
Brotherband chronicles 2012
Brooke Rossi, Veronica. 2013
Broken April Kadare, Ismail. 1998
Broken Moyers, William Cope. 2007
Bringing up bGebGe Druckerman, Pamela. 2012
Bright lights, big ass Lancaster, Jen, 2007
Bridge of scarlet leaves McMorris, Kristina. 2012
Brian's return Paulsen, Gary. 2007
Brian Eno Scoates, Christopher, 2013
Brenda jackson the westmoreland collection: zane\canyon\stern Jackson, Brenda 2013
Bread and Butter Wildgen, Michelle. 2014
Branded by the Pink Triangle Setterington, Ken. 2013
Brainstorm Siegel, Daniel J., 2014
Boy and Bot Dyckman, Ame. 2012
Bound by vengeance Butcher, Shannon K. 2012
Born wild Walker, Julie Ann. 2013
Body heat Byrd, Adrianne. 2010
Board stiff Viets, Elaine, 2013
Blue monday French, Nicci. 2012
Bloodright Tabke, Karin. 2012
Bloodhunt Butcher, Shannon K. 2011
Blood vow Tabke, Karin. 2012
Blood secrets Anna, Viva. 2007
Blood law Tabke, Karin. 2011
Blood cursed Archer, Alex, 2013
Blindsided Michaels, Fern. 2013
Blessings Sawyer, Kim Vogel. 2009
Blended Learning in Grades 4-12 Tucker, Catlin R. 2012
Blackbringer Taylor, Laini. 2009
Bizarro Day! (DC Super Friends) Wrecks, Billy. 2013
Bitter is the new black Lancaster, Jen, 2006
BFF'S Hampton, Brenda 2014
Beyond happiness Kinslow, Frank J. 2013
Between now and forever Freethy, Barbara. 2013
Best Erotic Romance 2014 Wright, Kristina. 2014
Bend sinister Nabokov, Vladimir Vladimirovich, 2011
Ben & Jerry's homemade ice cream & dessert book Cohen, Ben 2012
Being Henry David Armistead, Cal. 2013
Beguiling the beauty Thomas, Sherry 2012
Beginnings Sawyer, Kim Vogel. 2009
Beginning programming all-in-one desk reference for dummies Wang, Wally. 2009
Before we met Whitehouse, Lucie, 2014
Because of Mr. Terupt Buyea, Rob. 2010
Because It's True Carr, Mari. 2012
Because I remember terror, Father, I remember you Silverman, Sue William. 1996
Be with me Lynn, J. 2014
Be Mine : 2014
Barry Manilow Butler, Patricia, 2011
Bad boys southern style
Bachelor untamed Jackson, Brenda 2009
Bachelor undone Jackson, Brenda 2011
Bachelor unclaimed Jackson, Brenda 2013
Baby, don't lose my number Erickson, Karen. 2010
Babe Ruth saves baseball Murphy, Frank, 2013
Awakening the Beast 2009
Awakening Shakti Kempton, Sally. 2013
Autobiography Morrissey. 2013
August moon Lourey, Jess, 2010
Attachments Rowell, Rainbow. 2011
At the River's Edge Stewart, Mariah. 2014
At Her Feet Weatherspoon, Rebekah. 2013
Assertiveness for earth angels Virtue, Doreen, 2013
Ashfall Mullin, Mike. 2011
As I wake Scott, Elizabeth, 2011
Another century of war? Kolko, Gabriel. 2011
Anne of Green Gables Montgomery, L. M.
