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A library card will be issued free to anyone showing proof of permanent residence in the Three Village Central School District.Proof of residence requires acceptable identification such as:

  • Driver’s license
  • Utility Bill
  • Current Lease

By accepting a library card, a member acknowledges her/his responsibility to pay for any fines on overdue material and to pay for all material damaged or lost while borrowed on the card. The Library reserves the right to suspend borrowing privileges and when necessary, to take legal action if these responsibilities are not met. Although the library card is considered permanent, registration must be renewed every 3 years in the Library files upon verification of eligibility.


Circulation Policies
All members must present their own currently valid library card to borrow any library material. Cards issued to other family members will not be honored unless the family member is present. Each borrower is limited to a maximum of fifty (50) items on his/her member account. Each borrower is limited to a maximum of of six (6) 28-day books in the same call number, a maximum of two(2) test books, a maximum of two(2) items from the Library of Things collection, and a maximum of two (2) video games. Each borrower is limited to a maximum of 24 hold requests at any given time.

Reference books, reference periodicals, newspapers, microform and library equipment do not circulate.

A member’s borrowing privileges will be suspended if unpaid fines exceed $10.00 or they have failed to return long-overdue items.



DVD Borrowing Privileges
DVDs are for home use only and not for public performance in schools or other places. They may not be reproduced in any way.

The Library is not responsible for any damage which might occur to a member’s DVD player while viewing a DVD or Blu-ray disc borrowed from the Library.

All movies and television series (Adult and Juvenile) circulate for 14 days. New nonfiction DVDs circulate for 14 days. All other nonfiction DVDs circulate for 28 days.

Museum Passes
See https://www.emmaclark.org/services/museum-passes/ for information about fines and loan periods for museum passes.


Loan Periods


Loan Periods

Empire Passes 7 days
New Books, new audiobooks, entertainment DVDs, compact discs, magazines, test books, video games, Library of Things, Hotspots, Launchpads 14 days
CD ROMs 28 days
Art prints 60 days
All other circulating material 28 days
Please note: Empire passes, Launchpads, video games, Library of things and Hotspots can be renewed once if there are no holds.  All other circulating items can be renewed 6 times if there are no holds. Items will automatically renew if renewal is possible.


Fines on Overdues


Fine per day


Library of Things, Hotspots, Launchpads, Empire Passes. $1.00 $10.00
Physical “Library pick-up” Museum Passes $10.00 As stated in our user agreement, if the museum pass is lost or damaged, you have agreed to pay a $50 replacement fee. See https://www.emmaclark.org/services/museum-passes/ for details.
All other items Fine free Borrowers will be responsible for paying an item’s cost if the item is not returned after a replacement bill has been generated (see Overdue Notices section below).


Borrower Stops
Members will be prevented from borrowing materials if unpaid fines exceed $10.00 or they have failed to return long-overdue items. PLEASE NOTE: A block is automatically placed on a member’s borrowing privileges whenever a replacement bill (2nd overdue notice) is generated by our system.


Overdue Notices
For all items except NEW BOOKS and Entertainment Videos , an overdue notice will be sent two weeks after the item is due. A replacement bill (2nd overdue notice) will be sent two weeks later if the item has not been returned. A block is placed on a member’s borrowing privileges whenever a replacement bill (2nd overdue notice) is generated by our system. For NEW BOOKS and Entertainment Videos, an overdue notice will be sent ONE WEEK after the item is due, and a replacement bill (2nd notice) will be sent ONE WEEK later if the item has still not been returned. A block will be placed on the member’s borrowing privileges when the replacement bill is generated.


Lost or Damaged Materials
Borrowers will be required to pay replacement or repair costs for any lost or damaged items. Refunds will not be issued for lost items which are later found by the borrower because the item would either have been replaced or removed from our holdings database.


Direct Access Borrowing
Direct Access patrons in good standing may borrow all circulating Emma S Clark Memorial Library materials with the exception of Library of Things, Hotspots,
Nook Color ereaders, Launchpads, Museum Passes and Empire Passes.
Other Policies
Pictures/Videos taken at library events or activities may be posted online, printed in our newsletter and other print media or displayed in-house.  If you do not want yourself and/or your minor child photographed, please notify the librarian/photographer at the time of the event.



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