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SRC Decoration Photos – Deadline 3/30

4 photos of kids hanging up in the library

This summer’s theme is “Adventure Begins at Your Library”, and we want to feature the children of our community throughout our themed decorations!

To participate, we ask that you submit 3 headshots of your child.

  • Photos should be of babies to those entering 6th grade.
  • Please photograph your child holding a favorite book. We hope that you will use one or more of the poses we have suggested below.
  • We can’t wait to see your child’s cute face! Please make sure that they are looking directly at the camera and that their face is not obscured by the book.
  • Please no group photos. Each child’s picture should be as an individual.
  • All images that are used will be displayed for the entire year.

Photos should be emailed to kids@emmaclark.orgPlease include the child’s full name and age. The deadline for submitting photos is Saturday, March 30, 2024 (no photos will be accepted after this date).  

Please use the sample images below as a model for your photograph.

Boy sitting on grass and holding book, looking up at the camera and smiling.Girl holding book and looking up at camera smiling

Free stock photos by Vecteezy and Pexels

Girl sitting on bed reading a book and looking up at the camera.
Tips for taking your photos:
  • You may use a smartphone, however if you have a digital camera the print-outs will be clearer.
  • Please submit high-quality JPEG or TIFF files.
  • When taking photos:
    • Shoot full face including head, shoulders and mid chest.
    • The brighter the picture, the better.
    • If it’s a sunny day, shoot pictures in the shade to avoid shadow.
    • Take the picture with the sun behind the photographer.

Questions?  Email kids@emmaclark.org.