Animal oppression and human violence Nibert, David Alan, 2013
Animal instincts Showalter, Gena. 2012
Animal cruelty Merz-Perez, Linda, 2003
Angel rogue Putney, Mary Jo, 2012
Angel Detox Virtue, Doreen, 2014
Andrew Burrowes, Grace, 2013
And his lovely wife Schultz, Connie. 2007
An uncertain place Vargas, Fred. 2011
An officer and a spy Harris, Robert. 2014
An evening of long goodbyes Murray, Paul, 2007
An atheist in the FOXhole Muto, Joe, 2013
Amazing stories of life after death Gwyn, Liz. 2012
Always means forever Mello, Deborah Fletcher. 2014
Almost an evening Coen, Ethan. 2009
Allen and Greenough's New Latin grammar Allen, Joseph Henry, 2013
All you need is love Force, Marie, 2014
All things hidden Peterson, Tracie, 2014
All the truth that's in me Berry, Julie, 2013
All the flowers are dying Block, Lawrence. 2009
All that bleeds Frost, Kimberly. 2012
All joy and no fun Senior, Jennifer. 2014
All I've ever wanted Byrd, Adrianne. 2010
All I want for Christmas is a cowboy 2013
All about love Laurens, Stephanie. 2009
Ali's victory Duncan, Kat. 2013
Aliens for breakfast Etra, Jonathan. 2011
Alena Pastan, Rachel, 2014
Alan Moore Moore, Alan, 2011
Ah ha! Mack, Jeff. 2013
Agnes Mallory Klavan, Andrew. 2011
Agile project management with Scrum Schwaber, Ken. 2004
Agile Project Management 2013
After moonrise: possessed\haunted Cast, P.C. 2013
After i'm gone Lippman, Laura, 2014
After Forever Wilder, Jasinda. 2013
After Eli Rupp, Rebecca. 2012
Acupressure's potent points Gach, Michael Reed. 2011
Across the table Cardillo, Linda. 2010
Accurate results in the clinical laboratory 2013
Accessory to murder Viets, Elaine, 2007
Academy 7 Osterlund, Anne. 2009
Abolition democracy Davis, Angela Y. 2011
A year with C.S. Lewis Lewis, C. S. 2009
A winter's tale Ashley, Trisha. 2009
A ticket to the boneyard Block, Lawrence. 2009
A sudden, fearful death Perry, Anne. 2010
A splash of red Bryant, Jennifer. 2013
A spirituality named compassion Fox, Matthew, 1999
A sky of spells Rice, Morgan, 2013
A Shocking Proposition Rolls, Elizabeth. 2014
A sea of shields Rice, Morgan. 2013
A royal likeness Trent, Christine. 2011
A rite of swords Rice, Morgan, 2013
A reign of steel Rice, Morgan. 2014
A Protected witness Kane, Mallory. 2012
A Pete Seeger discography Dunaway, David King. 2010
A passion redeemed Lessman, Julie, 2010
A novel way to die Brandon, Ali. 2012
A mortal terror Benn, James R. 2011
A mind awake Lewis, C. S. 2003
A million miles in a thousand years Miller, Donald, 2009
A mermaid's ransom Hill, Joey W. 2009
A matter of life Brown, Jeffrey, 2013
A match made in texas Cox, Carol.
A match made in hell Garey, Terri. 2009
A Marines Proposal Carlisle, Lisa. 2014
A holiday fling Putney, Mary Jo. 2013
A higher call Makos, Adam. 2012
A grant of arms Rice, Morgan, 2013
A girl and five brave horses Carver, Sonora. 2013
A Death to Record Tope, Rebecca. 2012
A dance in moonlight Thomas, Sherry 2013
A dance at the slaughterhouse Block, Lawrence. 2009
A crazy day with cobras Osborne, Mary Pope. 2011
A cowboy in her stocking Milburn, Trish, 2013
A country I do not recognize 2005
A Christmas affair Byrd, Adrianne. 2011
A certain justice James, P. D. 2011
A brother's honor Jackson, Brenda 2013
A brief tour of higher consciousness Bentov, Itzhak. 2000
A Brief Guide to Star Wars Robb, Brian J. 2012
A boy and a bear in a boat Shelton, Dave. 2012
A bomb built in hell Vachss, Andrew H. 2012
A big heart open to God Francis, 2013
A belated bride Hawkins, Karen. 2009
A baby in his stocking Altom, Laura Marie. 2011
A baby changes everything Ferrarella, Marie. 2010
7 things he'll never tell you - - but you need to know Leman, Kevin. 2007
5 Days in May Adonis, Andrew, 2013
3-minute devotions for women 2013
20 Ways to Draw a Tulip and 44 Other Fabulous Flowers Congdon, Lisa. 2013
101 ways to win blackjack Hagen, Tom. 2009
101 amazing Atari 2600 facts Russell, Jimmy. 2012
1000 food art & styling ideas Bendersky, Ari. 2013
10 Ways to Handle the Best Man Rice, Heidi.. 2014
10 minutes to powerful prayer Omartian, Stormie. 2010

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