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New & Improved!

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We’ve been busy ordering new items & upgrading your borrowing experience!

Check out the recently added items listed below. Some items are 2 week loans (as before), and others are 3 day loans where you get to choose the dates!

Here are the NEW items just added in February 2024 (in addition to our existing items):

  • Air Compressor (Portable)
  • Air Quality Monitor
  • Bee-Bot Programmable Floor Robot
  • Dungeons and Dragons Game Kit
  • Electric Guitar & Amp
  • Electricity Usage Monitor (Kill A Watt EZ)
  • Green Screen
  • Happy Birthday Yard Sign
  • Infrared Thermometer Gun
  • Karaoke Machine
  • Knitting Machine (Circulare)
  • Portable Charger Power Bank
  • Projector Screen
  • Raspberry Pi Zero W – Basic Starter Kit
  • Sewing Machine – SINGER 4411 Heavy Duty
  • Snap Circuits Classic
  • Ring Light Videography/Photography Kit

Place a hold on an item NOW! Click here for a listing of ALL items in our Library of Things collection and how to reserve the items.

What if you could convert all of your VHS tapes to digital format without paying someone or buying a machine?

What if you could see a close up of the night stars with your family in your cozy backyard without purchasing a telescope?

What if you could scan all of your important documents in the comfort of your home without owning a scanner?

Now you can, thanks to Emma Clark Library’s “Library of Things!”  We carry non-traditional items for patrons to borrow.  It’s perfect for that one time use or a great way to try out a new item before deciding to purchase one for yourself.  It’s also a wonderful space-saver in your home; a way to rethink whether we need goods that we rarely use.  The library, in general, reduces wasted resources, and this collection will expand upon that concept.  Items don’t sit around your house collecting dust or end up in the trash.

It’s not unusual for the Library to carry items beyond books (think music, movies, and museum passes), and we continue to develop this notion of the library as a place for the community.  The “Library of Things” increases sharing and gives people access to equipment and gadgets without the burden of ownership.  Think of it as a “tool library.”  Or learning not just through books, but through experience.

Library cardholders are able to reserve items ahead of time right from here. Or they may borrow items while at the Library, as long as there is not a hold already placed on the item.  Full descriptions of each item are available on the website and on the item itself.

Lending equipment is done through the Circulation Desk in the Library’s lobby. Items must be returned to the Circulation Desk (not through the book drop). Borrowers must have a valid adult Emma Clark Library card in good standing. A maximum of 2 items per library card may be borrowed at a time. Some items have a three-day loan period and others have a fourteen-day loan period.

Consume less, share more, thanks to the Library.