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Museum Exploration Passes

Reserve a Museum Exploration Pass

For venue access not limited to a specific date, consider:

  • Discount tickets which can be purchased at the library for the American Museum of Natural History, Long Island Aquarium, Adventureland Amusement Park, and The Adventure Park at Long Island (Wheatley Heights). CLICK HERE for more information.

Read the Terms and Conditions and scroll to the bottom of the page to Accept and reserve a pass

Note: When reserving a pass, use your library password when it asks for a "PIN".


Who can reserve a museum pass?
Adults, 18 years and older, with an Emma Clark Library card in good standing.

How do I know whether to pick up or print out my pass?
Library Pick-Up passes are highlighted in Orange. Print-on-Demand passes are highlighted in Teal.

What if the museum is closed during the time I have my museum pass?
You are responsible for planning your trip. Be sure to check the museum’s hours before you reserve a museum pass. When requesting a pass, you can click on the museum’s name which will then display admission details and a link to the museum’s website.

How often can I reserve a museum pass?
To ensure fair access for all, you may not visit any museum more than once a month nor reserve more than one pass for use on a given day.   Passes can be reserved up to 30 days in advance.

Does a museum pass grant admission to all museum-affiliated events/exhibits?
No, not all events/exhibits are covered by an Emma Clark Library museum pass and any additional fees are the patron’s responsibility. Please contact the museum directly for specific information.

What museums are part of this program?
Click here for a list of museums.


How do I reserve a museum pass?
Reserve a Print-on-Demand pass for the day you plan to visit the museum.  The pass will be emailed to you if you include an email address so you can print it at home. These passes can be reserved online, by phone, or in-person at the Adult Reference Desk, up to 30 days in advance.

How do I reprint my museum pass if I lose my printout?
You may request a replacement copy of your pass through the Library’s museum pass software reservation page by selecting “My Passes”, logging in, selecting the “Pass Info Center” tab and then requesting that the pass information be resent, or you can call the Reference Desk at (631) 941-4080, ext. 127.  

How long can I keep a museum pass?
Print-on-Demand passes are valid only for the reservation date listed on the pass.

Can I use the museum pass multiple times?
No.  Print-on-Demand passes may be used only one time and only on the date reserved (printed on the pass).

What do I need to bring to the museum?
You must bring the printed confirmation page with you to the museum. This will serve as your pass. Electronic versions—on smartphones or tablets—are not accepted by most museums.  You should also bring your library card and photo ID.

How do I cancel my reservation?
Print-on-Demand passes cannot be cancelled.


How do I reserve a museum pass?
Pick-up Passes can be reserved online, by phone, or in person at the Reference Desk. All reservations should be made for the date of your intended visit and can be made up to 30 days in advance.  Passes identified as “BOOKED” have already been reserved for another.  Passes with a “Request Pass” button are available.

Can I pick up a museum pass without making a reservation?
Passes must be reserved prior to picking them up at the Circulation Desk, but reservations can be made on the day of pickup if the pass is available at that time.

How do I pick up my museum pass?
Bring the library card used at time of reservation (and the library card of the adult picking up the pass, if different) to the Circulation Desk to claim your reserved pass.  A Museum Pass User Agreement must be signed each time you check out the pass.  If the adult picking up the pass and signing the user agreement is not the same as the one who made the reservation, you will need to show both library cards in order to check out the pass.

How long can I keep a museum pass?
One-day passes may be picked up any time after 10 am on the day before your museum visit date and will be checked out to the Emma Clark Library card that was used to make the reservation. The pass is due back to the library at least ONE HOUR before closing on the day after your scheduled visit, with the following exception: One-day passes are not due on Sundays. The due date will be listed on the slip given to you at checkout. If the library is closed on the due date, the pass can be returned without penalty through the book drop any time before 10 a.m. on the next day that the library is open. The 7-day Empire Pass follows different rules. It should be reserved for the desired pickup date (not the desired use date). This pass will always be due 7 days after the reserved pickup date, but it can be picked up and returned any day within that loan period.

Can I renew a museum pass?
No, museum passes cannot be renewed.

How do I return my museum pass?
The pass must be returned at least ONE HOUR before the library closes on the due date either through the book drop or in person at the Circulation Desk.

What happens if I don’t pick-up my museum pass?
Reservations will be cancelled for any passes that are not picked up by 11 a.m. on the reserved day of use.  A “no-show” will be marked on your account. Repeated “no-shows” may result in reservation privileges being temporarily suspended.

What do I need to bring to the museum?
You must bring the museum pass, photo ID and your library card.

Can I use the museum pass multiple times while it is checked out?
Some museums will allow you to use the pass multiple times during your loan period.  Check with the individual museum for any restrictions.

What if I return my pass late?
A late fee of $10 per day will automatically be charged to your account.

What if the library is closed for a holiday/emergency?
If the library is closed for any reason on the due date, the pass is due back before 10 a.m. on the next day that the library is open, or it can be returned earlier through the book drop.

What happens if I lose or damage the museum pass or the travel pouch?
As stated in our user agreement, if the museum pass is lost or damaged, you have agreed to pay a $50 replacement fee.

How do I cancel my reservation?
You must call the Reference Desk at (631) 941-4080, ext. 127. 

The Library is not responsible for any pickups missed because the library was closed, regardless of the reason, nor is the library responsible if your reserved pass is not available when expected.
By clicking “Accept”, I indicate that I have read and understood the above.
**Please check directly with the institution for current guidelines. It is the patron’s responsibility to inquire about any limited hours/services, additional fees, vaccination requirements, or timed reservations prior to their visit.**