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  • Free group museum admission for a specified day
  • Reservations accepted 60-days in advance
  • Walk-ins accommodated for “next day” use
  • Ability to pick up the pass the previous afternoon
  • Ability to keep the pass until noon on the day after the reserved use
  • Cost-free if courteously shared in accordance with the guidelines below


Passes may be reserved online (or with staff assistance) by any adult Three Village Resident with an Emma Clark Library card in good standing. Be sure to reserve a museum pass for the day you want to visit the museum! (Not the pick-up day.)


Please call the Circulation Desk before coming to confirm that the pass you have reserved has been returned by the previous borrower. You should be able to pick up your reserved museum pass at the Circulation Desk after 3 PM the day prior to use. A Museum Pass User Agreement must be signed each time you borrow a pass. The adult picking up the pass must have a valid Emma Clark Library card and live at the same address as the person who made the reservation and will assume ALL RESPONSIBILITY for the pass and any fines incurred.


The museum pass and all accompanying material must be returned to the Circulation Desk BEFORE NOON or placed in the book drop prior to the library’s opening on the day after your visit. Just as you expected the previous borrower to return the pass that you wanted on time, the next borrower is depending on your being courteous as well.


Although information about each museum is provided as a courtesy, the library cannot guarantee its accuracy since policies change. Borrowers should call or visit the museum website to verify hours and pass details and to get directions and parking information.



To facilitate the optimal shared use of a limited number of passes, each adult cardholder may reserve no more than two passes per calendar month and no more than one pass per week. Reservations for repeat visits to the same museum within the month will not be permitted. These limits apply to advance reservations only. Regardless of previous monthly use, any qualifying cardholder may borrow an available pass for next-day use.


Passes are in high demand, especially during school vacations. Please cancel any unneeded reservation as early as possible to free the pass for another to use. Repeated last-minute cancellations or no-shows will result in suspension of advanced reservation privileges. This restriction will affect advance reservations only, not next-day use.



A $10 per day fine for overdue passes will be charged to the library account of any delinquent borrower. In addition, whenever a late return (or non-return) of a borrowed pass prevents someone with a valid reservation from using that pass as scheduled, the delinquent borrower will be charged an additional $20 or the actual museum admission fee paid by the borrower who was denied the use of the pass, whichever is greater.

Note: Unpaid fines will result in suspended privileges.



There is a $50 replacement fee for lost or damaged passes. The replacement fee for the canvas bag is $5.


The Library is not financially responsible if a reserved pass in unavailable. Nor is it responsible for any inconvenience caused by changes in museum policy or hours.