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Teen Winter Reading

Teen girl reading a book

For those in Grades 7 – 12, join our Teen Winter Reading Challenge! It runs from Monday, January 22 – Sunday, March 10, 2024.

We have 3 awesome reasons to join:

– Read any books you want!

– Enter to win 3 tickets to the Rinx Ice Skating and 3 YA books!

– You may “double log” your reading…enter the same book for both Winter Reading and the Teen 100 Books Challenge and earn credit for both challenges!

Click here to register starting Monday, January 22. Registration is ongoing. There is also an app (Beanstack Tracker).

  1. Fill in the required information, and select “Teen Winter Reading Challenge 2024.”
  2. Log each book in Beanstack, and write a quick “30-Character or More Review” of what you’ve read.
  3. For each book review, you will instantly earn a raffle ticket, which you can then enter into the raffle of your choosing (including tickets to The Rinx Ice Skating)! The more you read and review, the better your chances! We will contact the raffle winners after March 10, 2024 when the Winter Reading Challenge has ended.

Winter Reading Challenge FAQs:

What can I read for the Teen Winter Reading Challenge?
Read any book you want – paper books, eBooks, even audiobooks count! If you’d like suggestions, check out the book recommendations in Beanstack, the Booklists on the Emma Clark Teen Page or email your Teen Services Librarian, Emily Ostrander, at emily@emmaclark.org.
How do I earn Raffle Tickets?
It’s simple. All you need to do is write a very brief review of the book you’ve read and enter it into Beanstack. Enter the books you’ve read one at a time into the reading log, and click “yes” when prompted to write a review. Reviews must be at least 30 characters long (which is really only a few words) to earn a raffle ticket. Completed reviews instantly earn raffle tickets which you can then enter into the raffle of your choice (including The Rinx Ice Skating). All raffles are drawn at the end of the challenge. Tickets are accepted up until 11:59pm March 10, 2024. Raffle winners will be alerted the week of March 11, 2024.
What’s an “Activity” in Beanstack, and why would I log it?
An activity is anything you do this winter. Logged activities do not earn more raffle tickets, but can be looked back on, just like a digital journal!
What are these “Badges” I’m earning when I write reviews?
Badges are just colorful, virtual stickers you earn for every review you write, in addition to raffle tickets. They are a fun way to keep track of all your hard work!
I want to register for the Teen 100 Books Challenge, in addition to the Teen Winter Reading Challenge.  How do I do that?
When you register for the Teen Winter Reading Challenge, you should be prompted to also register for the Teen 100-Book Challenge.  If you were not prompted, simply log out, and visit the Beanstack homepage, https://emmaclark.beanstack.org/reader365Select the Teen 100 Books Challenge from the challenges listed, and follow the registration steps.
How do I “double log” books for both the Teen Winter Reading Challenge and the Teen 100-Books Challenge?
Once you are registered for both the Teen Winter Reading Challenge and the Teen 100 Books Challenge, any time you log a book and write a review, the book will automatically be logged in both challenges.  You don’t need to take any extra steps to reap the benefits of both challenges!

Questions? Email teens@emmaclark.org or call 631.941.4080.

Emma Clark employees, trustees, and members of their household are not eligible to enter raffles.

***A big thank you to The Rinx for their continued support with a donation of tickets for our Kids & Teen Winter Reading raffle prizes.